5 Powerful Inbound Marketing Techniques Every Business Should Use

To grow your Business in the current scenario, you either adopt Inbound Marketing or fall by the wayside as your customer flocks to your competitors. When you embrace Inbound Marketing, you will be capturing leads like an expert hunter.

Inbound Marketing is the technique of getting found by the customers, who are already searching for your products and services online. These techniques are more natural, targeted and cost effective for reaching today’s customer as compared to the old outbound strategies.

Imagine the Situation:

Which person do you think will be more likely to buy a car? a) A person who has received a message “Buy this car!” or b) A person who was searching for the car and found the perfect one on his own. Well, we all know the obvious winner. Let’s take another situation: There are 2 things, one is a pop ad (outbound) and other is a funny infographic (inbound) that you choose to look at. Which is more natural and likely to engage? Again the Inbound.

The above situations are enough to convince you that Inbound Marketing is better for driving leads and sales. Below are the 5 powerful elements of it:


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing the content and structure of the website so that you can receive organic placement in SERPs. A quality website and optimized content ensure that Google will index your site’s content to appear free for the people searching.

It comprises of complicated techniques, but which is more important? Start by identifying and utilizing the important keywords which are having high search volume. Using long phrases over 2-word keyword is better. Google keyword planner, moz, and many other tools can be used to find influential and important keywords.


Although PPC is paid, but still considered as inbound because it is shown on the top of SERPs for relevant customer queries. You don’t have to find the clients as they will find you according to their requirements. It gives a big opportunity to grow the online business with more profit.

After getting customers from PPC and SEO, you need to provide good content to them.  Using fresh and useful content for stopping them on your site is a critical factor. Your content should address their queries and hence reduce the bounce rate. The more educational content you create, the more customers will remain engaged in the sales process.

Now, what? You will not get the profitable result of your content until you promote it with Social Media. Creating a content is just a small piece of work. You can ensure that the content reaches to the targeted audience by Social Media. Your clients can be on multiple channels including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

You need to figure out that which channel is best for the promotion of your content. It’s better to create a Social Media Promotion plan so that you can analyze the metrics efficiently and can have more experiments.


Guest Blogging is ideal for getting strong backlinks and bigger audience at the same time. It will not only drive the traffic to your site but will also increase the revenue. However, not all guest posts yield good results. You should understand that how to effectively produce the right content.

There are thousands of inbound techniques to grow your business, but these 5 are powerful for a start. Pick one, try and see the impact it makes on your business.

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Rahul Vij

Co-founded WebSpero solutions about a decade ago. Having worked in web development- I realized the dream of transforming ideas sketched out on paper into fully functioning websites. Seeing how that affected the customers’ generation of leads and conversions, I wanted to delve deeper into the sphere of digital marketing. At Webspero Solutions, handling operations and heading the entire Digital Marketing Field – SEO, PPC, and Content are my core domains. And although we as a team have faced many challenges, we have come far learning along and excelling in this field and making a remarkable online reputation for our work. Having worked in building websites and understanding that sites are bare structures without quality content, the main focus was to branch into optimizing each website for search engines. Investing in original, quality content creation is essential to SEO success in the current search climate. Succeeding in this arena ensures the benefits of producing visitor-friendly content. Directing all our teams to zoom in on these factors has been a role that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing throughout these years. linkedin