Do I Really Need A Law Firm Marketing Consultant?

The legal sector is one of the most competitive. The USA alone has more than 446,800 law firms. Faced with such extensive competition, you surely want to know the marketing strategies you can use to stand out from your competitors.

 A law firm marketing consultant or agency is the solution to your problem.

Why Should You Hire An Experienced Law Firm Marketing Consultant? 

Law Firm Marketing

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Because common marketing consultants, however good they may be, won’t understand the characteristics or needs of the legal sector. Specialized legal marketing consultants are well versed in law firm marketing because of their experience.

With their expertise, they can create and carry out a personalized and tailor-made marketing plan for your firm, which will meet or even exceed your expectations. Moreover, having such consultants on your side offers significant advantages.

Benefits of Having a Law Firm Marketing Consultant

An Appealing Website

The first fundamental aspect for which you should hire a marketing consultant specializing in the legal field is that you need to have an attractive and intuitive website. Your website is the virtual version of your law office. 

It is your first impression on your prospective clients as it’s where they will go to engage with you online.  A law firm marketing consultant ensures that your website is well-designed, has valuable content, and looks professional, so your visitors become your potential clients. 

An Eye-Catching Blog For Your Visitors

A blog is an important component of a website and marketing strategy. Almost every law firm website today has one. It is a great strategy to attract customers by offering them content that
is interesting to them, answers their questions, or helps them solve their problems.

However, you should not overlook that the legal field is very specific, so you must have a law firm content marketing consultant who can assist you in creating content on legal issues. It is crucial that your website content offers value to leaders and should be appropriate to the client’s knowledge.

Simply put, your clients are not lawyers, so using very specific legal terminology or excessive legalese doesn’t work for you. As we mentioned before, a specialized law firm marketing consultant can take care of all this so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

Active Profiles on Social Networks

Having a presence on social networks is just as important as having a website. In fact, both go hand in hand for a successful law firm marketing strategy. Social networks are the best channels to interact with your audience, answer queries and requests, etc. 

Also, social networks allow, among other things, to offer and advertise your services. Features such as Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads allow you to segment the audience you want to impact with the ad. 

However, most lawyers have non-active profiles, which, more than attracting customers, drives them away. So your profiles must be active, which requires a significant time investment for content creation, and publication. You usually have too many other important matters to deal with. So here, a specialized law firm marketing consultant or agency can help you.

You Get Measurable Results

Marketing consultants also help you with measuring the results of your marketing efforts. Applying strategies to attract customers is useless if you cannot measure their scope. Without it, you won’t be able to see what is working and what can be improved.

How Lawyers Can Measure Marketing Results

Using different tools, such as Google Analytics, a law firm consultant can carry out a complete and exhaustive analysis of the implemented strategies and measure the results. Based on this, you will be able to determine which actions should be strengthened, improved, or discarded in order to obtain the best results.

Another great advantage of analytics is that it allows you to know more about your customers’ needs, concerns, socioeconomic levels, etc. Also, it allows segmenting of the public (by age, gender, location, etc.) to implement the most appropriate strategies on the basis of the segmentation.

How To Choose The Right Law Firm Marketing Consultant 

Law Firm Marketing

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Below are the characteristics of a legal marketing consultant that is the right fit for you:

Proficient With Working On Websites

Your online marketing starts with your website. The purpose of having a website is to increase the number of conversions. That is, a potential client contacts you and ends up hiring your services.

Since a website is so important for your marketing plan, choose a law firm marketing consultant who has experience of working with websites – website development, modifications, creation of pages, categories, tags, plugins, themes, responsiveness, etc.

Hire a marketing consultant who understands how to structure a law firm website for marketing purposes. 

Builds Customer Loyalty

In order to retain your customers, it is important to use conversational tools, such as email marketing to offer the right information to the right users at the right time. This builds customer loyalty toward your law firm.

So, a good legal marketing consultant will guide you on aligning the members of your sales and customer service teams to create contextual conversations with your customers. 

Will Provide You with a Legal Marketing Plan

A legal marketing plan is a document designed to include all the objectives and strategies of your marketing. It is like a step-by-step guide with the actions you have to take to achieve your marketing goals and objectives.

A law firm marketing consultant will provide you with this plan properly documented. 

Practical Knowledge of Different Strategies

The consultant you choose should have expertise in implementing –

Visibility and Attraction Strategies: SEO, Social Media, and Video Marketing are all marketing actions that are aimed at attracting traffic to your website naturally through content, offers, and products.

Conversion Strategies: Web design, UX experience, landing page optimization, inbound marketing. It is useless to attract traffic if we cannot convert it into customers or subscribers. Implementing conversion strategies offers higher conversion rates.

Loyalty Strategies: Newsletter, Promotion campaigns, Email-marketing. These are very important as it serves to build a lasting relationship with the customer.

Content Strategy: Having a content strategy is what you need most right now. Content is what people always consume on the web. People look for information (comparisons, forums, reviews) when they want to make a purchase to clear up doubts. 

So, to improve your law firm’s presence on the internet, it is crucial to develop a content strategy. It is the fundamental pillar of your law firm’s marketing. 

Expertise in Social Network Management For Lawyers

Social Network Management For Lawyers

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The main objective of social networks is to generate maximum traffic to the web page. Social networks require time and patience since you have to generate high-quality engaging content to attract customers. But that’s not enough. 

You should also know when to post, which platform fits your business, and the wide range of possibilities that social networks offer. Therefore, your legal marketing consultant should have expertise in managing your social networks so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Expert in SEO And SEM for Lawyers

For law firms, being on the internet is not enough. You have to position yourself at the top of Google so that your website is visible and potential customers can find you.

Your marketing consultant should be able to:

  • Research keywords that can give your visibility both globally and locally.
  • Analyze your website over SEO parameters.
  • Implement necessary changes to rank your website.
  • Create an ad campaign to advertise your law firm through ads on search engines and on social networks.

Perform Analysis and Measurement of Result

Your marketing consultant should take care of monitoring and analyzing all marketing actions to know if the objectives are being met, what strategies are working and which ones can be improved so that you do not stop growing every day and can achieve all your goals.

Key Takeaways

Takeways - Law Firm Marketing

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Digital marketing has revolutionized marketing. All types of businesses, including law firms, must leverage the great advantages offered by a marketing consultant or agency. 

As you can see, there are many benefits of hiring a marketing consultant specializing in the legal field. The globalized world demands it. The competition demands it. Appearing on the Internet and doing it in the best way is almost as important as winning a case. 

If you win your case, but you can’t publicize your skills and success, no one will know that you’re the best lawyer in the area, and you won’t attract new clients. Therefore, it is in your best interest to take the help of a law firm marketing consultant to boost your business and increase your visibility.

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