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Essential Google Terms Every Internet Marketer Should Know

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Business, Marketing Services, Tips | 0 comments

    While working on Google platforms as an Internet Marketer, you might have across various terms that are used more often. To understand the Google work environment, it is important for every Internet Marketing professional to have a good grasp of these terminologies. If you are not aware of these common terms, then you will face many issues while working with Adwords, SEO etc.

    Let us discuss these common terms one by one.

    1. Product Listing Ads (PLA)

    Product Listing Ads is a popular term which any I.M. Professional gets to hear during their daily work routine. These are paid display ads within the Google Search Network. The management of these ads is done with Google Adwords Tool and each ad is charged with a cpc (cost per click) model.


    2. Google Shopping

    This is comparison based site within the google network. PLA Ads explained above are the display ads in the Google Shopping Network. The words like Google Shopping, PLA or Product Listing Ads have the same meaning in the professional world.


    3. Ad Group

    It is a vital component of pay per click marketing. To show ads to the people, we constitute a combination of Keywords, Ads and bids in a framed manner. This structural approach is called an Ad Group.


    4. Product Group

    This term is just another name for Ad Group. It is used predominantly in the latest PLA Campaign structure introduced by Google Adwords.


    5. Adwords Ads

    Google Adwords has different types of Ads that can be used according to the requirements. Ads can be classified into various categories like Product Listing Ads, Text Ads, Display Ads etc.


    6. Display Ads

    Google Display Ads consist of Text along with logos, images etc. The Display Ads are shown in Google Display network. Also, the Ads in display network can be targeted using different options like Keywords, Interests, Topics, Remarketing etc.


    7. Paid Ads

    The Paid Ads are generally the ads for which merchants or business owners are charged. Ads can be charged on per click, impressions basis.


    8. Google Trusted Stores

    Google Trusted Store is a service provided by Google that enables business owners to have special recognition on their website. This badge states that the site offers reliable services and their orders are shipped with quality parameters. For any E-Commerce store, this trusted recognition from Google becomes an instant requirement.


    9. Google Organic Search Results

    The organic search results are generally the unpaid search results. These results appear below the paid ppc ads and their ranking is determined by latest algorithmic changes by Google. Google believes that most visitors click organic search results more than the paid ads results. These search results are dependent upon the user search term and their display count on the Google Homepage can be altered by using Google settings.


    10. SERP

    SERP stands for Search Engine Results Pages. It can be stated as listing of search results according to a search query. Different sets of keyword combinations will display different sets of SERPs. Generally, each page contains 10 organic page results. Almost 90% of traffic clicks the Organic or Paid Ads results appearing in the first page itself.