Top 7 Inbound Marketing Strategies For A Successful Law Firm Business

According to Hubspot’s 2020 report, 75% of marketers believe that inbound marketing is an effective marketing strategy. People find it so credible for their business because of its ability to attract high-quality and relevant visitors. 

Different businesses, including law firms, have gone through notable shifts in their marketing strategy over the years. According to the American Bar Association’s 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report, 97% of law firms with more than 100 lawyers employ an internal marketing team. Bringing the right change is the necessary practice that every law firm has to follow in order to have a successful legal business. 

Inbound marketing is one such practice that helps you convey your law firm’s unique personality to others. Let’s check out what is inbound marketing and how it exactly works for law firms. 

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What is an inbound marketing strategy?

Inbound marketing is a cost-effective method of bringing new business to your law firm. In this process, you create your marketing strategy around your buyer’s journey. You must create strong and compelling content to convert your prospects into qualified leads and leads into paying customers. You are supposed to build a strong digital presence by following the inbound marketing funnel. There are four fundamental stages of your inbound marketing funnel given below:

Divert the right audience to your law firm business. Offer them a personalized experience to convert visitors into leads. Nurture your qualified leads so that they become your paying customers. Delight your existing customers to make them advocates of your legal business.

What are the benefits of an inbound marketing strategy for law firms?

According to ABA’s 2020 Legal Technology Survey Report, 87% of law firms have a website. Also, 27% of the law firms report having a blog. Inbound marketing offers some unexpected benefits to your law firm’s website. Let’s discuss them in detail,

Build Trust

Inbound marketing strategy is all about crafting content that helps you build trust among your potential clients. For example, you can showcase your law firm’s credibility by mentioning relevant information, solutions to your client’s pain points in your blog content. CTA’s can help you turn your visitors into qualified leads right away.

Cost- Effective

Inbound marketing involves content marketing that costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Therefore, it is a cost-effective way to bring interested clients towards your law firm business. 

Boost Your Brand Exposure

An inbound marketing strategy is a tactic to organically bring relevant traffic to your legal business. For example, you optimize your website content so that interested clients come rushing to your website without you having to go to them. 

How to create an inbound marketing strategy for your law firm business?

Inbound marketing strategy works as a magnet for law firms. They are able to get clients for their business organically using the following strategies:

Create Engaging Content

inbound marketing strategy

The whole objective of inbound marketing is to inform your prospective clients about your services and how they could benefit them. The best way is to offer them content that conveys your law firm’s expertise and addresses your client’s pain points. High-quality content that will showcase your leadership in the legal business will divert maximum traffic towards your website. In addition, blogging can help you expose your law firm to new potential customers who can later become promoters of your brand.

Fresh Legal, a family law company in Ottawa, Canada, uses content marketing to emphasize their firm’s expertise on topics relevant to their practice areas.

SEO For Lawyers

A report by Uptime JurisPage stated 96% of people who seek legal help utilize search engines. SEO for lawyers is an effective technique to bring their informative legal content in front of relevant audiences organically. Consistent blogging will help your law firm website rank higher on search engines like Google, Bing etc., increasing your visibility online. You have to include targeted keywords in your blog in order to drive maximum traffic towards your law firm’s website. People find organic searches more credible than paid searches. Thus, SEO is a great way to gain more relevant clients for your legal business.

Distribute Your Content On Different Channels 

Inbound Marketing For Lawyers

In order to get the maximum publicity for your law firm, you need to identify the best channels to distribute your content. Inbound marketing for attorneys involves thorough market research to determine which social media platforms are most used by your target audience. This process will help you increase your brand awareness and bring quality traffic to your legal business. In addition, you can create a strong relationship with your potential clients through events and webinars on legal topics on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn etc. 

For example, The Sam Bernstein Law Firm is a law firm in Farmington Hills, Michigan, engaging with its clients on Facebook through informative content on recent topics. 

Convert Prospects Into Qualified Leads

It is the stage where you have successfully circulated engaging content across different channels and is gaining attention. The people who have shown interest in your business are most likely to become your paying customers. It’s time for you to save their contact information and convert those prospects into leads. You can do so in the following ways:

  • Include a form at the side or bottom of your blogs and web pages. Ensure to include name, phone number, email address, and questions about their concern.
  • Add a Call to Action(CTA) button in your content that drives your potential clients to take action in your favor. 

Video Marketing 

One of the most effective inbound marketing strategies for law firms is video marketing campaigns. 87% of marketers utilize video as a marketing tool. Video marketing is an incredible way to attract new clients to your law firm. Personalized and informative videos help you nurture your existing clients so that they become promoters of your brand. Not just that, videos boost your conversion rate and SEO ranking. You can distribute your videos on different platforms like Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. 

Checkout this amazing explainer video by Cross & Smith LLC that is a law form in the state of Alabama and see how video marketing works,

Mobile-Friendly Website

68% of lawyers report having a mobile-friendly website. Most individuals use their mobile phones to look for legal advice. Mobile optimized lawyer website shows that your firm has a legitimate business and enables your potential clients to reach you easily through calls and emails. Ensure your mobile-friendly website has an easy interface so that the less tech-savvy can also use it without any troubles. 

Paid Advertisements

PPC lawyers are the fastest way to generate maximum leads for your business. This process involves paying a certain amount every time a potential lead clicks on your law firm advertisement. PPC (pay-per-click) can increase your lead conversion rate by 2x. As a result, you can attain faster results and maximize your SEO efforts in real-time. In addition, with marketing KPIs like ROI and conversion rate, you can track your process and make changes accordingly.  

Final Words

Inbound marketing strategies are a great way to pique your potential customer’s interest in you through informative and relevant blog content. Make sure your content addresses all their pain points and shows them how your services will benefit them. You can distribute your content on various social media platforms to catch their attention. Video marketing and paid advertisements are other great aspects of inbound marketing that can offer great benefits to your law firm business. 

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