Best Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use In 2022

Best Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use In 2022

There are more than thousands of online SEO tools available on the internet, which can confuse anyone, especially beginners in the field. Thankfully, finding the best SEO tools is now easy, as we’ve compiled them all here. In addition to our team of 50 SEO experts, we polled over 300 other SEO professionals about which SEO software and keyword tracking tools they consider best. However, it is not necessary to try all of these tools; you just need to choose the ones that are most suitable for your business.

Best SEO Tools

SEO Tools: Why Use Them?

SEO is a diverse and wide-reaching topic, but with the right tool, you can save time and effort while optimizing almost any aspect of your site. The right SEO ranking software can help you perform a full site audit, check for duplicate content or broken links on your web pages, or analyze keywords to determine the best ones to target on your page.

By using SEO tools, you can save time on data analysis and keyword research. Using these tools, you can see what parts of your strategy are working and which parts need some improvement. Furthermore, the best SEO tools provide reports about your performance and strategies compared to your competitors as well as where the most opportunity exists. In addition, they offer the possibility of measuring search performance in individual geographic regions, languages, or countries.

As time passes, everything improves and so will the number of your projects. SEO tools can help you assess the performance of each website in real-time if you manage more than one. The majority of entrepreneurs with multiple websites put a lot of information in spreadsheets and analyze it manually. This process is time-consuming, overwhelming, and carries the risk of inaccurate reports. Thankfully, SEO software allows you to generate accurate reports instantly and save countless hours.

Best SEO Tools in 2022

Below are the seo tools that all the top digital marketers use in 2022. SEO experts use these SEO tools to help them optimize their content, see how well they’re doing, and make sure they are getting the most out of their site.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free SEO keyword tool that you can use to get new ideas for keywords, analyze your website’s current level of traffic, and gauge potential competition. The best part about this tool is that it’s completely free—no credit card required.

It was launched in 2012 and has since become the most popular keyword research tool on the market because it’s easy to use, free, and full of useful information. What makes this SEO analysis tool so helpful for analyzing your site’s search traffic is that it provides a ton of granular data on how many people are searching for which keywords. This makes it easier to figure out which ones you should target with your content marketing efforts because they’ll have the most relevant searches per month (RPM).

The Google Keyword Planner displays data based on two types of searches: broad and exact match. Broad matches include misspellings or synonyms while exact matches only show words that are exactly typed into a search bar without any modifications or additions.

Are there any downsides? Only one – you’ll only be able to access this data if you already have an active AdWords account at all times unless you want to pay $150 per month or go through the hassle of setting one up just to use Keyword Planner every once in a while.


Linkody is a link-building tool that helps you find and contact influencers, and contact sites and build relationships with them. It also helps you to find the most valuable links for your website. It is a great tool for finding link-building opportunities. It is a paid tool but it has many free features including:

Finding Influencers: You can use this feature to find people in your niche that have large followings on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. These are usually the best targets because they have already built up an audience which means if you get them to share your content or guest post, chances are they will bring along some of their followers with them.

Finding Link Building Opportunities: This feature will tell you which websites out there would be willing to accept guest posts from your site or even list it as an authoritative link source on their own site. This can be really powerful if done right since these listings are often seen as having more weight than others by Google due to being considered “earned” rather than “purchased” links.

Google Analytics

Best SEO Tool - Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that can tell you about your website traffic and how people use it. It is the best seo online tool for understanding your audience and how they engage with your content. It’s an essential SEO ranking software for any business that wants to make sense of their data, as it will help you get a better understanding of what makes users tick on the internet today.

Beginning with Google Analytics is very easy, and you can begin tracking key business metrics immediately. As your needs grow, the more complex Google Analytics becomes. Spend as much time as possible on it, and you will reap the benefits.

As you collect data from different channels, you gain more opportunities for optimization, new ideas, and a deeper understanding of how everything connects to the company as a whole.

Your website and business can increase their return on investment only if you have web data and know exactly how they perform. 

A crucial component of any digital marketing strategy is data, and putting the right tools in place prior to any marketing attempts ensures you are getting the results you want. It is imperative for your business to be a machine that reacts quickly to changing factors. Using web data, you can find out what is happening on your website. GA integrates perfectly with other Google products, so if you’re using other Google-based marketing tools, tracking their results with GA is crucial.


DeepCrawl is an enterprise-class web crawler that provides a wide range of in-depth SEO and technical analysis reports. Its extensive reporting and analysis capabilities help you to identify opportunities and problems on your website. With DeepCrawl, you can:

Move beyond just ranking checklists by taking advantage of its powerful SEO reporting capabilities. This SEO tool allows you to conduct advanced search queries to discover what visitors are searching for on your website or blog.

Moreover, you can get detailed information about page status tags (HTML, meta), redirects, robots.txt files, images, CSS/JS files, links between pages, and much more


Ahrefs is an SEO tool that can be used for backlink analysis. It’s a great tool to find backlinks, keywords, and even competitors’ backlinks. It has some advanced features that you’ll only find in tools like Moz and SEMRush at the moment.

It is one of the best seo tools on this list because it does more than just give you information about your site’s performance – it gives you data from millions of other websites over time so you can get an overall picture of how your site ranks compared to all others.

The Keyword Explorer of Ahrefs lets you gauge the popularity of any search query as well as find related keywords that are relevant to your business. For instance, each month in the United States alone, Google searches for the term “bitcoin” reach an average of 6.5 million.


With AccuRanker, you are able to find keywords with high search volume and low competition. You can also use it to find keywords that are more specific and have a high search volume. This tool will help you determine what pages on your website need improvement based on the keywords that visitors are using when they arrive at your site.

When it comes to keyword tracking, AccuRanker offers all of the tools you could wish for. To name a few:

  • Monitoring of keywords across multiple search engines. 
  • Updates to rankings: every 24 hours, keywords are refreshed.
  • You can have an unlimited number of domains and users.
  • Supports all languages. 
  • Creation of custom reporting templates. 
  • Various metrics to choose from.


SEMrush is a powerful and comprehensive suite of digital marketing tools. It’s well-known among SEO professionals for its ability to help you find the keywords you want to target, but it’s also useful for competitor analysis and even web crawling.

There is a lot of data available from Semrush not only relating to SEO but also PPC. So, if you want a tool that covers both, this is a superior option to Ahrefs. Using SEMrush’s ‘keyword intent’ tool will enable you to identify those keywords that are most relevant to your business or those with the greatest likelihood of resulting in sales

SEMrush offers many benefits:

  • Advanced level content marketing 
  • A comprehensive overview of the domain
  • Streamlined reporting
  • Extensive keyword research
  • Engaging and creative PPC campaigns
  • Monitoring and evaluating social media
  • Website traffic statistics
  • Tracking of positions

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is the best tool for checking backlinks. It has been around since 2003, and it’s still going strong. If you want to check the authority of websites, Majestic SEO is a great place to do it. You can also use this tool to find out how many backlinks a site has and where they are coming from—provided that they’re not private links or paid links (which most of them aren’t).

It is an SEO tool that only specializes in link analysis. Therefore, unlike other tools such SEMrush or Ahrefs, Majestic is limited to backlinks. In other words, this tool isn’t capable of keyword research, SEO site audits, and on-page SEO analysis.

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is a suite of SEO tools that will help you with your SEO efforts. It has three main products: Raven, Raven Tools, and Raven Spyglass. All three products are paid tools but they offer a free trial for all new users.

If you’re looking for a way to optimize your website or mobile app, then the best thing to do is use these tools. They’ll help you with content creation, keyword research (keyword suggestions), on-page optimization, and much more.


Ubersuggest is a keyword research tool that helps you find long-tail keywords. It’s easy to use, and it’s free. This one a great tool for beginners, as well as experienced SEOs. The tool works by finding related words people type into Google when they’re looking for something else. 

For example, if someone searches Google for “professional resume writing service,” Ubersuggest can show you other things people have looked up in the past: “best professional resume writing service,” or “most affordable professional resume writing services.”

You can also use Ubersuggest to create a list of all possible words associated with any topic or industry (like accounting software), then use that list in conjunction with other keyword tools like Keyword Planner by Google or Moz Pro to get more ideas and insights into how your target audience thinks about their problems and needs—which can help inform your SEO strategy and content creation.


Serpstat is a tool that helps you to find the best keywords for your website and your competitors’ backlinks. Oleg Salamaha founded Serpstat, an SEO software suite. From just a keyword research tool, it has slowly evolved into a business growth tool that contains features for link building, PPC, Precise SEO, and a lot more. The Serpstat interface will be familiar to those who have ever used major SEO tools (such as Moz or SEMrush).

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool that shows you the most popular search queries over time, based on what people are searching for in Google. It shows you the search volume for keywords and phrases and also provides related queries so you can see how the search volume of your keyword or phrase has changed over time. 

Additionally, it shows related search terms that could be useful if you’re trying to reach out to new people who may not know exactly what they’re looking for but know something similar enough to your original term that they might consider using it too.

Answer The Public

Answer The Public is a free tool you can use to find out what people are searching for, and what they are looking for when they search for it. It’s a great way of finding keywords that you might not have thought of before.

It will tell you how many people do or don’t search for something, and how many searches there are overall per month both worldwide and locally. There’s also an option to check if your website is listed on the first page of Google results when someone searches for these terms.


Siteliner is a free SEO tool that helps you analyze your website and find out what is wrong with it. It also provides suggestions on how to fix these problems. Siteliner has several features that enable you to fully understand the performance of your website. You can use this tool to get information about the backlinks pointing at your site, as well as its traffic history, keyword rankings and more. 

Additionally, Siteliner allows you to check whether there are any issues with loading speed or server response time on your page. It also provides recommendations on how to overcome these problems so that users see faster loading times when visiting your site


GTmetrix is a website speed test tool that enables you to analyze your site’s performance and see how it performs in terms of page size, load time, and other metrics. It also provides recommendations on how you can improve your speed score. GTmetrix was built specifically as a responsive web design testing tool, so it will automatically detect any changes in the code when you make edits on the fly.

With GTmetrix’s Pro Plan subscription ($29/month), you can access all the features of the standard plan plus advanced analytics reports about mobile-friendliness, video content optimization and more—all in one place! If you’re searching for an all-inclusive solution for optimizing your website’s performance across all devices with ease, look no further than this comprehensive toolkit from Google itself.


This SEO audit and digital marketing tool is super fast and super easy to use. It analyzes your site from Google’s point of view and generates an instant report of your website’s on-page,  technical, and off-page SEO aspects. Using Woorank, you can also check your site’s rank in comparison with your competitors and where you can improve it.


SEOmofo is a free keyword research tool that can help you find the best keywords to use on your website. This tool allows you to enter a URL and it will show you all of the keywords that are ranking for that particular search term, as well as their monthly search volume. It also shows similar keywords, so if you don’t like any of the ones they’ve shown so far, there’s still plenty more options to choose from!


SpyFu is a paid keyword research tool that allows you to find the best keywords for your website.SpyFu is a premium keyword research tool that allows you to find the best keywords for your website.

The tool claims to reveal the tactics of your top competitors in search marketing.  You can type any domain and you will see every place they have been listed on Google: every keyword they have bought in Google Adwords, every organic rank, and every variation of their ads since the year 2000.

Fat Rank

Fat Rank is a keyword research tool that uses AI to find keywords with high search volume and low competition. It is a great tool for finding long-tail keywords, which are the ones that most people overlook. But since they don’t get as much traffic, they are often the best ones to target when you are trying to rank on page one of Google.

This SEO tool allows you to find keywords with low competition by showing you how many sites are competing for each keyword on Google. The lower the number of sites there are competing for that particular phrase, the easier it will be for your website and content to rank highly in organic results (organic results being those shown at the top of a search engine result page).


BuzzSumo is a content discovery tool that helps you find the most shared content on any topic. BuzzSumo allows you to search for content based on keywords, topics and domains. It’s a great tool for finding influencers and their most shared content.

This is a cloud-based platform that helps you discover the best engagement, content, and outreach opportunities across social media and search engines. Keep track of new keywords, trends, customer questions, and content success while monitoring what matters most to your business.

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress users

Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress users is a powerful tool that helps you to optimize your site for search engines. With this plugin, you can improve the quality of your content and make sure it’s easily found by Google or other search engines. You can use Yoast SEO to check whether your pages are optimized correctly, or fix them if they’re not. It also lets you optimize titles and meta descriptions so that they include relevant keywords, which increases the chances of being shown in search results.


MozBar is a free SEO toolbar for Firefox and Chrome. It provides SEO metrics for any web page, such as: Page Authority, Domain Authority, Keyword Density and more. MozBar also has a site explorer, link data, traffic data, and other research tools to help you get the most out of your time online. It’s great for SEOs and site owners who want to see how they can improve their sites’ performance.

LRT Power*Trust

LRT Power*Trust is a keyword research tool that uses the concept of Power*Trust to rank your keywords. It’s a sophisticated tool that uses a formula to determine the best keywords to target.

The software also provides you with an estimate of how much competition there is for each keyword and what kind of demand there is for that keyword in terms of volume and difficulty level. This makes it easier for you to decide which ones are worth pursuing, so you don’t waste time on unproductive keywords that won’t bring any traffic or sales.

Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a free keyword research tool that helps you find out the search volume, competition, and difficulty for your desired keywords. It’s an indispensable tool for SEO experts because it saves time when you need to check the search volumes of different queries and make sure they are in line with what your competitors are doing.

Keyword Everywhere shows you a list of keywords that have been searched on Google in any given month or year. You can see how many times each of those keywords was searched during a specific period of time (e.g., last month), so this makes it easier for you to see what people are looking for right now.

This feature also gives us an idea about which topics people tend to search more often than others, which allows marketers to do research properly before investing time & money into advertising campaigns or writing blog posts on topics that don’t really interest their target audience.


KWfinder is a free keyword research tool that allows you to search for keywords on Google, Bing, and YouTube. It also provides you with the search volume, competition, and suggested bid for each keyword.

This SEO software is a great way to get started with keyword research quickly because it displays all of the above metrics in one place without forcing you to click through multiple tabs or websites.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is a powerful tool for analyzing your site’s HTML. The free version is great for beginners, but the paid version gives you access to a lot more features. It’s not a replacement for a full SEO audit, but it’s an excellent place to start when you want to identify issues on your website before they become problems.

To Conclude

The right SEO tools can make a huge difference to your business. The problem isn’t that there aren’t enough tools on the market, but rather with so many options, it can be difficult to know which tool is best for you. Each tool has its pros and cons, but they’re all helpful in their own ways, so just pick one or two and spend some time getting to know them. We’re sure they’ll help you in your SEO campaign.

8 Best Game Development Software That are in Trend

8 Best Game Development Software That are in Trend

As per a report by Statista, the global gaming market is expected to reach 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025. Even today, the gaming industry is continuously achieving new heights in terms of business. So, let’s dive deeper into the entire concept of game development and figure out successful ways to create a full-fledged game that increases user engagement.

Electronic games have been providing entertainment to people like us for decades. It has come a long way from the days of playing Super Mario Kart and Nintendo on a pixelated screen with poor sound to virtual reality gaming. The video gaming sector is huge. The cost of video game creation surpasses the development cost of Hollywood movies. Not just that, the ROI from such games is also rising at a surprising speed. A report by Investopedia states that the gaming industry attained a total revenue of $155 billion in the year 2020. That is why most companies are trying their hands at this revenue system. The same report states that the tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple might enter this industry.

So if you are planning to acquire this skill, now is the time. You never know; maybe you will become the next creator of the biggest mobile game. There is some amazing game development software that comes in handy for every developer. You can create an innovative game by putting your imagination and creativity into it with the assistance of these software.

In this blog, we have mentioned the best game development software that is easy to use and is perfect for your story creation.


Autodesk-Game Development Software

Autodesk is a game creation program that helps the design, construction, entertainment, and media industries produce the most realistic and stunning 3D visuals possible. It has been involved in the development of several AAA games. It has characteristics that enable quick character playback and responsive manipulation. 


  • It allows you to write or download custom scripts using the MEL language. 
  • It consists of a complete toolset that incorporates character creation, animation, editing, etc.
  • It offers easy-to-use and powerful rendering for stunning character creation. 


  • Maya and 3DS MAX: $125/MONTH
  • Maya LT: $30/MONTH

Publishing platform:

  •  Windows

If you are looking for comprehensive tools to create a full-fledged 3D game, then Autodesk is the best software. 


Stencyl-Game Development Software

Stencyl is an intuitive game creation software that lets you create gorgeous 2D games without writing code. It’s ideal for inexperienced developers because the application handles all technical aspects. In addition, the comprehensive tool kit will streamline your work and speed up your project development. 


  • It consists of Haxe scripting for advanced developers who wish to extend the game development process and create high-level personalized visuals. 
  • A drag-and-drop feature employed by the MIT scratch project that makes things much easier for the newbies. 
  • It incorporates tools like grid-snapping, zooming, selection, flood fill, etc., to manipulate your titles and characters. 


  • Completely free for the beginners (for web publishing only)
  • $99/annum for indie developers (for web and desktop publishing)
  • $199/annum for studio developers (desktop, Android, iOS, and web publishing)

Publishing platform:

  • HTML5, Linux, Flash, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Windows games

Stencyl is an excellent choice for beginners who have zero programming knowledge.


GDevelop-Game Development Software

It is another open-source game development platform that allows you to create engaging games without knowing how to code. You can make text objects, video objects, custom shapes, and sprites for video games. The detailed guide provided by this tool might help those who are new to development. 


  • It allows you to manipulate object behavior using tools like physics engines, which display the objects’ true behavior.
  • It consists of a screen editor that allows you to create and edit different levels.
  • It is the only game development platform that offers event features to define reusable functions used as actions, expressions, and conditions for games. 
  • Particle emitters, sprites with numerous animations, cross-platform game development, physics engine, draggable objects, tweens, anchor, text objects, and a platformer engine are all included.


  • Since it’s an open-source platform, no fees are charged, even for source code. 

Publishing Platform:

  • Create HTML5 games that can be exported on both Android and iOS.
  • Also, develop native games for Windows and Linux.

Try this free game development tool to create 2D games without coding easily. 

Construct 2

Construct-2-Gave Development Software

It is an easy-to-use platform that is perfect for creating 2D HTML5 games without the use of coding. You can make video games in days, thanks to its streamlined approach. The premise is simple: drag and drop the objects, assign emotions and behaviors, and then start an event.


  • It requires no previous programming and coding experience. 
  • It consists of an intuitive and easy interface that has made game development extremely easy. 
  • You can easily create and edit different levels with the help of a layout editor.
  • It also contains a built-in physics engine and image editor that allows you to make rapid modifications to your graphics. 


  • Personal license holders must pay $199.99, business license holders must pay $499.99, and business upgrade holders must pay $299.99.

Publishing Platform:

  • Your website, Google Drive, Scirra Arcade, Facebook, Windows 8, iOS Apps, Android using crosswalk, Scirra Arcade, iOS using CocoonJS, and Chrome Web Store

It is a cost-effective game development software that allows you to easily create 2D and 3D games.  


GameSalad-Game Development Software

GameSalad is an easy and compelling game development software used to create 2D games with the assistance of simple coding skills. The one-click feature and simple drag & drop option allow children to develop video games using their imagination and creativity. 


  • It is an easy-to-use software that has an intuitive user interface.
  • This software requires no special coding skills. 
  • The software has excellent technical support and can be published on the majority of the platforms. 


  • The trial version of this software and the subscription packages are also available. 
  • The basic subscription monthly fee for the software is $17, and the pro subscription monthly fee is $25 when paid annually. 
  • Educators and students even attain a 50% discount.  

Publishing platform:

  • You can publish it on almost all the major platforms like mobile, HTML, and desktop. 

It is a fun and gentle game development software that children can easily perform. 

RPG Maker

RPG Maker-Game Development Software

RPG Maker is one of the best versions to create intuitive video games without any coding knowledge. This version contains a vast database of characters, skills, armor, events, tilesets, animations, etc. Moreover, you can easily develop 2D games using the drag & drop option and Javascripting. 


  • It is an excellent software for both experienced and inexperienced programmers. 
  • The professionals can use their high-tech scripting and Java skills to develop extraordinary video games. 
  • It has an active community that provides technical support for game development. 
  • It even offers an inexpensive license that can be used for commercial purposes. 
  • You can attain expertise in RPG game development with the help of its inbuilt database and libraries. 


  • There are different RPG game development software versions that range from $25 to $80. 
  • It offers a 30 days trial offer to its new customers. 

Publishing platform:

  • You can export your games to platforms like HTML5, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. 

All the RPG enthusiasts can speed up their game development process using this RPG tool that offers Java scripting and drag-and-drop options. 


GameFront-Game Development Software

GameFront offers a set of simplified tools to create responsive games for web and mobile phones conveniently. It is the perfect software, especially for beginners with zero coding knowledge. The best part is that the beginners can easily add behaviors to their created characters.   


  • All the newbies can easily develop structures, terrains, and objects as per their requirements with the help of all the in-built tools. 
  • The software incorporates effective tools to control the gaming components to create responsive video games. 
  • All the novices can easily add emotions to their characters with the help of the drop & drag option. 


  • It is a free game development software. You might need to pay for an advanced variety of images, terrain, characters, and other gaming elements. 

Publishing platform:

  • You can publish your created video game on HTML5. 

With the help of this game development software, you can easily create 2D games without any prior coding knowledge. 


Unity-Game  Development Software

Unity is one of the best game development software to create augmented reality. It is mainly the choice of high-level AAA game developers and leading studios. It is more economical and easy to use than other similar platforms. It consists of an editor to monitor and analyze the effects of your editing in real-time. 


  • This software completely supports cross-platform development and even offers technical support. 
  • Unity incorporates a store of all the needed resources for the rapid development of your creation. 
  • You can easily develop graphics, characters, functions, and the environment to create a logical gaming experience.


  • Offers free version when both the revenue and funding don’t exceed $100,000/annum. 
  • Plus subscription is $25/month, particularly for hobbyists. 
  • Pro subscriptions are available at $125/month for professionals and studios. 

Publishing Platform:

  • You can publish on all major platforms like VR, TV, Console, Mobile, and Desktop.

Unity offers the most friendly user interface for developing high-tech 3D games. 


How to become a Game Developer?

A game developer specializes in creating spectacular video and computer games with the help of their creative skills. They perform on platforms like Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and Playstation. Their duty includes using computer software to write a programming language to develop a great game framework. They have to use some methodological processes in order to build a successful outcome. 

One can attain a proper qualification degree and then become a high-tech game developer by going through the best mobile game development courses like Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games, Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, and Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games.

Make sure that you are always updated with the latest technology and programming language to master the art of game development.  

What is the job outlook for a game developer?

The overall job outlook for game developers is growing faster than before. According to a report by Statista, the exact value of the video game market in the U.S. is around $95.45bn. Furthermore, in the United States, the video game industry is expected to rise by 9.3% from 2016 to 2026. So the future seems to be bright for this industry from all corners; it’s a great idea if you are looking to be part of it. 

All in All,

Game development is all about creating your world using some advanced softwares that are mentioned above. An efficient software offers you an easy-to-use navigation system that you can conveniently handle while developing your computer game. The built-in tools and features aid in creating characters and add emotions to them.

SEO for Lawyers: The Complete Guide Laying All The Proven Facts

SEO for Lawyers: The Complete Guide Laying All The Proven Facts

According to Ruler Analytics, organic search generates upto 66% of call conversion in the Legal sector. That is why plenty of legal firms invest their time and money in SEO. So let’s dig deeper to understand the concept of SEO for lawyers in detail.

As per IBISWorld, In 2020, online legal services in the United States have grown to around $9 billion. With the advancement of technology and the Internet, it has become highly important for every industry, including law, to have a strong online presence. Better visibility, especially on search engines like Google, will increase your business growth by 10x. SEO deserves all the attention that it is getting nowadays. It is a formula that is helping businesses to maintain their position in the market. We will learn about all the amazing SEO techniques in this blog. But first of all, let’s start with the real question and i.e.

What is SEO?

SEO Optimization

SEO is the process of increasing your business’s website position on SERPs like Google and Bing in order to drive maximum visitors to your website. 

SEO for lawyers is nothing different. Let me explain it in a little more detail. When your law firm’s website appears on the first page of search results, you automatically attain more visitors and better visibility. When they click on your website and find the initial information useful, they are more inclined to seek out your services.

According to Clio’s Legal Trends Report 2019, around 57% of the clients did their own research while seeking law firm services, while 59 % asked for a referral. 

The above data throws light on the fact that more consumers are turning to search engines like Google and Bing for help when looking for a legal expert. The real question is: how does SEO rank your law firm’s website on search engines. There are three major factors of SEO that help your law firm’s website make the right amount of noise in the market.


According to eMarketer, 60% of marketers produce at least one piece of content per day. Content such as information, visuals, and images strongly impact your user’s experience. High-quality content that offers relevant legal insights to your audience improves your search engine ranking.


Backlinks increase your law firm website’s authority and credibility compared to others. External pages and domains that drive traffic to your website impact your website’s impression greatly. 

Technical SEO

Technical SEO includes factors like website structure, page speed and title tags. In addition, it optimizes your website’s user interface, which will directly improve your ranking on search engines.

Why is SEO for lawyers important?

According to a JUSTIA report, more than 33% of clients go online to begin searching for a lawyer. Search engines have always been a primary source  for people to look for businesses. According to another research, Google search, images, and maps account for almost 93% of all global traffic. Businesses find Google the best go-to resource to answer their search queries and portray their expertise. 

According to research by Finance online, 70% of law firms get new cases through their website. More leads are converted into clients when a well-established website ranks high on search engines. It simply means that your website will provide you with better business deals and is designed to raise awareness and create trust in doing a specific action.

The primary goal of SEO for lawyers is to drive as much high-quality traffic to your website as possible., for example, saw a 5.07% boost in website traffic in February as a result of search engine optimization techniques.

Lawyers Organization Result Chart

According to a report by National Law Review, 96% of people looking for legal assistance utilize a search engine in their research, and 74% of customers visit a law firm’s website to take some action. Your prospective customers will use a search engine to hire any lawyer or law firm. Another crucial aspect of SEO services for lawyers is measuring your business’s ROI. It would help if you were ascertained that your marketing efforts are working accurately for your business to predict a better future. 

What are the key components of SEO for lawyers?

According to a study conducted by the American Bar Association, 87% of legal firms have a website. This data demonstrates that law firm marketing is a highly competitive field. Therefore, to outrank your competition, you must grasp all the SEO-related elements outlined by Google’s algorithm.

The list goes like this,

Extensive Keyword Research 

Keyword research creates a powerful base for curating high-quality content that will rank your website on top of search engines. There is no point of doing SEO without keyword research. Investing in this marketing strategy will offer you long-term benefits to increase your brand visibility and conversion rate. 

Keywords are those phrases that your potential client uses to find information about any particular product or service they have been searching for. For example, in legal services, people usually search for phrases like “personal injury lawyer” or “car accident attorney.” Optimizing your website’s content using such high-volume keywords can automatically increase your ranking on search engines. The below picture gives you a basic idea about how ranking goes for law firm keywords.

Lawyers Keyword Research

You can use the following tools to identify the best keywords for your legal business.

  • Google Trends
  • Keyword Planner
  • Google Analytics
  • Answer the Public
  • Uber Suggest 
  • SEMRush
  • Ahrefs

High-Quality Content

 After thorough research, it’s time for you to generate high-quality content for your law firm website using all the high-volume keywords accordingly. According to JUSTIA, 27% of legal firms have a blog, and 25% have retained a customer due to their blog. Therefore, it is considered a cost-effective way to drive a target audience to your website.

Consider the following steps while constructing your content strategy:

First, list 20 concerns that your prospective client might have when seeking your services. You can even discuss some points with your customers too.

  • Add all those consumer concerns in your content in every practice area while offering a summary of your legal services.
  • Try to incorporate keywords into all necessary sections, such as the title, headers, and meta description.
  • Don’t forget to include a call-to-action button that directs customers to your booking page.
  • Finally, publish each content on a different page of your legal website.

On-Page Optimization

According to a report by Smallbizgenius, 88% of the customers wouldn’t return to a website after having a bad user experience. Your website’s architecture has a major impact on your search engine ranking. Optimizing your web pages for search engines can be a pretty complex process. There are various factors that Google uses to understand your content better. It would help if you systematically optimized everything from title tags and page headings to meta descriptions. A report by Backlinko suggests that shorter URLs rank better than other URLs. Another study shows that multiple sub-directory structures are an effective way to use both high and low-volume keywords.

Link Building 

According to a report by Hubspot, Google’s algorithm considers links as one of the most important criteria to rank a page. So, you see, link building is an integral part of your SEO strategy. Backlinks are one factor that Google uses to determine your content from a sea of law firm content. These referral links direct traffic from different websites to your website and helps you outshine your competitors in front of Google’s eyes.  

Some of the best link building tools are given below:

  • Guest posts

Guest posting is the process of publishing your law firm content on other reputable websites in order to create a link. It also involves collaborating with other attorneys and law firms for better opportunities. 


  • Legal directories

By listing your law firm website’s in legal directories with a high domain rating or domain authority. Also, make sure that your directories do not have any broken links or images.

Google My Business

As per a report by Oberlo(a dropshipping website), Google was the most viewed website last year. No doubt, it is the number one search engine, so your website’s listing on Google My Business is the only thing that can rank you when people seek a law firm nearby. By listing your address on this platform, people in close proximity can find you for their legal cases. It is an essential step for optimizing your website for local SEO, which we will discuss in the next point. 

Local SEO for lawyers

According to another report by Hubspot, 46% of Google searches are looking for local information. Local searches are widely popular among legal services too. It mainly triggers local results like local maps. The keywords mainly used during local searches are “personal injury lawyer near me” and “accidental death lawyer Texas.” You need to make sure your law firm website is highly optimized for local searches using such keywords. Your website’s listing on Google My Business is the first step that one can take to improve their local ranking. When your website is relevant, close in proximity and prominent to the searches, it will automatically rank you on Google searches. 

Final Verdict

SEO for lawyers will bring unbelievable business to your law firm slowly and gradually. Patiently and consistently use the above strategies for the best results. The step-by-step procedure that involves extensive keyword research and link building will increase your law firm’s visibility while increasing its ranking on search engines like Google. 

With constant fierce competition online, SEO services for lawyers are the most effective way to outshine other similar websites and increase your ROI.

So buck up and take actionable steps for better business opportunities now!

Artists Marketing 101 : Best Ways To Promote Your Art

Artists Marketing 101 : Best Ways To Promote Your Art

In this digital age, your art needs to be on display for the attention it deserves. You have to create a strong relationship between your art and marketing skillfully. Let’s dig deeper into the concept of Artist’s marketing and see how it brings fruitful results to your plate. 

Agora Gallery - Artist Marketing

Art is about expressing your thoughts and imagination using creativity. There have been countless artists who have left the world stunned with their outstanding approach and creativity. 

Every artist desires to be known for their art all around the world. You might feel vulnerable explaining your creation to someone. That is completely understandable. But with the growing technology and competition in the artist’s world, you need to learn how to speak and write about your artwork. In 2021, the global art market was valued to be $65.1 billion, according to a survey by Statista. Today, art and marketing go hand in hand. In the presence of high-speed Internet, you can reach your potential audience in just a few clicks. To be known for your work and grab the attention of art lovers worldwide, you must know how to promote it. 

Social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook act as amazing marketing tools for artists who desire to bring their art in front of the public eye. 

For example, Zaria Forman, a New York-based artist, travels to isolated parts of the world and documents them through pastel drawings. She posts those drawings on her Instagram profile, where she has over 239,000 followers, making her one of Instagram’s most popular artists. 

Artist Marketing Services

In this blog, we will help you learn every detail about artist marketing and ways to hone your skills to promote your artwork.

What is artist marketing?

Artist marketing is the method of creating awareness for any artwork that piques the interest of the desired audience towards them. This will lead to more engagement and appreciation for artists’ work and products. Marketing is an excellent way to communicate your message and offerings to your viewers. Showcasing your artwork portrays your passion for the creation. 

Selling creativity is not easy, but it is worth every endeavor. It is exciting, and when it starts gathering attention, it takes your business to a whole new level. Art can be anything- music, cartoon, drama, or painting. It is a compelling and captivating way to attract a target audience to your business. There are many bigger brands like Lenovo, Adobe, Deloitte, and Dell that use the concept of cartoon marketing to promote their brand. You must be wondering now what cartoon marketing is.

Let us give you a little insight about this term,

Cartoon Marketing

Cartoon marketing is the method of advertising your services and products with the help of cartoons and animated videos. According to a report by 3M Corporation, the human brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than plain text. 

Visual content such as cartoons create a sense of warmth and fondness among the viewers and develop an interest in your services. In addition, cartoons have the power to make your concept simple and easy to understand. 

Tom Fishburne, CEO of Marketoonist, has been drawing cartoons for different businesses since a long time ago. They create humorous cartoons using the shared experience of different firms and make people laugh while throwing light on their business.

Cartoon Marketing

Now that we have understood the concept of cartoon marketing, let’s revisit artist marketing and discuss all the necessary strategies for a successful artist’s marketing. 

What are the steps involved in artist marketing?

Creating art can be fun, but showcasing it to a wider audience can be challenging. The following actionable ideas can help you attain the desired results you have been looking for. 

Here we go,

Create an online portfolio of your art

The first step in your digital marketing journey is to create an attractive online portfolio of your artwork. It doesn’t matter whether you increase your network connection, apply for some project, or participate in any competition, you will always need to have a central place where people can see your work. 

Your portfolio acts as proof of your creation. In addition, you showcase your talent and enhance visibility for your work online. 

You can artistically document your work in your portfolio to gather your audience’s attention.

Take a look at the work of some incredible painters, such as Alexander Gronsky. He is a Moscow-based photographer who uses his camera to document Russia’s changing landscape. He has organized each image of his work in a very stylish and well-paced manner in his portfolio. His writing has appeared in prestigious magazines such as The Guardian and The New Yorker.

Below is the link for his portfolio:

Make use of content marketing

A report by Hubspot, In 2022, 90% of marketers intend to invest the same amount in content marketing as the past year. So create compelling blogs about your work and post them online regularly. You can add dates of the events and connect your writing with specific people to throw some light on your work.

The creation of SEO-optimized content is another step in content marketing for artists. You can rank your content at the top of search results and drive traffic to your website by including relevant and high-volume keywords in your content. Then, back your content with images and videos of your artwork and then see the positive result it will bring. 

Frankie Magazine, an Australian art publication, can serve as a source of blogging inspiration. Their blogs include various topics, including music, paintings, fashion, vintage art, and cuisine. However, most art fans and readers are drawn to their website.

Frankieeee - Artist Magazine

Take the assistance of social media

Social media is a fantastic marketing tool that allows you to connect with other creatives. Numerous people utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. As you can see, promoting your work on these platforms can help you gain many followers. The aim is to keep posting stuff that will help people understand you. Share your work, expertise, and originality. In addition, you can demonstrate your trustworthiness on such platforms by publishing your successes, honors, or other media coverage.

Take, for example, Jane Freeman, a nature painter who posts meditative photographs of nature and the environment daily, demonstrating her love for poetry and nature.

Another artist, Nan Coffey of San Diego, CA, remarked that social media helped her meet fantastic and intriguing people in her business. As a result, she now shares her art regularly and strives to connect with 12,000+ Facebook fans.

Social Media For Artists

Share Your Newsletter

Newsletters are an excellent strategy to boost your company’s revenue. With the help of a newsletter, you can tell a creative tale behind your artwork. Make your audience feel unique by hosting a giveaway through it. Make a fun contest out of it and ask them to send you a title for your latest piece of art. Always include some educational content to indicate that your email isn’t solely about you.

You can take inspiration from Debra Joy Groesser, a full-time air painter, and CEO of the American Impressionist Society. She considers the newsletter one of the most important techniques of her marketing strategies. She has been able to sell her work because of the newsletter. 

Stay Updated

It is crucial to stay updated with the latest technology, even in the field of art. Make use of all the online advantages that are coming your way. Stay current on social media and make use of video streaming. As per a report by Hubspot, Since 2018, the number of online videos watched per person has nearly doubled.

For example, famous American painter Lawrence Lee does a live stream when he paints in his studio. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do artists hate marketing?

“Artists hate marketing.”

This statement is true for most creators who find it extremely difficult to sell their art. There is a myth that artists should create and perfect their art, and eventually, a financial reward will come their way. Unfortunately, some of them are consumed by this thought and do nothing to sell their art. Those who do so find marketing their work very difficult. 

There are plenty of popular artists who mastered the craft of both creativity and marketing. Take Picasso, Pink Floyd, Versace, Madonna, and Warhol, for example; they knew exactly how to draw attention to their work.

Artists need to be patient while marketing their work. By staying current and updated with the newest technology, they can slowly and gradually taste the fruit of successful marketing. They need to make sure that their followers can easily purchase their work without any hindrance.

How does digital marketing help artists?

There are countless benefits of digital marketing listed as follows:

  • Digital marketing offers quick and easy marketing opportunities. Online platforms like social media help you share and communicate with a larger audience. 
  • You become part of a global market where everyone can appreciate your work through blogging, SEO, and other marketing efforts. 
  • As compared to traditional marketing techniques, online marketing is cheap and effective. 

In Conclusion

Artists’ marketing strategies that include the creation of a clear and well-defined portfolio can bring countless advantages to your business. In addition, make use of blogging and social media to communicate your art to a larger audience. It’s high time for artists to bring their work under the umbrella of marketing and use the latest technology for better results and ROI. 

8 Simple Brand Building Strategies For A Winning Business

8 Simple Brand Building Strategies For A Winning Business

A Smallbizgenius survey shows that companies with bad business branding pay 10% more in salary. More than 500,000 brands are listed worldwide by Nielsen Media Research. Every brand needs to overcome the competition with the biggest brands for a thriving business. If you are looking for the best ways, try to bring your brand under the spotlight of branding and see how you will outshine others in real-time.

Building a brand is not just about creating an attractive logo but also about creating a customer experience that compels them to build a long-term connection with your business. The whole process can be pretty extensive; that’s why you must create a well-established brand-building strategy to develop your business. In this blog, we will dig deeper into the whole concept of branding. So Let’s get started,

What is branding?

Branding is the process of exposing your brand’s logo, message, and identity in front of a larger audience. It presents an image of your brand in the audience’s mind that will pop up every time they think about your business. The whole idea is to create and retain a loyal relationship with your clients by offering your brand’s experience.

How to build a brand online?

According to Smallbizgenius statistics, individuals recall a brand after 5 to 7 impressions. Therefore, your brand-building strategy needs to align with your business goals. The idea is to communicate your brand with the right audience for a better ROI. Include the following steps in your brand building process to develop a strong framework for your business:

Select your brand’s niche

Niche marketing might mean focusing on some specialized products and catering your services to a certain audience. You might not believe it. But this is the smartest move you can perform for your business. You target a specific customer base, which means you can focus more on quality and create a strong and nurturing relationship with your audience. This way, you create a strong consumer base for your business that might work as your advocates in the future. 

Niche Marketing

The best example of this category is Facebook. You must be wondering that Facebook isn’t a niche business. Well! Few people are aware that Facebook began as a photo-sharing website for Harvard students to communicate with one another. Then, over time, it spread to other American campuses, eventually becoming the most well-known global social media network it is today. So you can see how a small group of customers can help you prepare for a larger launch and outrank your competitors.

According to the same research, 13 % of consumers spend 31-50 % more for your services if they find that your product is causing a positive change in the world. So always keep in mind that your niche solves a practical problem while being professionally satisfying. Furthermore, a strong market potential with the minimal competition will help you attain your business goals in real-time.

Define your business goals

Setting goals is the very first stage in every business strategy. Before starting your business development plan, you need to think about where your brand will be in a few days, weeks, months, or years. Your goals should be at the core of everything you do in your firm. Brand objectives are the goals that your company wants to achieve through branding. For example, your brand goal could raise awareness to increase client trust and loyalty.

Whether it’s the world’s most successful soft drink brand CocoCola or the video streaming service Netflix, every company has a strategy in place for a reason. Their goals may differ, but they all have a fundamental aim. Coca-Cola, for example, uses advertising that features Santa Claus, Christmas, family, and friends to raise brand recognition.

Add elements that differentiate you from similar brands

Communicate your brand message through branding and stand out from the crowd. Differentiate yourself from the competition by including your brand’s core values and mission in your brand strategy. The goal is to show how your company uniquely solves a significant problem. You are free to discuss your customer service experience. Try to stay authentic. According to Oberlo data, 86% of buyers consider authenticity the most important factor in determining which companies they enjoy and support. Don’t mix and blend stuff you don’t give to capture your audience’s attention. 

Brand Marketing Strategy

Take, for example, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, two massive coffee chains with quite distinct advertising strategies. One is a more holistic word-of-mouth advertising, while the other is more traditional and adjusts to market changes.

Offer an incredible user experience.

According to the same Oberlo survey, 73% of customers consider customer experience a significant element in their purchasing decisions. In your marketing strategy, the customer experience reigns supreme. You lose everything, no matter how great your product is if your customer experience is inadequate. An ideal user experience will give you better reviews that attract more consumers to your business. Allow your customers to share their experiences with you online easily. 

Amazon is an excellent example of this. The great customer experience is one of the reasons behind Amazon’s enormous success. In addition, its proactive strategy and client-centric approach have helped them acquire customer trust over time.

Create a high-quality blog for your website

In a Smallbizgenius survey, at least 61% of respondents report that they are more willing to buy from businesses that provide unique content.

Every brand-building service includes creating high-quality and compelling content that increases your online visibility for better sales. Blogging is an effective way to make your brand easily identifiable to larger audiences. Make sure to maintain the conversational style in your writing to engage your audience with you successfully. 

Take a look at TOMMY HILFIGER’S weblog, for example. Their blogs are a perfect example of their classic and contemporary design. Everything makes this lifestyle business stand out from the crowd, from high-quality content to graphics. 

Strategically create your visual identity.

One Smallbizgenius study suggests that color improves brand awareness by up to 80%. Different colors depict different emotions. Make sure to use color psychology to create visual branding for your brand. Choose colors that portray your brand’s messaging and identity. For example:

  • Blue is a hue that symbolizes trust and is frequently connected with companies and banks.
  • Purple is a soothing color, so it is used in anti-aging products.
  • Pink is connected with women’s items because it provides a more feminine and romantic touch.

Stay consistent on all online platforms

According to Oberlo’s report, the consistent presentation of a brand has seen a 33% rise in income. Ensure that your brand messaging, values and image are consistent throughout every online platform, including social media. Consistent brand identity will reinforce positive consumer opinion toward your brand. Try to engage with your consumers on social media platforms equally. Consumers are more likely to start a relationship with a brand they are familiar with. Not just that, consistency even distinguishes your brand from your competitors. 

Make use of personalization

As per a recent report, 73% of consumers prefer a personalized shopping experience. Personalization is an effective way to increase your brand’s conversions through the right messaging to the relevant audience. It helps to show that you care for your clients. Personalization makes your clients feel like they are directly communicating with your brand. It makes their shopping experience easy, smooth, and highly comfortable. 

Personalization - A Brand Building Strategy

Biggest brands like Netflix and Amazon present recommendations that are most relevant to their audience, an amazing personalization strategy to gain more subscribers.

Final Words

Branding is important to define your business to your target audience. All you need to do is identify your business niche and goals and create strategies. Make use of blogging to increase high-quality traffic to your website. Create a visual identity that matches your brand’s messaging. Personalization will bring your customers closer to your brand, and by remaining consistent across all platforms, you may boost your brand visibility.