Everything You Need to Know About Advertising for Lawyers in 2022

More than 50% of law firms spend their marketing budget on online platforms.

Advertising for Lawyers

The most important rule of advertising for legal practice is to keep promoting. When a potential client sees your advertisement on any marketing platform, you will be the first thing that comes to mind whenever they have a legal problem.

Gone are the days when individuals preferred advertising platforms like television and billboards. Currently, 87% of legal firms have their website and rely heavily on digital media to promote their services.

This blog will provide you with all the benefits, ideas, methods, and things to avoid when advertising your legal business online.

Tips To Follow When Advertising For Lawyers

Build a Strong Lawyer Website

One-third of your potential clients will look for an attorney online. These stats show you how crucial it is for your law firm to have an online presence. A well-established website must be the first step in your law firm’s advertising. Also, make sure that your website offers the following points:

  • Builds Credibility: Not having a legal website in today’s digital environment, when 68 percent of online experiences start with a search engine, may arouse skepticism among potential clients. Hence, your law firm website is a credible source that keeps you out of suspicion. It’s your business card where you must mention your skills and testimonials as proof.
  • Generates More Traffic: You must optimize your website as per Google’s algorithm to favor you over other websites. As a result, Google will rank you on top of your search results, and hence your website will attain more traffic that you can convert into leads.
  • Offer Value-Driven Content: Your law firm website needs to look professional, but other things that it needs to be are informative. When your potential clients visit your website, they must get the necessary details they are looking for. Include blogs covering all the relevant information. You can even provide some legal advice to them on your website.
  • Fast: A fully functional website that offers quick services to your clients will increase your retention rate 10x times. That is why ensure that your website is highly responsive and quick.

Make Use of SEO

The most crucial step in your law firm’s digital advertising strategy is to use search engine optimization. Even if your website is extremely engaging and informative, it is still difficult to rank it on Google or other search engines without SEO. SEO for lawyers is the process of optimizing your lawyer website in such a way that it appears on the top ten results of Google increasing your brand awareness.


One way to showcase that you are an expert legal practitioner is with the help of blogging. Informative blogs that contain in-depth details about your cases and offer relevant solutions to your customers makes you Google’s favorite. This way, you familiarize yourself with SEO keywords to increase your rank on organic searches.

Create your Google Business Profile

Another crucial part of online advertising for lawyers is online reviews from your previous clients. For that purpose, you must create a Google Business Page, where your clients will read your reviews and get your location and contact information. Google Business page is the most crucial because of its major popularity. Make sure you ask your clients to review your Google Business Page to get your business on top of search results.

Maintain Your Social Media Presence

tain your social media presence

As per ABA’s Legal Report, LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform among lawyers. Reports say that more than 99% of lawyers from different firms have a LinkedIn profile. Not just that, 45% of the solo respondents have a Facebook profile too. Facebook advertising has always been a useful tactic for lawyers. The data shows you how much impact social media carries on legal business. Social media is an incredible way to increase your connection with your potential clients. Sharing useful content on social media will help you generate more leads and increase your brand awareness.

Effective Use of CTAs

An effective law firm advertising campaign ends with a powerful call to action. CTAs motivate your reader to become your clients in the further steps. Adding single CTAs to your emails can increase clicks by 371%, and on Facebook pages, it increases click-through rate by 285%. That is why it is crucial to always include CTAs in your website content and emails for better results.

Always Calculate Your Results

To improve your marketing efforts for a better ROI, always calculate your results. You can easily monitor your law firm’s digital advertising efforts with the help of KPIs like bounce rate, website traffic, email CTR, newsletter growth, etc. These metrics will help you improve your performance.

What Are The Different Ways For Attorney Internet Advertising?

87% of legal firms have a website. The reason is quite clear since more people are turning to online services searching for lawyers, an online presence is a must. There are several ways to advertise your law firm. The list is given below:


60% of the lawyers and law firms reported using Facebook. Facebook advertising is an incredible way for lawyers to increase their online visibility by 10x. You must include all the necessary details and information about your law firm in your Facebook profile. Lawyers can make effective use of Facebook in the following ways:

  • Repurposing: One of the strategies involves repurposing your content on Facebook. This content can be anything from blog posts to videos relevant to your law firm. For example, you can promote your blog or podcast on your Facebook page.
  • Create Facebook Groups: You can create a Facebook group on any particular subject. Then, the interested clients can sign up for the same and talk about their viewpoints there. This way, you can offer those clients personalized service to make them loyal members of your group.
  • Communication Tool: Facebook is a fantastic communication tool for responding to client questions. Potential clients are more likely to connect with your legal company if they receive answers to their questions through such means. It improves their trust in your firm, and they continue to be your loyal clients in the future.


76% of lawyers using social media use LinkedIn in their law firm advertising campaign. LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that offers excellent opportunities to build your networks. LinkedIn integrated tools enable you to publish your legal content easily. In addition, its built-in analytical tools help you to monitor your content’s engagement level.

Pay Per Click

Attorney PPC advertising is the process of ranking your lawyer website quickly on the Google SERFs. In addition, it offers methods to control your targeted keywords and marketing budget easily. It even allows you to adjust your law firm marketing campaign easily. In lawyer’s PPC services you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. There are two types of attorney PPC advertising that you must consider.

  • Google Display Ads: Google partners with dozens of other websites, creating a Google Display Network (GDN) network. Hence, it showcases your law firm’s advertisement on all those websites, increasing your customer reach.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing is another PPC technique that allows you to target those potential clients who have already visited your website. You can customize your ad as per those particular visitors.


Yelp is a user-generated website that allows businesses like law firms to create their free profile to promote their content. It is similar to Google Business profile and Facebook page where you have to mention your practice area and contact information. This page offers you some bittersweet feedback from your clients as the page even has a separate page for customer reviews. It’s a heads up when the reviews are positive, and if not, you attain some constructive criticism that allows you to change for the better.


Pinterest is the fastest website to reach 10 million monthly unique visitors with high user engagement. Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the most used online platforms to help you reach your website advertisement to maximum potential customers. It is an easy-to-use attorney internet advertising platform where you have to sign up with your lawyer attorney account and promote your legal content.

Things That Every Advertising Agency For A Law Firm Must Refrain From Doing

A successful advertising campaign always abides by the rules. Therefore, regardless of the platforms you use to promote your law firm, you must respect the laws and avoid the following claims in your advertising campaign.

False Claims

Everyone understands that being dishonest will lead to failure. False claims in your law business advertising strategy will land you in serious trouble. It includes making statements like you’ll win their case without a doubt or that you’re the best lawyer in town. You have to refrain from making promises you are unsure about.

Always backup your claims with evidence. If you have data on how many cases you’ve won, you should show it out to your potential customers. Before publishing anything on the internet, always double-check your statements.

False Hopes

Even if you have won cases for previous clients, you cannot guarantee to win a case for your current client. So make sure you’re not setting assumptions that will encourage clients to believe their scenario will come out the same way your previous clients did. In your law firm advertising, always include the phrase “your results might vary.”

You’re An Expert

You cannot claim to be an expert in a particular law topic unless you have received official certification from the American Bar Association. Even if you have years of experience, refrain from presenting yourself as an expert. Again, certification and proof are a must to make such a claim.

Targeting a Particular Individual in Your Ad

The ABA strictly forbids targeting a particular individual. This conduct is not only immoral, but it also goes against your clients’ wishes.ch a practice is not just unethical but also against the will of your clients.

What Are The Advantages Of Online Advertising For Lawyers?

advantages of online advertising for lawyers

Advertising your law firm on social media and Google platforms helps you bring the most loyal clients to your business. In addition, an advertising campaign offers your firm the following advantages:

Expand Your Online Visibility

To create a strong brand image for your law firm, you need to use tactics that help you stand out from the rest. With the digital media covering every area of this planet, your online advertising campaigns will increase your law firm’s online visibility to a great extent. In addition, by sharing valuable legal content, you present yourself as a credible source in front of your audience.

Broaden Your Businesses Growth

Law firm digital advertising broadens your legal business growth and reaches a larger audience. With the help of a strategic and engaging online advertising plan, your business reaches the next level of success.

Showcase Your Law Firm’s Expertise

With the help of valuable and informative content, you can grasp the attention of your potential clients in the most authentic way. You show them your expertise, and they feel confident to hire you as their attorney. In addition, publishing such content on platforms like social media, a news feed, and business websites also increases your online visibility.

Target a Specific Audience

It helps you collect information about your target audience. Law firm advertising even helps you understand your audience’s demographics so that you handle them in a particular way. Surveys such as feedback forms help you improve your marketing strategies as well.

All in all

Law firm advertising through methods like Google ads and PPC advertising helps you rank on all the search engines quickly. In addition, social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn expand your law firm’s brand awareness and help you get clients from different locations. With useful and value-driven content on your lawyer website, you attain the most loyal customer base that will trust you rather than your competitors.

Bring your law firm under the umbrella of digital advertising and enjoy the perks that it brings.

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