9 Smart Real Estate Marketing Strategies To Increase Your Sales

Real estate is one of the most prosperous businesses on the planet. It is, however, also one of the most competitive. For instance, US real estate alone has around 350,000 companies.

Due to this massive competition, it is tough for most realtors to attract a steady flow of clients despite having a thorough knowledge of the profession. So, how can a real estate agent or firm stand out from others?

The answer is simple, implementing real estate marketing strategies of the digital age. This post lists five successful digital marketing strategies for real estate professionals.

Let’s start.

Explore Different Social Media Platforms

In today’s time, social media presence is a must for every business. In 2021 more than 3 billion people were using social media, and the numbers are increasing every day.

In addition, people use social media very frequently. Consequently, many businesses skyrocketed their growth using this medium.

Real estate agents who posted on social media in 2021 gained a new client in 44% of cases.

Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. are the best platforms to interact and attract people. Initially, focus on creating and publishing engaging content that your audience is interested in.

Images, videos, and carousels that are visually appealing and informative are more likely to attract viewers. Also, using hashtags appropriately is important and make sure to post consistently.

Social Media Marketing

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Engage Actively On Social Media 

Posting on social media is not enough. You need to engage with your audience by responding to their queries. A potential client can reach you through comments and DMs. Do provide formal contact details on your social accounts. In addition, make sure that you add your website link to all social platforms. 

Create A Professional Website

In today’s world, traditional marketing is not as effective as digital marketing since almost everyone makes use of digital mediums. A website is one such medium. In addition to helping clients find you, it helps them better understand your services. Therefore, you must create a website while working on social media on the other hand. 

More than 80% of people think businesses with websites are engaging and organized. 

A website gives your business a professional face. A well-designed website makes you appear more professional. It makes you accessible to anyone in the world. You can add multiple pages to your website like a home page, sign-up page, blog page, etc. Your blogs/articles will help people understand your knowledge better. 

Real Estate Marketing Tip

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Invest in SEO 

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. So, it is evident to make your website SEO friendly to be a part of such experiences of your target audience. Start with optimizing your web pages and then blogs. 

Search engine-optimized blogs will help with the ranking of your website. Better ranking will place your website on top, resulting in more organic traffic and thus more sales.

SEO For Real Estate

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Use A Zillow Profile 

Zillow is an online real estate marketplace with data on more than 100 million houses in America. It’s a place where you can make a profile to buy, sell, and rent houses. You need to make a proper and complete Zillow profile and add possible listings through your profile. Keep the data updated to ensure your activeness. 

 Zillow-online real estate marketplace

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Value Of Referrals And Testimonials    

Don’t forget your previous clients after you help them buy or sell a house or property. Keep in touch with them professionally. Ask them if they have moved in or help them buy things for the home. Give referrals to local businesses. It will help you get referrals from them as well, which will make your job a bit easy. 

You can ask for testimonials from your former clients and show them on your website. It will help the potential client know about your satisfied clients. The testimonials let people know your knowledge, skills, professionalism, and trust in your business.

Social Media Marketing And Email Newsletter 

The marketing strategy that is getting stronger every day is social media marketing. Social media users will increase to 5 billion by 2025.  As a result, these platforms will be the key area to market your business–in the present and future.

Social Media Marketing - Real Estate

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Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc, allow you to advertise your business and services. These advertisements are paid. You can decide the amount of money you want to spend. You can target specific locations, people, age groups, etc. As a real estate agent, you can create posts about the new listings and advertise them accordingly. 

Another great way to stay in touch with your audience and clients is through email newsletters. Newsletters are a great way to share information. They give a sense of personalized experience. The newsletter shows your professionalism and activeness in the field of your business. Keep your audience aware of the latest real estate news and listings.

Both social media marketing and email newsletter are crucial real estate marketing strategies.

Present Properties Online With Videography And Photography 

More than 80% of businesses use videos for marketing.

Fill your website and social media with videos and pictures of properties and houses. Create video walkthroughs to show the property. Let people know what the key features of this property and house are. Post the videos on youtube and share the link on your social platforms. Add and mention the video in your latest blogs. As we know a potential client does a lot of research, the videos will help them walk through the house virtually.

Videography For Real Estate

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Pictures catch attention immediately. A good picture of a house can begin a research on your services by audience. Therefore, flood your social media with high-definition images of the latest listings. Drone shots of properties are also very pleasing. You can show the entire property just in one shot.       

Stunning Business Cards And Merchandise 

A business card is the offline representation of your business. Although in today’s time, everything is digital, the business cards are still physical and give a sense of personal connection. The card contains the name, contact information website, etc. A referral with a business card will lead the client directly to you.

Business Card Importance - Real Estate

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Merchandise is also a great way to increase your business. T-shirts, caps, mugs, etc. are acceptable everywhere. You can either share merchandise as a gift or sell them on your website. It will promote your law firm resulting in better reviews and more referrals.  

Final Words

Real estate marketing is not tough. All you need is time and a detailed strategic plan. However, if you don’t have enough time and resources to deal with it, you can count on a real estate marketing agency with ample experience. The agency will take the marketing weight off your shoulders and you can focus on other crucial things.

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