Common Guest Blogging Benefits Every Business Should Know

After Google’s latest Algorithm update, fresh and unique content has become the main area of emphasis but simply putting a unique blog on your site will not improve your ranking. You need to add some extra practices along with the unique, fresh content.

Guest Blogging on other sites is one of the best ways to grab a bigger number of following and visitors site web. It takes dedication to write consistently. It’s a little bit time consuming, but will really pay off!

Below are the top benefits of guest posting that will inspire you to do it:

Amplify Your Exposure and Brand

Guest blogging will give you a perfect opportunity of self-promotion and building brand name at the same time. Let’s understand with an example:

Consider you have offered a guest post to a blog which is having 50,000 visitors daily, but your post was viewed only 5,000 times. Although you don’t get many visitors on your blog posts, but you have managed to expose your name to 5000 people. If this process keeps going on for longer then you will get more folks on your website because they have seen your name online a sufficient number of times and it will make them curious about what you write.

Raise Following on Social Media

Adding Social Media links, other than your website link, will improve your visibility and online presence. Your readers will love to follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and other Social Media sites to see which new blog you are publishing.

Great articles also get shared on the Social Media channels along with author’s name which further boosts the visibility of both author and guest post. These shares will ultimately enhance the growth of your followers and will create a social proof for the authority of your writing. Your blog posts will get a higher rank in search engine results.

The Backlinks!

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Link building is a worthwhile practice and plays an important role in the search engine ranking algorithm. A good hike in website traffic is one of the essential reason to do guest blogging.

Many websites ask writers to submit their bio to publish at the end of the blog. A link to your website in the bio actually builds enormous referral traffic, finally raising the search visibility of the author’s website. As you are getting a backlink, it’s also very important to create a very high-quality unique content.

You must be knowing that Domain Authority depends on the number of backlinks. The increment in backlinks would also increase the ranking and domain authority of your site. This practice will definitely give you a flood of monthly visitors.

Extra Link Juice

If you do guest blogging on a high DA website then the link juice is passed on, which will increase DA of your website too. Sometimes bloggers use nofollow links to stop passing the link juice. These links are not very useful as it does not add value to the ranking of the page. Only dofollow links will pass on the link juice to your site.

Lastly, to grab the above mentioned benefits, make sure you focus more on quality of content rather than on optimising it PERFECTLY for search engines as Google might catch you and penalize heavily for it.

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