Social Media Marketing – The Big Trend Explained

June 30th, 2016 was marked as seventh-annual official global celebration of Social Media Day. Started by Mashable in 2010, it is a way to appreciate and celebrate Social Media’s impact on worldwide communication. Hundreds of cities around the globe have already officially endorsed this Day. People have attended Meetups and those who can’t join in person, join the global conversation online via the hashtag #SMDay as a manner to reflect and honor the global blooming of social media. The way social networks have impacted our professional and personal lives is far greater than most of us could have expected.

True Impact of Social Media on Trade

Marketing through social media is the ground for the the digital revolution happening right before our eyes. The brand and consumer relationship has changed dramatically. According to Hubspot, 92% of marketers in 2014 claimed that SMM was important for their business, with 80% indicating increased traffic to their websites. And according to Social Media Examiner, 97% of marketers are currently engaging in these platforms. This validate a huge potential for SMM to increase sales. These not only forming closer relationship with customers, but also driving traffic and increasing sales. It allows Social Media Marketing Agencies to share ideas and news and spread promotions. Millions of people, who may have not been targeted through the traditional marketing practices, can now be targeted on these platforms.

Social Media Engagement Techniques That Work

What actually SMM do is, gaining attention from right traffic through different social media sites. Each Platform has its own importance as each target to a particular category of people and have specific key feature. Framing Marketing Strategies by deducing each Social media site is the best way to get traffic like this.

  • Twitter – It helps you to air your updates across the web. Following tweeters of related industry will give you an endless list of followers in return.
  • Linkedin – It is one of the most professional social marketing sites. Linkedin groups are the prominent venue to enter in a professional arena with people of same industry and provides a space to share content in right people.
  • Facebook – It requires creating your Facebook Business Fan Page and then posting industry-related articles, images, videos, etc.
  • Google+ – The Hangouts, +1s and hashtags , if used properly, can result in a fantastic page popularity. And because it’s google, it will give direct impact to you search engine ratings.
  • Pinterest – Businesses that give quality visual content have a distinct advantage. An image pinned by a highly-followed Pinterest member has the more possibility to reach millions of viewers.
  •  Youtube – The most popular video oriented site and 2nd largest Search Engine owned by google.

Apart from individual significances of social media, there are some common tactics that should be use for every business marketing.

  • Profiles – Creating and maintaining a blog and relevant social media accounts, engaging interested people, sharing valuable content and eventually building a stream of followers and visitors. If you’re not creating profiles on social platforms for your small business, you’re already behind.
  • Content – Providing informational, interesting and less promotional content will keep you genuine and away from spamming, giving good impact of yours to search engines too.
  • Blogs – Successful online businesses have blogs. These are the great way of communication and search engine optimization.
  • Marketing Gamification – It is also an important technique that indirectly promotes your brand or services by creating your own viral content.
  •  Analytics – Tracking your campaigns and strategies is also one of the most important thing to grow as it will let you know what’s working and what not.
  • Mobile Sites – Creating a mobile site will always be an advantage. In coming years, if it’s not mobile, it won’t exist.

Social media is changing rapidly. The effective use of SMM techniques will give businesses the chance to offer tough fight to popular brands. And If present trends continue, we can expect to see new and innovative social media platforms making more impact to our Business.

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