Industry-Specific Uses of Generative AI in 2024

As the world of technology continues to evolve, we see the exponential rise of Generative AI becoming a part of not only our daily lives but even the work processes of many companies.

Generative artificial intelligence offers widespread benefits in business automation in various fields. 

A survey by IBM found that 35% of respondents believe generative AI will significantly impact business processes, especially in marketing, by taking automation to new heights and creating content from scratch.

Whether for education or conversational chatbots on e-commerce apps, AI is creating waves and making its way through it all. The expertise offered by development companies streamlines the process and ensures positive results in terms of business growth.

Generative AI Applications


Generative Artificial Intelligence is a transformative technology that goes beyond mere automation, showcasing its prowess in streamlining business processes, enhancing user experiences, and fostering innovation across sectors. 

Wondering how you can use Generative AI for your business? Here is how:

  • Business Process Automation: Optimizing efficiency by automating routine tasks in business operations.
  • Voice Assistants: Improving user experience through advanced natural language understanding and interaction in virtual assistants.
  • Content Creation: Enabling the generation of original and creative content, including articles, images, audio and videos.
  • Photo Editing: Streamlining image enhancement and manipulation processes through automated tools.
  • Language Translation: Facilitating precise and context-aware language translation for seamless communication.
  • Chatbots: Elevating customer support and engagement by deploying intelligent chatbots.
  • Video Game Design: Fueling creativity in the gaming industry by generating characters, scenarios, and elements.
  • Art and Creativity: Supporting artists in generating unique and innovative designs across various mediums.

Industry-Specific Uses Of Generative AI

Gen AI stands at the forefront of technological innovation, reshaping diverse sectors with its transformative capabilities. Consulting services can help you seamlessly integrate generative AI solutions to your business.

Industry-Specific Uses Of Generative AI

From revolutionizing healthcare by enhancing diagnostic accuracy and accelerating drug discovery to empowering marketers with personalized content creation, generative AI permeates various domains.


Generative AI plays a pivotal role in healthcare by assisting in medical image analysis, drug discovery, and personalized treatment plans. From improving diagnostic accuracy to accelerating research processes, it contributes significantly to advancements in medical science.

  • Ada: Devised by medical professionals, Ada stands as a symptom evaluation application that employs AI to offer medical guidance in various languages, elevating health outcomes through expert insights.
  • SkinVision: An officially sanctioned medical service application utilizing AI for the early detection of skin cancer, educating users on self-examination and comprehension of risks.
  • Be My Eyes (Virtual Volunteer): This AI application, powered by GPT-4, aids individuals with visual impairments by promptly converting images into text, furnishing real-time identification and interpretation.
  • Hyro: A conversational AI specifically tailored for health systems, addressing challenges related to patient engagement and staffing through HIPAA-compliant automation of day-to-day interactions.
  • PedAL: A platform for oncology decision-making driven by AI, PEDAL accurately predicts drug responses by utilizing a biobank containing 150,000 tumor samples spanning 137 different cancer types.


In education, generative AI aids in content creation, customizing learning materials, and providing interactive simulations, fostering personalized and effective learning experiences for students.

  • Knowji: A vocabulary application driven by artificial intelligence utilizes a spaced repetition algorithm to ensure persistent word retention, catering to learners of all age groups.
  • Hello History: This distinctive application revolutionizes history education by allowing users to partake in interactive dialogues with historical figures, creating an engaging and immersive approach to studying history.
  • Genei: Utilizing AI to expedite research, Genei automates time-consuming tasks by instantly summarizing content from PDFs and websites. This not only saves considerable time for students and researchers but also provides concise responses based on pertinent resources.
  • Synthesia: Employing artificial intelligence, Synthesia functions as a video generator that transforms text into captivating videos featuring AI avatars. This tool seamlessly aids educators in crafting compelling video training materials with a human touch.
  • Gradescope: An assessment grading tool powered by artificial intelligence, Gradescope efficiently streamlines the evaluation of both digital and traditional paper-based assignments. It furnishes swift and accurate results, along with valuable insights into the knowledge levels of students.
  • Duolingo Max: Harnessing the capabilities of GPT-4, Duolingo Max delivers a conversational artificial intelligence language learning experience. It introduces innovative features such as Explain My Answer and Roleplay, enriching the depth of language acquisition alongside the existing advantages of the platform.

Tourism and Hospitality:

Within tourism and hospitality, generative AI enhances customer experiences by offering personalized travel recommendations, optimizing hotel services, and creating immersive virtual experiences for travelers.

  • Utilizing data-driven algorithms, simplifies itinerary planning by harnessing generative AI. Users can input travel stimuli from various sources such as messages, social media, or blogs, and the application automatically archives and investigates each mentioned destination.
  • Microsoft Bing: A sophisticated search engine integrating state-of-the-art AI technology, Microsoft Bing provides extensive search functionalities encompassing web, video, image, and map queries. Additionally, it offers real-time chat and collaborative features.
  • Bloomreach: A cloud-native solution tailored for the travel sector, Bloomreach optimizes customer interactions, fosters business expansion, and supports multiple service providers. It identifies recurrent travellers, crafts personalized experiences, and furnishes invaluable customer insights.
  • Runway: Simplifying the video editing process for marketing tourism destinations, Runway boasts a suite of over 30 AI-powered tools for intuitive video manipulation. Irrespective of users’ proficiency, it caters to the demand for multimedia content creation.

Marketing and Advertising:

Generative AI transforms marketing and advertising by crafting targeted and engaging content, automating ad design, and predicting consumer trends, empowering businesses to create impactful and data-driven campaigns.

  • Jasper Campaigns: In the age of omnichannel marketing, Jasper enables users to construct comprehensive marketing campaigns with a solitary directive. Leveraging AI, it generates a variety of assets such as emails, case studies, and advertisements that align seamlessly with the brand’s tone and voice, streamlining the campaign creation process.
  • RAD AI: This tool integrates data-driven insights with authentic content to assist marketing teams in shaping impactful campaigns. By scrutinizing past performance and devising effective strategies, RAD AI aims to foster genuine and emotional connections with the target audience across diverse marketing channels.
  • Lokalise AI: Developed as an automated localization and translation platform for various applications, Lokalise AI boasts advanced features like contextual translation and alternative variants. It facilitates smooth communication with global audiences in different languages across web apps, customer service, documents, mobile apps, games, and marketing materials.

Finance and Business:

In finance and business, generative AI plays a role in risk assessment, fraud detection, and financial modelling, providing valuable insights and improving decision-making processes.

  • Yooz: Mechanized AI system designed for invoice handling, optimizing the workflow for financial and accounting leaders to diminish manual labor and enhance overall effectiveness.
  • A generative AI application that rapidly produces advertisement materials and social media content aimed at conversions. It enables users to define the target audience and platform, delivering tailored messages in line with specific business objectives.
  • Cleo: AI finance application for individuals that revolutionizes money management with an uncomplicated conversational interface. It aids users in saving money, proficient budgeting, and acquiring financial expertise.
  • An AI-driven dialogue constructor delivering precise replies to customers through advanced natural language comprehension and tailored training inputs. It seamlessly functions across various platforms such as websites, Slack channels, Zendesk, and Teams.
  • Tome: An innovative generative AI solution simplifying the creation of presentations. Users can promptly generate engaging slides for diverse purposes, including product showcases, sales presentations, training sessions, and client proposals, by providing a straightforward prompt.

Media and Entertainment:

Generative AI innovates media and entertainment with applications like content creation, scriptwriting assistance, and virtual character design, reshaping storytelling and production processes.

  • BuzzFeed’s Infinite Quizzes: Utilizing cutting-edge AI technology, BuzzFeed introduced “Infinity Quizzes” in February 2023, crafting personalized quizzes for users based on minimal input.
  • My AI on Snapchat: An AI-powered chatbot on Snapchat delivers tailored experiences by responding to user queries, offering insights on trivia, gift suggestions, travel planning, and dining choices.
  • Canva: A design platform leveraging AI-driven tools for content creation, simplifying the process of generating visual content through features like resizing, photo and video manipulation, AI-generated avatars, and text-to-image conversion.
  • Sudowrite: An interactive AI writing companion offering functionalities such as rewriting paragraphs in diverse styles, facilitating creative brainstorming, and generating characters. Designed by writers, it ensures an enjoyable user interaction and produces narratives akin to human writing.
  • Midjourney: A state-of-the-art image generator translating textual descriptions into captivating visuals, pushing the boundaries of artistic creation with its advanced abilities in crafting intricate compositions, realistic enhancements, and diverse details.


Retail benefits from generative AI in inventory management, personalized shopping experiences, and visual merchandising, optimizing operations and elevating customer satisfaction.

  • Lalaland: It transforms the process of fashion product development by eliminating the necessity for tangible prototypes. Users have the ability to choose a model or avatar, apply their design, and produce a variety of images with choices for body proportions, hairstyles, figures, stances, and more.
  • Dall-E: A sophisticated AI image creator that produces highly realistic images and representations based on textual descriptions, obviating the requirement for physical items and providing unparalleled realism in the generated visuals.
  • Catering to a broad spectrum of marketing demands, is an AI-powered text generator that facilitates the crafting of product descriptions for emails, product pages, Instagram, and advertisements, meeting various writing needs.
  • Conversica: An AI-driven solution that automates customer follow-ups and enhances engagement, seamlessly integrating with retail tools such as Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce to streamline customer interactions.


In manufacturing, generative AI aids in product design, quality control, and predictive maintenance, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs throughout the production lifecycle.

  • Midjourney: An artificial intelligence image synthesizer crafts lifelike visuals based on detailed textual inputs, allowing manufacturers to produce prototypes, swift mockups, and visual representations without the necessity of tangible samples.
  • Leveraging abundant data collected from diverse sensors, this tool constructs digital duplicates of facilities, delivering predictive insights into product performance and process outcomes through authentic 3D simulations.
  • Tidio: Functioning as customer support AI software, Tidio provides real-time chat, personalized suggestions, and task automation tailored for small and medium-sized enterprises, offering straightforward setup and a complimentary basic plan.
  • This system scrutinizes extensive volumes of global research data, furnishing valuable insights for decision-making. Its all-encompassing approach empowers users to make well-informed decisions and maintain a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Construction and Real Estate:

Generative AI applications in construction and real estate include project planning, design optimization, virtual property tours, streamlining processes and improving decision-making in these sectors.

  • Vizcom: Empowering designers and architects, Vizcom enables the swift creation and rendering of designs with a plethora of customization options. This leads to accelerated and more adaptable design iterations, ultimately elevating the user experience for clients.
  • A tool driven by AI that benefits professionals in the residential industry, including architects, designers, builders, contractors, and developers. Its automated floorplan generation and assistance in navigating zoning codes provide a holistic solution with diverse styles to explore.


In agriculture, generative AI assists in crop monitoring, precision farming, and yield prediction, empowering farmers with data-driven insights to optimize agricultural practices and increase productivity.

  • Farmer.CHAT: An AI-driven agricultural consultancy service facilitating direct communication between governments and farmers, delivering data-driven analyses and decision-making aids to enhance crop management globally, with a particular focus on India, Ethiopia, and Kenya.
  • Semantic Scholar: A valuable tool for researchers, providing expedited access to emerging scientific insights. With a database encompassing over 2 million academic papers, this AI-driven platform rapidly extracts essential information, keeping users abreast of the latest developments in their respective fields.

Wrap Up

As we navigate the technological landscape of 2024, the role of generative AI integration in various industries is nothing short of transformative. Across healthcare, education, tourism, marketing, finance, media, retail, manufacturing, construction, and agriculture, generative AI has emerged as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency. 

Many big companies are utilizing their power to reshape industries and drive societal progress remains promising. 

Thus paving the way for a future characterized by innovation and efficiency across all sectors.

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