Video Marketing For Lawyers: A Complete Guide For 2022

In Invideo’s 2020 research, 9 out of 10 viewers said they would like to see more videos from businesses. In addition, most marketers believe that video content is one of the essential parts of their marketing strategy. Videos are a great tool to increase your brand’s visibility online, and it also helps in your brand’s revenue generation. Even in one of Optinmonster’s reports, 89% of the video marketers said that they do believe videos gave them better ROI.

Even law firm businesses are making extensive use of video marketing to increase their ROI. They mainly focus on sharing these videos on social media platforms and YouTube.

SEO For Lawyers

Take, for example, lawyer Patricia Baxter, who regularly engages with her 24k LinkedIn followers by posting entertaining and educational legal videos. Now, it’s time for you to understand some crucial video marketing strategies for law firms.

Let’s get started,

What are the best strategies to create video marketing for law firms?

As per Crisp’s report, about 90% of clients say videos play a huge role in their decision-making process. For law firms, videos can effectively explain complicated legal concepts to their potential clients. So to increase your client engagement, you need to create a seamless video marketing strategy that helps you get their attention.

Some of the best strategies for law firm video marketing are given below:

Have a Deep Understanding of Your Target Market

Every marketing strategy requires a thorough understanding of your target audience. Even in the case of video marketing, you need to know the demographics and location of your potential clients.

Make sure to have answers to the following questions:

  • What is the age of your potential clients?
  • What is their location?
  • What are their jobs and yearly income?
  • What cultural/ religious values do they have?

Your video message must resonate with your target audience.

Conduct a Thorough Keywords Research

One of those SEO strategies involves similar keyword research techniques that you use while creating your website content. For example, SEO for lawyers in video marketing involves optimizing your law firm videos with the keywords that your target audience uses the most while searching for your services.

When you type a keyword in the YouTube search bar, YouTube will suggest other terms that are related to that keyword. So, for example, you type DIY in its search bar; you will see the following list:

Video Marketing

So it is extremely crucial to optimize your video content around that keyword to stand out from the crowd. You can use tools like TubeBuddy Tags and YT Cockpit to generate the right keywords for your video.

Create an Engaging Script

After gaining proper insights into your target audience, the next step in your video marketing strategy is to create an engaging and creative script for your video. First, you must have a clear concept about your video. Your video must be able to connect with your audience at an intellectual and emotional level. Investing in a high-quality script is worth it.

A high-quality script includes the following points:

  • Include a list of points that you have to address in your video.
  • Make sure to introduce the main subject at an early stage in your how-to and educational video to pique your audience’s interest.
  • Try to make your video conversational enough for your audience to engage.
  • Avoid jargon and unnecessary complex legal terms.

Other essential script writing tips involve,

  • Keep in mind the timing. A 2- minute video on social media is perfect for promoting your business.
  • A rehearsal is a great way to make an excellent video.

Educational Videos That Answer Your Client’s Questions

When potential clients search for a lawyer they want to get all the information about their legal matter. At that time, they seek videos that are easy and help them understand their matter. According to Hubspot’s report, 54% of the consumers like to see a video of the business they support. In addition, people prefer videos over texts when they want to learn any concept.

For example: Assume a couple is considering divorce and needing some basic information regarding collaborative divorce proceedings. The following video could be an excellent option for them.

Develop Case Study Videos and Customer Testimonials

Testimonials and case study videos help your potential customers to make their final decision. In addition, such videos act as social proof for your claim and build credibility among your clients. When your clients notice people giving positive comments about your law firm, it increases their trust in you, and they prefer you over your competitors.

Videos in which a client discusses his positive experience with your law firm and how your firm assisted them in resolving a difficult case will help you connect emotionally with your other clients.

Interview Videos

Interview videos in which your firm’s lawyer explains his expertise, the number of cases won, and the approach they used to solve different legal cases increase your firm’s credibility. Before hiring a lawyer, every client will like to have some basic information about the person they will hire. Your interview videos can demonstrate your experience and knowledge in your practice area. These videos also help your potential clients in their decision stage. The below video is an excellent example of an interview video by a law firm.

Add a Solid CTA to Your Video

A powerful call to action is a must in every video, blog, testimonials, or corporate video. CTA will allow potential clients to take action in your favor after watching your video. It must help them to select the next logical step in their journey. There are different types of CTAs for every buyer’s journey.

  • Click the link below to get more information. (awareness)
  • Want our help now? Call xxxxxxxx

Reasons Why Video Is Essential for Marketing a Law Firm

As per a report by Optinmonster, around 84% of the people get convinced to buy a brand’s product after seeing their video. So it is quite evident that videos dominate the marketing world for every business. So here we have mentioned some of the most amazing benefits of law firm video marketing below.

Attracts More Clients Towards Your Business

Video marketing helps you grab the attention of people worldwide. You can create a long-term relationship with your clients using personalized videos. It’s an excellent method to demonstrate that your firm cares about them and is committed to doing all possible to assist them in resolving their legal issues. After listening to your law firm’s story through videos, your clients become advocates of your business and hence help in the growth of your organization.

Increases Brand Awareness

High-quality videos help you showcase your law firm’s values and objectives in front of your potential clients. Videos build their trust in you and help them see how your firm can act as an asset in their legal case. In addition, your law firm’s videos on platforms like Facebook or YouTube increase your website’s online visibility to a great extent.

Helps in Lead Generation

In the 2020’s Optinmonster report, 83% of the video marketers accept that videos help in their brand’s lead generation. Videos bring maximum traffic to your law firm’s website and help lead generation. You can use several methods like running an ad camping on Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok etc., to increase your leads.

Educate Your Clients

Your law firm’s videos might serve as a valuable instructional resource for your clients. They can get knowledge of various legal principles and discover a solution to their legal issue. For example, let’s say someone wants to know how to file a claim for a personal injury case. Your firm’s video on the same subject can assist them in various ways.

What are different platforms on which you can share your law firm video?

Several platforms will help your law firm get the online visibility it deserves. The best platforms are listed below.


Video Marketing For Lawyers

As per YouTube Press’s data, there are more than 30 million daily YouTube users. YouTube’s increasing popularity makes it one of the most effective platforms to share your law firm video. There are plenty of people who turn to YouTube to understand their legal issues. Instructional and humorous videos are excellent tools for capturing your clients’ attention and gaining their trust.

In one of the Y Law Group’s YouTube videos, their lawyer Leena Yousefi can be seen teaching how to fill out your Notice of Family Claim in detail.



As per the 2021 report, there are around 1 billion TikTok users. TikTok has various categories, from travel to comedy, and one of their categories includes legal issues. Since it is one of the most downloaded apps, it is an excellent platform for law firms to raise their brand awareness. In addition, you can share different how-to and informational videos on TikTok.

For example, the owner of Wilson Murphy Law, Michelle Murphy, shares certain law tricks and tips with her 7 thousand followers on this platform.

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook for lawyers

A study suggests Facebook sees over 8 billion video views daily. The most popular social media networks are Facebook and Instagram. You can use Facebook event pages to spread the word about your law firm’s future seminars. Likewise, you can boost your law company’s online presence by posting amusing videos of your firm on Instagram.

For instance, Oremland Law Group’s Instagram handle is @lawbulldog, and they regularly post videos with interesting personal injury stories.


Linkedin for lawyers

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where potential clients can learn more about your legal experience. You can use this platform to share some educational videos with your clients so that they will consider you for their legal matters. Make sure to provide your contact information so they may reach out to you.

For example, in one of their LinkedIn videos, Bracewell law company provides their opinions on analyzing current trends. They strive to be helpful on this platform and share some legal ideas with their clients.

What are the different types of law firm videos?

Different types of videos that a law firm can use are as follows:

FAQ Videos

You can make a short video to address your client’s questions and share it on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. For example, post a professional-looking video educating your clients about legal issues on LinkedIn. You can also publish a detailed video on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms.

Videos On Success Stories

Another excellent video marketing method is to share videos of clients discussing how your law firm assisted them in resolving a difficult legal matter. Such videos increase your clients’ online trust and authenticity in you.

Expert Interview Videos

You can make videos in which one of your firm’s lawyers explains legal ideas or discusses his previous legal experiences. You can share these videos on YouTube or broadcast live on Facebook or Instagram. In addition, live platforms will allow you to communicate with your customers and answer their inquiries in real-time.

User-Generated Law Videos

You can post your client interviews online or record a video of one of your employees explaining how things work at your law office. It’s a terrific method to gain the trust of your potential client.

Final Words

Informative videos where your law firm’s lawyer explains some technical legal concepts to their clients help you showcase your expertise and in-depth knowledge about the subject. Your presence on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook via videos helps you strengthen your brand name and bring more potential customers to your business website. In addition, your previous client success videos will build their trust in your law firm, encouraging them to take your assistance in their legal cases.

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