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Artists Marketing 101 : Best Ways To Promote Your Art

Artists Marketing 101 : Best Ways To Promote Your Art

In this digital age, your art needs to be on display for the attention it deserves. You have to create a strong relationship between your art and marketing skillfully. Let’s dig deeper into the concept of Artist’s marketing and see how it brings fruitful results to your plate. 

Agora Gallery - Artist Marketing

Art is about expressing your thoughts and imagination using creativity. There have been countless artists who have left the world stunned with their outstanding approach and creativity. 

Every artist desires to be known for their art all around the world. You might feel vulnerable explaining your creation to someone. That is completely understandable. But with the growing technology and competition in the artist’s world, you need to learn how to speak and write about your artwork. In 2021, the global art market was valued to be $65.1 billion, according to a survey by Statista. Today, art and marketing go hand in hand. In the presence of high-speed Internet, you can reach your potential audience in just a few clicks. To be known for your work and grab the attention of art lovers worldwide, you must know how to promote it. 

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook act as amazing marketing tools for artists who desire to bring their art in front of the public eye. 

For example, Zaria Forman, a New York-based artist, travels to isolated parts of the world and documents them through pastel drawings. She posts those drawings on her Instagram profile, where she has over 239,000 followers, making her one of Instagram’s most popular artists. 

Artist Marketing Services

In this blog, we will help you learn every detail about artist marketing and ways to hone your skills to promote your artwork.

What is artist marketing?

Artist marketing is the method of creating awareness for any artwork that piques the interest of the desired audience towards them. This will lead to more engagement and appreciation for artists’ work and products. Marketing is an excellent way to communicate your message and offerings to your viewers. Showcasing your artwork portrays your passion for the creation. 

Selling creativity is not easy, but it is worth every endeavor. It is exciting, and when it starts gathering attention, it takes your business to a whole new level. Art can be anything- music, cartoon, drama, or painting. It is a compelling and captivating way to attract a target audience to your business. There are many bigger brands like Lenovo, Adobe, Deloitte, and Dell that use the concept of cartoon marketing to promote their brand. You must be wondering now what cartoon marketing is.

Let us give you a little insight about this term,

Cartoon Marketing

Cartoon marketing is the method of advertising your services and products with the help of cartoons and animated videos. According to a report by 3M Corporation, the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than plain text. 

Visual content such as cartoons create a sense of warmth and fondness among the viewers and develop an interest in your services. In addition, cartoons have the power to make your concept simple and easy to understand. 

Tom Fishburne, CEO of Marketoonist, has been drawing cartoons for different businesses since a long time ago. They create humorous cartoons using the shared experience of different firms and make people laugh while throwing light on their business.

Cartoon Marketing

Now that we have understood the concept of cartoon marketing, let’s revisit artist marketing and discuss all the necessary strategies for a successful artist’s marketing. 

What are the steps involved in artist marketing?

Creating art can be fun, but showcasing it to a wider audience can be challenging. The following actionable ideas can help you attain the desired results you have been looking for. 

Here we go,

Create an online portfolio of your art

The first step in your digital marketing journey is to create an attractive online portfolio of your artwork. It doesn’t matter whether you increase your network connection, apply for some project, or participate in any competition, you will always need to have a central place where people can see your work. 

Your portfolio acts as proof of your creation. In addition, you showcase your talent and enhance visibility for your work online. 

You can artistically document your work in your portfolio to gather your audience’s attention.

Take a look at the work of some incredible painters, such as Alexander Gronsky. He is a Moscow-based photographer who uses his camera to document Russia’s changing landscape. He has organized each image of his work in a very stylish and well-paced manner in his portfolio. His writing has appeared in prestigious magazines such as The Guardian and The New Yorker.

Below is the link for his portfolio:

Make use of content marketing

A report by Hubspot, In 2022, 90% of marketers intend to invest the same amount in content marketing as the past year. So create compelling blogs about your work and post them online regularly. You can add dates of the events and connect your writing with specific people to throw some light on your work.

The creation of SEO-optimized content is another step in content marketing for artists. You can rank your content at the top of search results and drive traffic to your website by including relevant and high-volume keywords in your content. Then, back your content with images and videos of your artwork and then see the positive result it will bring. 

Frankie Magazine, an Australian art publication, can serve as a source of blogging inspiration. Their blogs include various topics, including music, paintings, fashion, vintage art, and cuisine. However, most art fans and readers are drawn to their website.

Frankieeee - Artist Magazine

Take the assistance of social media

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool that allows you to connect with other creatives. Numerous people utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. As you can see, promoting your work on these platforms can help you gain many followers. The aim is to keep posting stuff that will help people understand you. Share your work, expertise, and originality. In addition, you can demonstrate your trustworthiness on such platforms by publishing your successes, honors, or other media coverage.

Take, for example, Jane Freeman, a nature painter who posts meditative photographs of nature and the environment daily, demonstrating her love for poetry and nature.

Another artist, Nan Coffey of San Diego, CA, remarked that social media helped her meet fantastic and intriguing people in her business. As a result, she now shares her art regularly and strives to connect with 12,000+ Facebook fans.

Social Media For Artists

Share Your Newsletter

Newsletters are an excellent strategy to boost your company’s revenue. With the help of a newsletter, you can tell a creative tale behind your artwork. Make your audience feel unique by hosting a giveaway through it. Make a fun contest out of it and ask them to send you a title for your latest piece of art. Always include some educational content to indicate that your email isn’t solely about you.

You can take inspiration from Debra Joy Groesser, a full-time air painter, and CEO of the American Impressionist Society. She considers the newsletter one of the most important techniques of her marketing strategies. She has been able to sell her work because of the newsletter. 

Stay Updated

It is crucial to stay updated with the latest technology, even in the field of art. Make use of all the online advantages that are coming your way. Stay current on social media and make use of video streaming. As per a report by Hubspot, Since 2018, the number of online videos watched per person has nearly doubled.

For example, famous American painter Lawrence Lee does a live stream when he paints in his studio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do artists hate marketing?

“Artists hate marketing.”

This statement is true for most creators who find it extremely difficult to sell their art. There is a myth that artists should create and perfect their art, and eventually, a financial reward will come their way. Unfortunately, some of them are consumed by this thought and do nothing to sell their art. Those who do so find marketing their work very difficult. 

There are plenty of popular artists who mastered the craft of both creativity and marketing. Take Picasso, Pink Floyd, Versace, Madonna, and Warhol, for example; they knew exactly how to draw attention to their work.

Artists need to be patient while marketing their work. By staying current and updated with the newest technology, they can slowly and gradually taste the fruit of successful marketing. They need to make sure that their followers can easily purchase their work without any hindrance.

How does digital marketing help artists?

There are countless benefits of digital marketing listed as follows:

  • Digital marketing offers quick and easy marketing opportunities. Online platforms like social media help you share and communicate with a larger audience. 
  • You become part of a global market where everyone can appreciate your work through blogging, SEO, and other marketing efforts. 
  • As compared to traditional marketing techniques, online marketing is cheap and effective. 

In Conclusion

Artists’ marketing strategies that include the creation of a clear and well-defined portfolio can bring countless advantages to your business. In addition, make use of blogging and social media to communicate your art to a larger audience. It’s high time for artists to bring their work under the umbrella of marketing and use the latest technology for better results and ROI. 

9 Smart Real Estate Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales

9 Smart Real Estate Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales

Real estate is one of the most prosperous businesses on the planet. It is, however, also one of the most competitive. For instance, US real estate alone has around 350,000 companies.

Due to this massive competition, it is tough for most realtors to attract a steady flow of clients despite having a thorough knowledge of the profession. So, how can a real estate agent or firm stand out from others?

The answer is simple, implementing real estate marketing strategies of the digital age. This post lists five successful digital marketing strategies for real estate professionals.

Let’s start.

Explore Different Social Media Platforms

In today’s time, social media presence is a must for every business. In 2021 more than 3 billion people were using social media, and the numbers are increasing every day.

In addition, people use social media very frequently. Consequently, many businesses skyrocketed their growth using this medium.

Real estate agents who posted on social media in 2021 gained a new client in 44% of cases.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are the best platforms to interact and attract people. Initially, focus on creating and publishing engaging content that your audience is interested in.

Images, videos, and carousels that are visually appealing and informative are more likely to attract viewers. Also, using hashtags appropriately is important and make sure to post consistently.

Social Media Marketing

image source

Engage Actively On Social Media 

Posting on social media is not enough. You need to engage with your audience by responding to their queries. A potential client can reach you through comments and DMs. Do provide formal contact details on your social accounts. In addition, make sure that you add your website link to all social platforms. 

Create A Professional Website

In today’s world, traditional marketing is not as effective as digital marketing since almost everyone makes use of digital mediums. A website is one such medium. In addition to helping clients find you, it helps them better understand your services. Therefore, you must create a website while working on social media on the other hand. 

More than 80% of people think businesses with websites are engaging and organized. 

A website gives your business a professional face. A well-designed website makes you appear more professional. It makes you accessible to anyone in the world. You can add multiple pages to your website like a home page, sign-up page, blog page, etc. Your blogs/articles will help people understand your knowledge better. 

Real Estate Marketing Tip

Image Source

Invest in SEO 

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. So, it is evident to make your website SEO friendly to be a part of such experiences of your target audience. Start with optimizing your web pages and then blogs. 

Search engine-optimized blogs will help with the ranking of your website. Better ranking will place your website on top, resulting in more organic traffic and thus more sales.

SEO For Real Estate

image source

Use A Zillow Profile 

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace with data on more than 100 million houses in America. It’s a place where you can make a profile to buy, sell, and rent houses. You need to make a proper and complete Zillow profile and add possible listings through your profile. Keep the data updated to ensure your activeness. 

 Zillow-online real estate marketplace

Image source

Value Of Referrals And Testimonials    

Don’t forget your previous clients after you help them buy or sell a house or property. Keep in touch with them professionally. Ask them if they have moved in or help them buy things for the home. Give referrals to local businesses. It will help you get referrals from them as well, which will make your job a bit easy. 

You can ask for testimonials from your former clients and show them on your website. It will help the potential client know about your satisfied clients. The testimonials let people know your knowledge, skills, professionalism, and trust in your business.

Social Media Marketing And Email Newsletter 

The marketing strategy that is getting stronger every day is social media marketing. Social media users will increase to 5 billion by 2025.  As a result, these platforms will be the key area to market your business–in the present and future.

Social Media Marketing - Real Estate

Image source

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc, allow you to advertise your business and services. These advertisements are paid. You can decide the amount of money you want to spend. You can target specific locations, people, age groups, etc. As a real estate agent, you can create posts about the new listings and advertise them accordingly. 

Another great way to stay in touch with your audience and clients is through email newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to share information. They give a sense of personalized experience. The newsletter shows your professionalism and activeness in the field of your business. Keep your audience aware of the latest real estate news and listings.

Both social media marketing and email newsletter are crucial real estate marketing strategies.

Present Properties Online With Videography And Photography 

More than 80% of businesses use videos for marketing.

Fill your website and social media with videos and pictures of properties and houses. Create video walkthroughs to show the property. Let people know what the key features of this property and house are. Post the videos on youtube and share the link on your social platforms. Add and mention the video in your latest blogs. As we know a potential client does a lot of research, the videos will help them walk through the house virtually.

Videography For Real Estate

Image source: R ARCHITECTURE on Unsplash

Pictures catch attention immediately. A good picture of a house can begin a research on your services by audience. Therefore, flood your social media with high-definition images of the latest listings. Drone shots of properties are also very pleasing. You can show the entire property just in one shot.       

Stunning Business Cards And Merchandise 

A business card is the offline representation of your business. Although in today’s time, everything is digital, the business cards are still physical and give a sense of personal connection. The card contains the name, contact information website, etc. A referral with a business card will lead the client directly to you.

Business Card Importance - Real Estate

Image source : Conscious Design on Unsplash

Merchandise is also a great way to increase your business. T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc. are acceptable everywhere. You can either share merchandise as a gift or sell them on your website. It will promote your law firm resulting in better reviews and more referrals.  

Final Words

Real estate marketing is not tough. All you need is time and a detailed strategic plan. However, if you don’t have enough time and resources to deal with it, you can count on a real estate marketing agency with ample experience. The agency will take the marketing weight off your shoulders and you can focus on other crucial things.

Why Do Lawyers Need Digital Marketing? [Explained]

Why Do Lawyers Need Digital Marketing? [Explained]

Today, digital marketing is essential for the growth of any business. A good digital marketing campaign can help you grab more customers and retain the existing ones. 

Big law firms are already aware of this fact. That’s why 97% of law firms with over a hundred attorneys have an internal marketing staff.

There are many paramount benefits of using marketing for lawyers.

Read on to learn about them and why you should use digital marketing to promote your law firm: 

Expands Your Reach

Marketing will help you build a strong online presence and brand visibility to reach more potential prospects. It will make you reach a wider customer base by promoting your law firm online in your chosen geographical location – a county, province or a country through digital marketing.

As a result, you will reach more prospects than when your business was just restricted to your neighborhood. Also, you will be able to increase the amount you charge for your legal services because of your new notable fame and reputation.

Keeps You On Top in People’s Mind

Marketing for lawyers aids lawyers in remaining on top in people’s minds. When you market yourself, you promote your brand. As a result, the audience sees your brand more and more. This way, people subconsciously save you in their memory. Consequently, yours will be the first law firm to come to their mind whenever they need legal assistance. They won’t reach out to any other law firm.

Measurable And Flexible 

For better results, you should know your marketing performance and adjust accordingly. When using digital marketing, you can easily monitor your marketing performance. You can measure your ROI by checking the cost per click, impressions, and other important data. This is unlike conventional marketing, which is a bit tough to assess. 

On the other hand, with analytics, you can analyze digital marketing campaigns in real-time. It aids in optimizing the upcoming strategies and fixing any errors rapidly. Analyzing your marketing strategies helps you improve your sales, not just the website traffic. 

Boost Customer Retention

For your law firm to thrive, you should have strong customer retention. Marketing practices support you in improving the loyalty of your customers. Digital marketing helps you ameliorate your users’ experience with your services. Which in return, boosts your customer retention. 

Brings You More Business

Digital Marketing For Law Firms

Image Source

Digital marketing tactics assist you in getting more prospects and thus more business. You easily grab your prospects ‘ attention with an impeccable web presence and an eye-catchy and appealing website. Moreover, as per a Google consumer survey, 96 percent of people seek legal help using the search engine. Therefore, if you invest in search engine optimization, a part of digital marketing, you will have a high chance of getting immense leads and thus more sales.

Also, as per sprout social, 35% of lawyers use social media to get new prospects. You should remember that potential prospects are also present on social media. So, using advanced digital marketing practices like social media marketing is also beneficial for your business.

Builds Clients’ Trust in You

It is necessary to remember that most people looking for legal help are in vulnerable scenarios. They might be feeling nervous or depressed about getting help and therefore won’t trust lawyers easily. Marketing can help you build their trust in you. 

Sometimes, seeing the law firm’s name on the various search results is enough to build trust, but good marketing is beyond this. When you publish content online, you will be seen as a legitimate source and an authority. This authority will build much-needed trust with new prospects that you are the perfect law firm to work with

Improves Brand Awareness  

Brand Awareness

Image Source

If you wish your law firm’s name to pop up in people’s minds whenever they think about lawyers of your particular niche, digital marketing is the best option. It builds your brand awareness in a meaningful way compared to billboards, ads on TV, radios, or mail advertising.  In addition, new prospects will be willing to pay you more for your services as they will be familiar with the fame of your firm. 

You take a 360 turn in your law business when marketing is handled properly. Implementing the best marketing strategies for your law firm can increase your business 10x times by generating leads online.

Magnify Your Local Reach

While global reach is a major benefit of marketing, it also improves local awareness, which is necessary for lawyers as the business mostly depends on nearby clients. Local SEO and local ad campaigns are very beneficial for lawyers in bringing more clients to their doors. The impact of digital marketing is much higher than conventional printouts, flyers, and distribution in the locality.

Boost Engagement

The best method to retain clients and stay relevant is by engaging with your clients. Competition is increasing day by day, and law firms are failing to match its pace. Marketing provides a type of engagement that differs your law firm from the rest through newsletters, blog posts, and customer queries. Along with that, it also ensures that you also get your customers’ attention by building a strong reputation online.

Offers Effective Targeting

SEO Effective Targeting
Image Source

The capability to know customers’ changing needs is a success for a law firm. Digital marketing gets you data to know which audiences are best for you to target and optimize your marketing strategies. Furthermore, it offers several targeting options: Pay-Per-Click or PPC, SEO or Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Ads. This targeting aspect at your disposal enables you to effectively reach the right target audience at the right time and in the right manner. It also aids you in analyzing the behaviors of clients and modifying strategies for those changes. 


Marketing operates best to support you in controlling the marketing expenses of your law firm. There are different options available, and you can choose the strategies that work well with your law firm and fit your budget. You will also know how many visitors you are reaching and how many are becoming your prospects or customers.

Choice of Multiple Content Formats

Another important benefit of marketing is the various content types available to show your brand visibility. There is a wide range of content types you can choose to keep your brand build effective and fresh online campaigns for many channels. Blogs, eBooks, podcasts, infographics, whitepapers, emailers, visual content, webinars, quizzes, social media post, the list is endless. Also, you can generate one piece of content to fit as many channels as you wish.

Offers Audience Segmentation

Segmentation is when huge prospects groups are divided into small groups of clients depending upon choice. Through segmentation, you should tap into prospects’ requirements without trying hard and creating trust so that they will come back for the service as they feel noticed.

You Can Imply Multiple Strategies 

There are various methods of marketing that lawyers might use. While some lawyers might benefit easily from SEO or content marketing, others may benefit from ad campaigns. The most important thing in marketing is analyzing the outcomes and developing better tricks and tactics with time. Well-planned marketing adapts quickly, and changes as the needs of the customers evolve.

Final Words 

Lawyers should have a good marketing strategy for their business to increase their sales by generating more leads. For example, you may set up an online forum for your law firm where customers can easily communicate, share advice, advise services from other lawyers exploring legal service providers in your area or locality, and ask questions. This is the best way to grab clients’ attention. Get in touch with our experts for a free marketing consultation today!

5 Steps To A Winning Dental Internet Marketing Campaign

5 Steps To A Winning Dental Internet Marketing Campaign

As per MD Connect, 73% of people use search engines like Google when looking for treatment information. 

In this digital age, people trust Google’s suggestions and recommendations more than anything. So, for a dentist to have a steady flow of new patients, it is evident that Google recommends his services to those seeking dental care. And for that, one needs dental internet marketing.

Image Source

Today, the competition in dental care is intense. Yet, the majority of the dentists experiencing an increase in new patients give credit to digital marketing. In a recent survey, it was found that 83% of patients book appointments after visiting a hospital’s website. 

You can also implement dental internet marketing with the step-by-step guide given below:

Step 1 : Analyze Your Web Presence

Before everything else, first, you need to evaluate your website’s visibility on the internet.

Check the Web Visibility of Your Website

Search Google for “dentist in (your city name)”. Then, examine how many times your site appears on the first page of results – zero, only one, or more than once?

  • If the answer is 0, you are invisible on the internet. This is the usual situation if you have never invested in SEO.
  • In case the answer is one, you are visible but unnoticeable on the web. It’s probably that you have invested a little in SEO.
  • If the answer is two or more, congratulations, you are very visible on the web. 

The goal of evaluating your web presence is to identify where you need to work to improve:

If you are invisible or hardly visible, on the internet, you need to work on the web visibility. But before that, ensure your website has a compelling design and offers an excellent user experience. Because it’s only then that web visibility will bring profitable results. The next step will help you in this regard.

Step 2 : Evaluate Visual Quality And UX Of Your Website

Marketing of Dentists

Image Source

The visual appearance and UX of your website are very important elements to convince visitors to become a patient of your clinic. While assessing, don’t think just from your perspective. Try to be objective and ask others’ opinions.

Rate your website on this scale:

Not Good: If most people find it unattractive and very difficult to use.  

Okay: If your site isn’t bad but doesn’t get compliments, it’s probably OK. The majority of websites fall into this category.

Superb: If your site generates wows, if users find it very easy to use, you have a great website.

Signs That it’s Time to Redo Your Website:

Web technology is changing. Your website must reflect this evolution too. You may have lacked experience with websites when yours was initially built and may not have put in all the effort required.

Here are some clues that it’s time to revamp your website:

  • Visitors cannot view your site correctly on a tablet (iPad) or smartphone.
  • Your competitors’ websites look better and are easier to use.
  • The clinic’s official logo and colors have changed, but the website has not.
  • Your services have changed. The team too.
  • The information displayed on your website has been incorrect or incomplete for years.
  • Your website dates from s2013 or is even older. 
  • It looks constricted on big screens because it was designed when screens were small. 
  • It was made by your nephew or by a friend.
  • Your friends think that your website isn’t compelling.
  • The website’s appearance does not match the professional image that you wish to project.

All other things being equal, the better a site is, the more new patients it will attract. It is better to have a decent but highly visible website than a superb website but not very visible on the internet.

Step 3 : Create Your Budget

Every year, you will lose a certain portion of your patients. They will move, change insurance, change jobs, prefer another clinic, etc. Whatever the reason, in order not to have decreasing incomes, these patients must be replaced. You have to invest in the promotion of the clinic to win new patients. But how much?

Lisa Philp, President of a Canadian dental clinic management consulting company, says that the promotional budget of a clinic should be between 2% and 7% of its gross income, depending on the growth sought.

  • Stable growth: between 2% and 3% of gross income;
  • Moderate growth: between 4% and 5% of gross income;
  • Aggressive growth: between 5% and 7% of gross revenue.

For example, a clinic with annual revenue of $1.3 million and a moderate growth objective should devote between $52,000 and $65,000 annually to its promotion. However, the exact percentage to use for the clinic will vary depending on the growth objective, the degree of competition, and the demographics of your industry.

The Degree Of Competition

Competition for new patients is more or less strong depending on the region. Therefore, the percentages presented by Lisa Philp should be adjusted, up or down, depending on the degree of competition around your clinic.

Low Competition: Minus 1%;

Strong Competition: plus 1% to 2%

Demographics Near The Clinic

The demographics of the area where the clinic is located have a significant impact on the potential for new patients. For example, in a developed region where the population grows rapidly, it’s easier to find new patients. On the other hand, if you are in a mature neighborhood with a stable population, growth will be very difficult because it will have to be done by taking patients away from your competitors. It will then be necessary to invest more in advertising.

Step 4 : Choose Your Dental Internet Marketing Approach

Dental Digital Marketing Strategy

Image Source

When it comes to dental internet marketing, you have several options: 

Local SEO

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is helpful to bring you more new clients.  Using it helps to reach out to dental patients in your area. Doing local SEO makes you visible on the internet on relevant local searches related to your dental practice. It gets you in the search results of location-specific terms, such as “New York dentist” or “best New York orthodontist” rather than just “dentist.” Meanwhile, it gives you an edge in voice searches when users ask Alexa or Siri to “find the best dentist near me.”

Content Marketing 

Content marketing is to use content, such as ebooks or blog posts to get more visitors to your website. Feed your visitors relevant content to help you build your reputation and convert them into customers. This will also allow you to position yourself on keywords related to the subject you discuss. For example, you can write an article on “Hygiene Practices Recommended By Dentists In Ohio”. It will help you position yourself in Google’s results for “Dentist in Ohio” 

AdWords Campaigns

Google AdWords is a pay-per-click platform that lets you display an ad for users searching for specific keywords. So, for instance, if they search “dentist in Ohio” your online ad will pop on their screen.

 For AdWords campaigns, you need to target location-based keywords to increase more relevance of the ad placements. Also, use catchy headlines and descriptions to mention unique offers and features that set your dental clinic apart.

Dental Internet Marketing on Social Media

Social media provides your dental practice with a great way to reach out to more potential patients. When patients follow you on social media, they get a constant source of information and communication from you.

For instance, Facebook is a great platform for dental practices to build an online community of patients. Besides interacting with your online community, you can provide them with updates and information about your dental practice. You can also collect reviews from your present patients, so the people get to know more about the quality of your work.

Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is a good practice to reach out to existing patients to build a strong bond with them. You can utilize remarketing for asking your existing patients to book future check-ups. Or you may interact with potential patients who visited your website but haven’t contacted you.

Facebook Ads is a great platform for remarketing, as it gives you a better option to retarget existing and potential clients based on their activity on your website.


These are like content marketing. But with a newsletter subscription, a blog post gets delivered to the patient’s inbox. It is like displaying your presence to your patients and hoping they reach out to you when they need your service.

Newsletters must include snippets of useful information that interests your audience. If not, they won’t take the time to click on the unsubscribe button. Also, don’t overdo newsletter sending – as it will look like spam.

Step 5 : Integrate Videos Into Your Marketing Strategies

If you’re thinking about whether you should add video formats to your content marketing strategies, the answer is yes. The video format is a very powerful media, very loved, and can become very beneficial for the companies that use them.

Video Marketing Strategy

Image Source

By 2023, online videos will account for more than 82% of all consumer Internet traffic, 15 times more than in 2017 ( Cisco ).

Here are some statistics that will convince you to integrate this media into your digital marketing strategies:

81%  of businesses use video as a marketing tool. 

And this figure is increasing more and more, especially since the pandemic. Many companies are now using video as a marketing tool because it’s a format that consumers love. 27.2%  of people online watch more than 10 hours per week of videos, which is huge and why you can’t miss this strategy anymore. 

74%  of marketers say video has a better ROI than static imagery.  

Videos have more visibility than static images because algorithms and consumers like this type of format. So there is a better return on investment when you use this strategy. 

 36%  of  marketers  make videos a few times a week, while  14%  make videos every day and that number is growing. 

Additionally,  94%  of marketers who use video plan to continue.   

61%  of marketers consider video to be “very important or extremely important” to their marketing strategy.

It’s a marketing technique that gets results and that’s why marketers continue to use this format and now see it as a very important part of the digital marketing world. Videos have more engagement than other content formats as they require less effort of concentration for the person targeted by the campaign, they retain more attention as well as remain longer in the memory of consumers. Plus, they’re more likely to share and create engagement. 

According to Google, 70% of commerce buyers watch videos during the sales process. 

The majority of consumers watch product videos before making a purchase decision, especially for non-routine purchases that involve some decision-making process. For a company, having videos on the benefits of their products and services as well as how they work is very beneficial to help the decision-making process.  

52%  say the video format helps them build trust with potential customers.  

Videos are one of the most effective ways to engage an audience with your brand and build trust. They help you create direct contact with your consumers, humanize your business and in some cases demonstrate your expertise.  

58%  of marketers create videos with professional software, while  49%  use simple online tools.

So you don’t necessarily need a big budget to do video creation. All you need is your phone, good lighting, and your creativity! 

Final Words

Too many dentists rely on word of mouth to promote their services. However, the most successful ones allocate a substantial amount to marketing and promoting their clinic. As a dentist, your success these days depends on the right dental internet marketing strategies. 

It is best to use an integrated dental internet marketing strategy to reach more target customers. For instance, you can build a strong online presence via social media, search engines, paid ad campaigns, and social media.

Feel free to contact us if you would like experts’ assistance to set up your dental internet marketing plan.

Do I Really Need A Law Firm Marketing Consultant?

Do I Really Need A Law Firm Marketing Consultant?

The legal sector is one of the most competitive. The USA alone has more than 446,800 law firms. Faced with such extensive competition, you surely want to know the marketing strategies you can use to stand out from your competitors.

 A law firm marketing consultant or agency is the solution to your problem.

Why Should You Hire An Experienced Law Firm Marketing Consultant? 

Law Firm Marketing

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Because common marketing consultants, however good they may be, won’t understand the characteristics or needs of the legal sector. Specialized legal marketing consultants are well versed in law firm marketing because of their experience.

With their expertise, they can create and carry out a personalized and tailor-made marketing plan for your firm, which will meet or even exceed your expectations. Moreover, having such consultants on your side offers significant advantages.

Benefits of Having a Law Firm Marketing Consultant

An Appealing Website

The first fundamental aspect for which you should hire a marketing consultant specializing in the legal field is that you need to have an attractive and intuitive website. Your website is the virtual version of your law office. 

It is your first impression on your prospective clients as it’s where they will go to engage with you online.  A law firm marketing consultant ensures that your website is well-designed, has valuable content, and looks professional, so your visitors become your potential clients. 

An Eye-Catching Blog For Your Visitors

A blog is an important component of a website and marketing strategy. Almost every law firm website today has one. It is a great strategy to attract customers by offering them content that
is interesting to them, answers their questions, or helps them solve their problems.

However, you should not overlook that the legal field is very specific, so you must have a law firm content marketing consultant who can assist you in creating content on legal issues. It is crucial that your website content offers value to leaders and should be appropriate to the client’s knowledge.

Simply put, your clients are not lawyers, so using very specific legal terminology or excessive legalese doesn’t work for you. As we mentioned before, a specialized law firm marketing consultant can take care of all this so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Active Profiles on Social Networks

Having a presence on social networks is just as important as having a website. In fact, both go hand in hand for a successful law firm marketing strategy. Social networks are the best channels to interact with your audience, answer queries and requests, etc. 

Also, social networks allow, among other things, to offer and advertise your services. Features such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads allow you to segment the audience you want to impact with the ad. 

However, most lawyers have non-active profiles, which, more than attracting customers, drives them away. So your profiles must be active, which requires a significant time investment for content creation, and publication. You usually have too many other important matters to deal with. So here, a specialized law firm marketing consultant or agency can help you.

You Get Measurable Results

Marketing consultants also help you with measuring the results of your marketing efforts. Applying strategies to attract customers is useless if you cannot measure their scope. Without it, you won’t be able to see what is working and what can be improved.

How Lawyers Can Measure Marketing Results

Using different tools, such as Google Analytics, a law firm consultant can carry out a complete and exhaustive analysis of the implemented strategies and measure the results. Based on this, you will be able to determine which actions should be strengthened, improved, or discarded in order to obtain the best results.

Another great advantage of analytics is that it allows you to know more about your customers’ needs, concerns, socioeconomic levels, etc. Also, it allows segmenting of the public (by age, gender, location, etc.) to implement the most appropriate strategies on the basis of the segmentation.

How To Choose The Right Law Firm Marketing Consultant 

Law Firm Marketing

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Below are the characteristics of a legal marketing consultant that is the right fit for you:

Proficient With Working On Websites

Your online marketing starts with your website. The purpose of having a website is to increase the number of conversions. That is, a potential client contacts you and ends up hiring your services.

Since a website is so important for your marketing plan, choose a law firm marketing consultant who has experience of working with websites – website development, modifications, creation of pages, categories, tags, plugins, themes, responsiveness, etc.

Hire a marketing consultant who understands how to structure a law firm website for marketing purposes. 

Builds Customer Loyalty

In order to retain your customers, it is important to use conversational tools, such as email marketing to offer the right information to the right users at the right time. This builds customer loyalty toward your law firm.

So, a good legal marketing consultant will guide you on aligning the members of your sales and customer service teams to create contextual conversations with your customers. 

Will Provide You with a Legal Marketing Plan

A legal marketing plan is a document designed to include all the objectives and strategies of your marketing. It is like a step-by-step guide with the actions you have to take to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

A law firm marketing consultant will provide you with this plan properly documented. 

Practical Knowledge of Different Strategies

The consultant you choose should have expertise in implementing –

Visibility and Attraction Strategies: SEO, Social Media, and Video Marketing are all marketing actions that are aimed at attracting traffic to your website naturally through content, offers, and products.

Conversion Strategies: Web design, UX experience, landing page optimization, inbound marketing. It is useless to attract traffic if we cannot convert it into customers or subscribers. Implementing conversion strategies offers higher conversion rates.

Loyalty Strategies: Newsletter, Promotion campaigns, Email-marketing. These are very important as it serves to build a lasting relationship with the customer.

Content Strategy: Having a content strategy is what you need most right now. Content is what people always consume on the web. People look for information (comparisons, forums, reviews) when they want to make a purchase to clear up doubts. 

So, to improve your law firm’s presence on the internet, it is crucial to develop a content strategy. It is the fundamental pillar of your law firm’s marketing. 

Expertise in Social Network Management For Lawyers

Social Network Management For Lawyers

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The main objective of social networks is to generate maximum traffic to the web page. Social networks require time and patience since you have to generate high-quality engaging content to attract customers. But that’s not enough. 

You should also know when to post, which platform fits your business, and the wide range of possibilities that social networks offer. Therefore, your legal marketing consultant should have expertise in managing your social networks so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Expert in SEO And SEM for Lawyers

For law firms, being on the internet is not enough. You have to position yourself at the top of Google so that your website is visible and potential customers can find you.

Your marketing consultant should be able to:

  • Research keywords that can give your visibility both globally and locally.
  • Analyze your website over SEO parameters.
  • Implement necessary changes to rank your website.
  • Create an ad campaign to advertise your law firm through ads on search engines and on social networks.

Perform Analysis and Measurement of Result

Your marketing consultant should take care of monitoring and analyzing all marketing actions to know if the objectives are being met, what strategies are working and which ones can be improved so that you do not stop growing every day and can achieve all your goals.

Key Takeaways

Takeways - Law Firm Marketing

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Digital marketing has revolutionized marketing. All types of businesses, including law firms, must leverage the great advantages offered by a marketing consultant or agency. 

As you can see, there are many benefits of hiring a marketing consultant specializing in the legal field. The globalized world demands it. The competition demands it. Appearing on the Internet and doing it in the best way is almost as important as winning a case. 

If you win your case, but you can’t publicize your skills and success, no one will know that you’re the best lawyer in the area, and you won’t attract new clients. Therefore, it is in your best interest to take the help of a law firm marketing consultant to boost your business and increase your visibility.

10 Social Media Content Ideas You Must Try In 2022

10 Social Media Content Ideas You Must Try In 2022

According to Hubspot’s 2021 report, more than 53% of the world’s population is active on social media. In one of the surveys, 83% of the marketers said that quality is more important than quantity in social media posts. So now you know how crucial it is to have a proper social media content strategy for your business. In order to attain new followers and keep your old followers interested, you have to post unique content on your social media handle consistently. 

Social media is an incredible posting platform that helps build your brand authority. You don’t need complicated and extraordinary buzzwords to make your content stand out from the rest. Social media content marketing is the process of creating engaging content that is simple to understand, discusses your users’ challenges, and is unique enough to entice the interest of your target audience. 

What is good social media content?

There is no magic mantra to creating great social media content that gathers attention. Good content is no doubt informative that your visitors find useful and interesting. Appealing videos and images can increase your engagement by 2x. That is why It’s always advisable to add visuals to your long-form content in order to delight your audience. When you look up different social media post ideas on the internet, you’ll notice how people use photographs to connect all of their facts and garner unexpected attention for their content.

Now, the real question is,

How to create content for social media?

The following is a list of brilliant content ideas that will help you create content better than expected. These content ideas work equally amazing for small businesses. Check them out now!

Create consistent series of content

A single content idea can help you create a series of content that will allow you to stay consistent in front of your potential audience. When your followers have a little idea about what is coming next, they are more likely to visit your social media account to keep themselves updated. 

For example, Vancouver magazine has conversations with different food editors on their Instagram Live on their ‘Takeout Thursdays.’ You can see the below video for better understanding.

Post relevant content

Relevant content helps you connect with your audience at a deep level. The best method is to create your blog posts with curated content to increase your brand loyalty. Now the question arises,

What is curated content in social media?

Curated content is content by other people you choose to share on social media. You can choose anything from expert advice to any informative blog from your niche that your audience enjoys. If you want your content curation strategy to leave some major impact, make sure to include the best podcasts, ebooks, and blog posts in your content. Then, add your own comments in those posts and present yourself as a thought leader. 

The best example is Mari Smith, who is considered the queen of Facebook and always added her unique touch while sharing someone else’s content. The below post is the best example of her content curation strategy:

Social Media Content Ideas

Host different contests and offer giveaway?

Social Media Marketing

According to a report by Outgrow, 33% of the contestants who participate in giveaways are open to receiving information regarding brands. Competition and free stuff are two things that every individual enjoys. That is why different contests and giveaways are a great way to build a strong community. When people show interest in participating in your events, they eventually follow your account and see your services. 

For example, Zappos, a well-known shoe brand, held a contest called #ImNotABox, in which its fans were urged to share how they recycle their empty shoe boxes in unique ways.

Repurposing content

Repurposing your content is the process of updating your earlier effective posts with some additional information and images. You can even create videos of your previous content and share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. It is not just copy-paste; it’s about improvising your content in such a way that it gathers maximum attention. 

Take ‘A Future Without Breast Cancer,’ for example, which collated and crafted a moment from their earlier tweets to demonstrate the success of their Run For the Cure campaign.

Social Media Content

Challenge your followers

You can challenge your followers to something unusual to show the availability of your product. Try to think of creative ideas that your customers can do with your product. 

For example, the machine-washable rugs brand Ruggable challenged its users on Facebook to make a blast on their rugs and post pictures and videos about it as proof of their rug’s washability. 

Post a tutorial video

According to Hubspot’s surveys, 54 percent of customers prefer to watch a video from a business they support. A video is a great way to expose your expertise and skills. In addition, a tutorial and how-to video help you build trust among your followers and educate them about your brand. 

Sephora’s Instagram smokey eye tutorial is the best example for this point.

Add memes to your blogs

An evolutionary biologist and author, Richard Dawkins, coined the meme as a replica of our ideas, cultures, and customs that travels like a virus from person to person. Truth to be told, this idea might strike as silly at first, but it is an exceptionally amazing way to broadcast your message with a little bit of humor. 

Check out the below meme by Gucci and how amazingly they impressed its followers in no time during their 2017 #TFWGucci campaign. 

Social Media Marketing

Throw some light on your customers

Create a post showing what your customers are doing with your products and services. In this way, you allow your customers to feel special and increase customer loyalty. 

For example, check out the Instagram video, ‘What’d Ya Do With It? Wednesdays!’ series by The Featured Farmhouse. 

Post BTS videos of your brand

Your audience loves to know what is happening in your business behind the scenes. It’s something that might fascinate them more than your original brand content. For example, some brands might make a BTS video with the most popular celebrities to get maximum attention. Like Billboard, who brought K-pop stars BTS in their behind-the-scenes videos. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do the same. 

Simply a tour of your business office or making your product will do the job. However, audiences value authentic content in which you offer a sneak peek of what happens behind the camera. 

 J.Crew, for example, provided behind-the-scenes access to the manufacturing procedures of some of their most popular outfits.

Take advantage of the hot topic.

There is no harm in doing something that everyone is doing. You can always expand your creative horizon on the trendiest topic too. It saves you time and helps you attain the limelight you were yearning for. 

Check out the below link for how ScoreOnKing and TorontoBrewing profited from Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the Oscars stage meme.

All in All,

The above social media content ideas work remarkably well for small businesses too. Creating a consistent series of interesting content piques the interest of your audience. Repurposed content is a great way to remind your audience about your remarkable brand and service. In addition, you can host different giveaways and challenges to build a strong community for your brand.