We bank on Google-approved White Hat SEO techniques to drive growth and boost your search engine rankings. We are a well-established, award-winning SEO agency with ethical search engine marketing services to help your business sail through obstacles in the path of higher website traffic. Our dedicated experts go the extra mile to put you on page one on any SERP.

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    We Harness the Dynamic Power of the Internet for a Serious Growth of Your Business

    Paid advertising can generate traffic to a website, but a major part of online traffic comes from search engines. Also, organic search results receive more clicks than paid advertising.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice where a website is optimized continuously for higher rankings in the organic search results on a search engine. It helps connect potential consumers with your business online. Through SEO marketing, you can improve your website’s searchability and visibility that result in increased engagement, traffic on a website.

    A strong SEO strategy that includes SEO optimization, content marketing, branding, user experience, and various other disciplines within digital marketing can help your business grow through higher search engine rankings, frequent visitors, and measurable outcomes.

    Being an award-winning SEO company, WebSpero understands the importance of SEO in getting more traffic to a website. We follow all Google SEO guidelines and drive leads for you with effective search engine optimization services.



    We know your focus is RESULTS, and ours is too. We are proud to share with you that Clutch has declared us the best SEO agency. We have already transformed businesses of more than 300 clients worldwide through our SEO packages that meet Google guidelines. We have the expertise and experience to boost your search engine rankings, curate a better image of your business, and make your brand visible on the first page of search engines.

    Better Results In Less Time

    The faster you see results, the better your ROI! With expertise, experience, and resources, we, as a search engine optimization company, strive to give you better results in less time, earning you more opportunities for conversions.

    Cutting-Edge Tools

    From website optimization to in-depth keyword research and competitive link analysis, we use cutting-edge tools to help your business succeed in the modern digital world.

    Single-Minded Focus

    We work with an objective to deliver timely, business-friendly results by focusing on our core skills. An experienced group of professionals crafts high-quality campaigns that boost your website’s rankings on search engines.

    100% Transparency

    We understand that your greatest fear is paying an agency and not getting results. Also, you may be worried about how to track what the agency is doing to boost your business online. That’s why we believe in 100% transparency. You have 24/7 access to data showing our efforts.

    White Hat Techniques

    Our experts use proven, White Hat techniques to improve your brand’s search engine rankings. We do not include illicit methods or dubious schemes to jeopardize your image. Here, you can expect high-quality SEO services with honesty and credibility.


    WebSpero is a Shopify web design and SEO company with proven results.

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    There is always a smarter way to win! We have a team of creative and experienced individuals who use the best SEO strategies to make your business stand tall amidst the crowd. We use modern SEO services to increase traffic and drive business to your website.

    Keyword Research & Strategy

    WebSpero professionals review your website’s keywords performing on search engines, conduct research to find additional keywords, and create a wishlist to prepare a competitive landscape for your site.

    Technical SEO Tools

    Website optimization can help improve its rankings on search engines. It is done by improving page speed and fixing errors. A well-optimized website makes it easier for search engines to crawl its pages, and it further leads to improved search engine rankings.

    Content Writing

    SEO-friendly content is an integral part of a successful strategy. We have a team of skilled, creative writers capable of generating unique and useful content for your website. They can add fresh content to your website regularly in the form of blogs and product pages.

    Detailed Report

    Although WebSpero Solutions has experienced SEO professionals who know how to make your BigCommerce platform reach the potential audience, we keep you in the loop to let you know what we do to improve the performance of your website and make it appear in the top results of search engines. We send you weekly, monthly reports that describe our work in great detail.


    As the best SEO company, we offer you a comprehensive array of SEO packages to improve the rankings of your business and make it more visible online. From a custom strategy to careful link building and comprehensive onsite SEO, you can expect an effective methodology from us for measurable results.


    Keywords may be just phrases netizens that type into search boxes to tell terms they are looking for, but they hold power to make your website appear on the first page of search engines. They help search engines sort out a few pages from billions of websites.

    We understand how important it is to identify what people are typing online to reach the results they are searching for. SEO experts find relevant keywords and analyze the competitive market to find useful keywords that help rank your website.

    Our SEO services include multiple strategies to bring your website on top and make it stay there.

    • Competitive Analysis
    • Find Relevant Keywords
    • Link Building
    • Web Marketing Analytics
    • Local Search optimization



      Over the years, we have partnered with 300+ visionary clients and bold startups worldwide who wanted to see their website rankings rise on search engines so that they could grow business. We are incredibly proud to play a role in their success stories.

      Kimi Verma

      The clients have seen a significant increase in traffic with numbers growing into the hundreds. WebSpero is strategizing on how to take pre-existing high-traffic clients even higher. Their team is communicative and effectively follows through on directions. They took over our entire SEO division. This includes auditing sites, fixing onsite problems, improving site speed, optimizing site navigation and layout, optimizing content for conversion, fixing duplicate content and much more.

      Kimi Verma

      Diego Margalef

      WebSpero Solutions delivers effective digital marketing services that continue to achieve satisfying results, which enables ongoing collaboration. The team provides industry expertise and produces reports regularly to ensure transparency. They seek feedback frequently to improve their performance.

      Diego Margalef

      Ben Macrae

      The business has seen a great improvement in backlinks and domain referrals, rankings and organic traffic. WebSpero’s communication has been great, as they keep the client updated at all times. The team’s responsiveness and expertise make them a joy to work with.

      Ben Macrae


      Our partners have encouraged us to deliver more innovative, effective, and client-friendly results over the years. A strong network of technology experts enables us to identify new trends and emerging technologies to deliver genuine added value to our customers.

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        As your trusted SEO company, WebSpero exposes your business to the humongous and ever-growing Internet community. We execute effective search engine optimization campaigns to help your brand appear on top, stay there, get organic traffic, and provide you with a never-ending revenue stream. No matter the current state of your website, we can help you with our services.

        Initial Website Audit

        The first thing to expect in the SEO services of an agency is an SEO audit. We run your website’s initial audit and diagnose its current SEO condition. We discuss the observations with you and suggest concrete steps that need to be taken

        Structural Optimization

        After the audit, a team of professionals builds a solid foundation for your website’s online presence. Here, we make your site SEO-friendly to increase its chances of appearing on Google top searches whenever someone enters a relevant term.

        Customized SEO Services

        SEO is an approach that, when applied accurately, holds the potential to get an ever-increasing online audience for your business. We achieve this through a uniquely-created approach to make your website more accessible.

        Increased Site Traffic

        SEO is an approach that, when applied accurately, holds the potential to get an ever-increasing online audience for your business. We achieve this through a uniquely-created approach to make your website more accessible.

        Content Development and Distribution

        When you hire an SEO service online, content development comes with it. We, at WebSpero Solutions, have creative content writers to create long-form and engagement-focused content. Also, we post them on multiple high-authority websites.

        Regular Communications and Check-Ins

        After the audit, a team of professionals builds a solid foundation for your website’s online presence. Here, we make your site SEO-friendly to increase its chances of appearing on Google top searches whenever someone enters a relevant term.

        Increased Site Sales and Brand Awareness

        Traffic means leads that result in sales. We, as your SEO online marketing agency, use different strategies to increase traffic on your website that further leads to sales.

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          At Webspero, we are aware of the fact that using the same old SEO strategies do not help in improving the performance of a website on Google and other search engines. The search engine giant is always at work in order to deliver value to its users. That’s why the search engine ignores and even punishes websites employing unethical SEO practices, publishing poor quality content or violating Google’s guidelines in any other way. It’s because every person visiting your website is a search engine user as well. It is important to keep up with the latest Google updates and guidelines to keep your website in the good books of the search engine.

          In the words of Google’s John Mueller: “We make changes almost every day.”

          Both minor and major updates have an impact on the optimization of a website. So, we briskly learn and implement the changes they are making so that your website rankings are improved instead of taking a nosedive. This is the biggest reason why our clients continue working with us as ‘SEO is a continuous process.

          SEO AUDIT

          SEO audit is an important process in which the search engine friendliness of a website in different areas is evaluated. In simple words, we check if the navigation, sitemap, robot.txt, presence and density of keywords, meta, and other website SEO audit checklist items are according to the search engine guidelines or not. An SEO site audit is a 6 step process including:

          • Checking Google penalties that can keep your website for achieving success online.
          • Checking the search appearance of the domain.
          • Performing an SEO technical audit (crawling, indexing, etc.)
          • Performing an on-page SEO audit (web pages optimization, content optimization etc.)
          • Performing an off-page SEO audit (link building, SMM, brand mentions, etc.)
          • Performing a social media audit.

          Our team makes use of every single feature of powerful tools for a website SEO audit including:

          • Ahrefs
          • Google Search Console
          • Google Analytics
          • Google PageSpeed Insight
          • Woorank
          • Raventools
          • Semrush
          • Moz
          • WebCEO
          • SpyFu
          • SEO Site Checkup
          • Found’s SEO Audit Tool
          • Seoptimer
          • Screaming Frog

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            SEO keyword research is another SEO practice in which we find and analyze terms, phrases or queries search engine users search to find certain information on the web. These keywords are then used to optimize your webpages and content. Keyword Research, one of the most important steps in search engine optimization, is done to look for new content ideas, optimize existing content or to look for a new niche.

            We use our deep understanding of Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird algorithms to do the things right during all the three stages of keyword research.

            • Finding SEO keywords
            • Analyzing SEO keywords
            • Using the SEO keywords

            We use premium keyword research tools like KW Finder, SEMRush and Ahrefs Keyword Explorer to find the best keywords that can earn you the top spot on search engine result pages. Our team uses both ‘search based on a seed keyword’ and ‘competitor-based research’ keyword research approaches.

            We perform competitor keyword analysis as well to keep you steps ahead in the competition.

            ON-PAGE SEO

            On-page optimization in SEO is a practice of optimizing web pages to increase rankings and organic traffic. After performing an on-page SEO check, we analyze keywords on the website and optimize HTML tags (Title, meta and header), optimization of headlines and images. This also includes publishing relevant, high-quality content. Our on-page SEO services improve the expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of your website. This is achieved by making important changes in all the web pages according to the latest SEO guidelines by the search engine. In our on-page SEO services, we work on the following 10 areas for increasing rankings, traffic and conversion:

            • EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness).
            • Title tag optimization using the focus keyword.
            • Meta title and meta description optimization using the focus keyword to increase click-through rate and perception about the website.
            • Writing and optimizing headlines that can also spark interest.
            • Writing and optimizing header tags (H1-H6) using keywords.
            • Identifying and resolving keyword cannibalization.
            • Content audit to check if the website content is optimized or not.
            • Writing fresh, optimized content (if required) that the search engines rank and users love to read.
            • Adding and optimizing images using descriptive titles and alt text.
            • Focus on user experience, site speed and other aspects for better user engagement.

            Hire Certified SEO Agency to Experience Significant Sales Results


            If we cannot measure it, we cannot improve it. Google Analytics tracking is very critical in SEO. We use tools like Google Analytics for website and other tools to track keyword rankings, organic traffic and other SEO metrics including:

            • Organic bounce rate.
            • Organic conversion rate.
            • Top exit pages for organic traffic.
            • Breakdown of organic traffic from Bing and Google.
            • Local visibility.
            • Click-through rate (CTR).
            • Pages indexed in Google Search Console.
            • Pages crawled per day.
            • Duplicate titles and descriptions.
            • Crawl errors

            Analytics and tracking help in determining the actual value search engine optimization is delivering. Numbers and stats provided by visitor tracker for a website and other analytics tools also help in making changes in SEO strategy for generating better results. We collect and analyze data from these tools to prepare weekly and monthly reports. These reports are sent to you to keep you informed on the latest improvements in search engine rankings and web traffic.

            LINK BUILDING

            Link building is an SEO practice of getting links to a website to increase its visibility. In link building strategy, we make use of email outreach, content marketing, broken link building and other tactics to get backlinks from quality websites. Link building is also important for the search engine as it helps in discovering new pages and determining the rank to be given to a web page. This is the reason why it is one of the important search engine ranking factors

            Link building is also one of the most rewarding off-page SEO techniques. In addition to helping in rank improvements, it is also good for your business. This off-page SEO optimization technique helps in building relationships as it involves outreach to other high ranking websites and blogs in the industry. It also brings tons of referral traffic from the most-visited websites. By establishing you as an authority in the niche, link building also plays a part in branding. The best part of backlinking is that it allows you to show your expertise in the industry by writing quality, informative content.

            We use the following methods to earn quality links from high-performing websites in your niche:

            • Guest posting
            • Backlinks through infographics
            • Broken-link building
            • Writing testimonials
            • Blog commenting
            • Niche forums
            • Skyscraper technique

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              TOP RANKINGS

              The majority of internet users stay on the first search engine result page to get the information they need. To get those clicks, your website has to be there on the very first search engine result page. Ranking keywords on Google and other search engines is not straightforward.

              Things are changed after recent Google algorithm updates. Traditional Google keyword ranking tactics do not work for all websites. As each website is unique, it is not guaranteed that certain tactics will generate the same results for all websites. Different tactics can have different impacts on the performance of a website. Keyword research and targeting, on-page SEO, on-page content updates and other tactics must be tailored according to the niche.

              We take the following steps for SEO keyword tracking and increasing search engine keyword ranking:

              • Measuring your rankings.
              • Targeting the right keyword.
              • Fixing technical issues.
              • Focusing on user experience.
              • Optimizing for users & search engine.
              • Creating engaging titles.
              • Staying up to date with Algorithm updates.
              • Answering questions on Quora and other platforms.
              • Building valuable inbound links.
              • Strategic promotion of content.

              We continuously work on all these areas to keep your website at the top spot on search engine result pages.

              ORGANIC TRAFFIC

              The term SEO organic traffic is a term used to describe website traffic that comes from the search engine result page without using paid ads. The search engine returns results according to the query typed by a user. These results are presented and positioned organically according to the page rankings.

              Organic traffic is more important than paid traffic and traffic from social media networks. As it is targeted traffic, this can increase your customer base, the number of followers or subscribers. It also adds a trust factor as it is Google suggesting them to visit your website. Converting an organic visitor is a lot easier. We use Google Analytics, Google Search Engine Console and other powerful tools to monitor organic web traffic. Following are the important steps we take to increase your organic web traffic:

              • Publishing content users love to read.
              • Including search terms/relevant keywords in the content.
              • Backlinking

              Hire Certified SEO Agency to Experience Significant Sales Results

              LEAD GENERATION

              A lead is a user showing interest in buying your products/services. The goal of lead generation is to build a relationship and influence the visitor to make a purchase. The lead generation starts with driving traffic to the website, collecting visitors information and targeting those who are most likely to be your customers. We offer the best lead generation services by capturing your potential customer’s journey using a lead generation funnel.

              The funnel covers this journey right from collecting visiter’s information to making a purchase. Defining a lead funnel is the most important step in online leads generation. Half of the qualified leads are not in a position to make a purchase after the very first interaction. Lead funnel serves the purpose of a roadmap you need to generate sales. A potential customer goes through three stages of the funnel including:

              • Attract
              • Engage
              • Convert

              We craft a tailored lead generation strategy to nurture your leads. Lead generation includes the following five steps:

              • Creating a buyer persona using quantitative and qualitative data.
              • Creating engaging content to approach your customers with personalized content for each stage of the funnel.
              • Making the best use of the lead funnel and personalized content to attract the right audience.
              • Capturing their information using forms, pop ups, site chats etc.
              • Qualifying your leads.

              All this makes us a highly successful lead generation agency.

              LEAD NURTURING

              Lead nurturing is a practice of developing healthy relationships with customers through each step in their journey and each stage of the sales funnels. Our lead nurturing company implements a tailored lead nurturing strategy to take your customers through sales funnel and encourage them to make a purchase. Our lead nurturing process pinpoints the position of a lead within your brand’s buying model. This is extremely important in the lead nurturing system to address each buyer with timely and relevant communication.

              With years of experience in lead nurturing, our lead nurturing company knows that lead nurturing is not the same for all niches, industries and brands. We use the following four dimensions to evaluate your leads:

              • Lead fit describes how well a lead fits into your brand’s ideal prospect.
              • Lead interest describes the amount of interest a potential buyer is showing in you.
              • Lead behaviour is the monitoring of potential buyer’s behaviour and seriousness in your brand.
              • Buying stage and timing describe the position of a buyer within your sales model.

              Hire Certified SEO Agency to Experience Significant Sales Results


              A360 performance review and monthly reporting allow us and you to track and monitor the performance of your website on the web. Our team collects and understands the right data that allows us to measure the results of the efforts we put in the optimization of your website. However, only 74% of marketers adequately track and report their SEO results. We are from the remaining 26% of marketers that consider monthly reporting an important part of SEO strategy.

              SEO reporting gives a clear idea about customer engagement and lead generation. 360 performance review makes it easy to detect trends in audience needs and provide insight into the behavior of your customers.

              In our monthly SEO reporting, we track website’s performance based on all the important metrics including:

              • Organic and inorganic traffic
              • Keyword ranking
              • Likes/shares of social media
              • Followers on social media
              • Engagement rates
              • Return users
              • Email open rates

              We send you weekly and monthly reports that provide you with a way to measure the return on investment you make in search engine optimization.

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