Top 8 LinkedIn Marketing Trends to Lookout for in 2023

We’re always eager to dig into the annual marketing benchmarks, budgets, and trends report from CPI and MarketingProfs. We particularly are curious to unpack the latest findings following an extremely disruptive and challenging year for businesses and beyond in B2B and B2C marketing trends.

Today, LinkedIn is, without a doubt, stands as the best instrument to have in your inbound marketing toolbox to undertake digital advertising operations. While it began as a seemingly simple professional social networking site, LinkedIn has grown immensely and continues to rise steadily. Unfortunately, however, some pigeonhole it to connect with former and current colleagues.

LinkedIn can be much more than that and should be integrated into day-to-day marketing operations. Today, LinkedIn is the ultimate tool for finding new qualified prospects and customers, developing professional networks, enhancing professional skills, and recruiting talent. Here are the top LinkedIn marketing trends of 2023 to look out for.

Making your Content More Human

What does it mean to make a human connection with your content? It’s more than just adopting a conversational tone and doing audience research before writing. Marketers can earn trust by using storytelling superpowers for the common good.

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As storytellers, it starts with us — not just as our practice, but also as citizens of this world.” By integrating storytelling in your LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can develop content for different buyer personas to help you connect with your audience better.

Virtual Experience

Businesses want to connect with consumers on an emotional and visceral level by elevating virtual experience in LinkedIn influencer marketing. As AR and VR provide digital marketers a way to take users through an interactive journey by creating a product in a personal space. A compelling virtual experience can let you tap into deep and inward feelings by creating virtual and augmented reality experiences.

Conversational Marketing

With the death of cookies in mind, finding new and relevant ways to target and show up for potential customers at the right time is more important than ever. Conversational marketing enables marketers to target potential customers by garnering recognition and engagement with hyper-relevant and targeted audiences.

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We can’t talk about high-quality content without talking about repurposing. It’s not just about getting more mileage out of the content, either: Different audiences see content on different channels, so every repurposing has the chance to reach a net new audience. If you’re planning to engage more customers to your business, watch out for these LinkedIn b2b marketing trends.

Specify The Target & Share Savvy Content

The SEO content landscape has evolved from what it was 20 years ago. Now, you don’t have to choose between writing compelling content for your audience or content for your audience, or keyword intrinsic content from reaching its potential. Today, creating high-quality content that targets the right audience stands as a prominent part of LinkedIn’s content strategy.

With current LinkedIn marketing trends 2023, you need to identify your target audience to find what they need and effectively target them by adding savvy content to your LinkedIn Content Marketing Strategy.

Aligning Brand Tagline and CTA Button

Your banner image is the most visually compelling element of your LinkedIn profile. But the elements for the rest of your page should work together to drive the results you want. Because it spans just 120 characters, it is wrong to assume that the page’s tagline is a minor detail. On the contrary, your tagline has a major influence over your SEO potential and is a key factor that decides whether your LinkedIn page appears in relevant Google searches.

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In order words, think of your tagline as a meta description for your LinkedIn page. It displays the page title and URL below on SERPs and uses the right keywords to determine where the page ranks. In addition, it clearly states the product offerings and industry keywords of your company.

what the company offers before mentioning industry keywords and product benefits.

Gone are the days when LinkedIn offered every company page a “Follow button”. With changing LinkedIn marketing trends, you can choose from five trending custom call-to-action (CTA) buttons: Learn more, Visit Website, Contact Us, Register and Sign Up, helping your prospects subscribe, list, or stay connected with you seamlessly.

Improved Personalization of Ads

It is important to target a segmented audience accurately with a significant impact on them via content. With changes in the LinkedIn marketing algorithm, you can now easily measure and monitor the campaign within the campaign manager available.

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Whether you’re planning to prioritize potential traffic, lead generation, or spreading brand awareness, LinkedIn makes considerable efforts to make you reach better prospects. In addition, you can deliver your brand’s personalized experience with customized ads, making the target audience aware of what sets you apart.

Introduction of LinkedIn Stories

The ultimate “game-changing” LinkedIn marketing trend in 2023 is the introduction of LinkedIn stories. Today, LinkedIn stories have increased the foot traffic for businesses by a whopping 57% from mobile-only. As more consumers engage with short-form video content, companies integrating this format are being rewarded with social media algorithms for creating and publishing.

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Like other social media platforms, you can view the videos or images uploaded over LinkedIn stories within 24 hours. The videos with a duration of 20 minutes get cut into smaller snippets of 30 seconds video each.

LinkedIn stories have paved the way for seamless interaction and engagement among users. How? Brands can now integrate a human and personal touch with their stories giving a better introduction to their audience professionally. LinkedIn stories are the best marketing tool to help attract a full spectrum of people worldwide.

Video Chat over LinkedIn

A big leap from the obsolete primary text chat option to the introduction of video chat, LinkedIn has really “up their game”. The introduction of this feature shows LinkedIn’s efforts to transform its niche from a “recruiting platform” to a communication hub.

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Video Chat has helped professionals communicate remotely while being safe at home. Video chat is becoming a professional endeavour with accessible sharing files and collaborative essence. You can share documents, send messages, start video calls and easily publish posts on LinkedIn directly. Furthermore, LinkedIn video calls have made communication between employers, employees, and candidates looking for jobs easier.

You can too use this feature to attract more and more users, advertise your products and services and reach the potential audience at the right time.

Wrapping It Up

Engaging with the latest LinkedIn marketing trends in 2023 will help you improve your B2B or B2C business landscape. In addition, keeping up with LinkedIn’s latest marketing trends will help you get more leads you need to thrive in the post-pandemic scene.

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