Local SEO Analytical Report Demystifying the Fastest Business Success Factors

Sometimes, we don’t get satisfactory results as compared to investment in campaigning. Outdated tactics, content quality obsoletion by emphasizing extra SEO orientation, and lack of reliable analytical tools can be some possible reasons why your current tactics are not giving satisfactory results. The first thing to figure out is your targeting criteria. Not every person using the internet is your potential customer. While marketing the websites of local businesses, you need to focus precisely on local SEO strategies. It is advisable to create a blueprint of strategy execution before you actually make efforts to put it on the ground.

Before investing valuable time and revenue sources, it is necessary to know how leading businesses are running successfully while dominating their positions. Our report will reveal a lot of valuable information to help you in assorting the most appropriate set of practices in your new strategy basket. Follow this string to enhance your knowledge.  


Elaborating on Our Local Site Research Report


Our report comprises some crucial data of successfully leading online businesses following local SEO strategies in the most logical ways. It will give you an opportunity of gaining knowledge about the maximum possible success factors. Here we are categorizing all these businesses according to their type and location. 


Business Type


Pest Control
Moving Companies


Targeted Locations


new Orleans
san Diego


Our study report based on 100 leading businesses from 10 different locations and 5 different categories is illustrating some considerable data figures as mentioned below.


Key factors that we considered in this study report for comparison


1. Page Authority


Page Authority

Page authority aka PA is the ranking status of a web page on a search engine. The page authority of every web page is scored between 1 to 100 on the basis of various factors coming in the web index of Moz. It is basically the authority level of a page that depends on on-page’s link profile quality. A higher number of external links from trusted websites decides the PA ranking. However, many fluctuations also occur due to changing algorithms or rapid links growth.


2. Domain Authority


domain authority

Domain authority signifies the overall website score that decides search engine ranking. Domain authority is one of the major factors affecting Google ranking that we can optimize. Currently, there are more than 200 factors affecting search engine result page positioning. We cannot optimize all of them but can figure out the highly influential factor. Domain authority signifies the reputation of your website on the search engine. We can easily measure the domain authority with online tools like Moz Link Explorer which is a free Chrome extension. 


3. Spam Score 


Spam Score

The spam score is one of the major reasons for losing ranking on the Google search engine. According to Moz, there are 27 common features in the spam websites that Google bans. If you are getting spam backlinks from these flagged websites, Google tolerates it to a limit. The spam score is divided into three categories of risk i.e. 

  • 1-30% Low
  • 31-60% Medium
  • 61-100% High

Some of the most common website features for increasing spam scores are numeric characters in the URL, TDL correlated with spam domains, low number of web pages, no Google tag manager, and excess use of meta keywords. For knowing the complete list of factors, please visit the Spam Score page of Moz.


4. Desktop and Mobile Page Speed


Mobile and Desktop SpeedGoogle has introduced a PageSpeed Insights tool to analyze the loading speed of a website. The loading speed of a page contributes a major role in increasing or decreasing its ranking. If the page is taking more than 3-4 seconds for loading, the chances of bounce rate also increase. The PageSpeed Insight tool is capable of analyzing the optimization level of both desktop and mobile versions of websites. It categorizes the analysis score between 0 to 100 in which:- 

  1. 0-49 is poor
  2. 50-89 is average
  3. 90-100 is good

This tool involves the factors of Lab data, opportunities, and diagnostics to calculate the page speed score for both mobile and desktop websites.


5. Domain Age


Domain age

The total time since a domain is existing on the server is considered as domain age. The domain age of business signifies its total duration completed online. Old domains have a good online reputation and are ideal for backlinking. Many online tools are available for free to check the domain age. 

Tabular Representation of Mean and Median Values


On the basis of the above factors, we concluded the mean and median of 100 leading local businesses and get this result:- 

Mean and Median Score According to Moz  Parameters


Key Factors PA DA Spam Score  Indexed pages Number of Blog Pages
Mean 32.13 24 2% 365.97 125.8088235
Median 32 23 1% 163 60


Mean and Median Scores According to Google Parameters


Key Factors Desktop page speed(google) Mobile page speed(google) Number of Google Reviews Average Google Rating
Mean 69.31 36.58 195.5851064 4.6
Median 72.5 28.5 75 4.8


Mean and Median Scores According to Keywords and Backlinking Factors


Key Factors Total Ranking Keywords Number of backlinks Number of referring domains Number of local Backlinks
Mean 5422.023256 21447.25 216.0729167 30.98780488
Median 678.5 877.5 95.5 27


These are the collaborated results indicating the importance of every single factor in local SEO strategies. We can clearly see that efforts are emphasized on Page Authority more than Domain Authority. The spam score is critically examined to keep it at the minimum possible level. The desktop page speed optimization is still getting more attention than mobile page speed optimization despite Google prioritizing “Mobile-First Indexing”. With median mobile page speed being 28.5 means that you don’t need to be the fastest site to be ranking locally. So if you’ve a limited budget, then you can focus on something else instead of mobile speed, at least for now. We will try to demystify a more clear picture of the best local SEO practices with these tables.


Classifying Average (Mean) Scores according to Business Types 



Average Value Score (Mean) According to Moz Parameters


Business Types PA DA Spam Score  Indexed Pages Number of Blogs Pages
Dental 29.45 23.05 2% 152.15 62.11111111
Moving Companies 34.45 23.95 2% 497.35 82.46666667
Plumbing 29.8 21.95 2% 513.95
Lawyer 33.15 24.85 3% 213.4 75.375
Pest Control 33.8 26.2 3% 453 192


Average Value score (Mean) of Google Services Parameters


Business Types Desktop Page speed(Google) Mobile Page Speed(Google) Number of Google reviews Google avg rating
Dental 70.9 38.95 172.875 4.6875
Moving Companies 71.6 36 374.4 4.615
Plumbing 72.15 42.3 133.1111111 4.383333333
Lawyer 66.2 38.45 74.1 4.465
Pest Control 65.7 27.2 212.65 4.845


Average Value Score (Mean) of Keywords and Backlinking 


Business Types Total Ranking Keywords Number of backlinks Number of referring domains Number of local backlinks
Dental 8105.3125 1,988 159.3 36.11111111
Moving Companies 3364.666667 59206 291.5 24.14285714
Plumbing 5767 24232.42105 248.6842105 28.05882353
Lawyer 1888 7,301 197.3684211 35.26315789
Pest Control 7890.611111 13,107 180.6666667 29


Classifying Median Scores according to Business Types


Median (Mid) Values According to Moz Parameters


Business Types PA DA Spam Score  Indexed Pages Number of Blogs Pages
Dental 30 21 1% 76 47
Moving Companies 32 21.5 1% 151.5 60
Plumbing 29 22 1% 83
Lawyer 32.5 24 1% 190.5 61
Pest Control 35 26 1% 212.5 116.5


Median (Mid) Values of Google Services Parameters


Business Types Desktop Page speed(Google) Mobile Page Speed(Google) Number of Google reviews Google avg rating
Dental 70.5 28.5 132 4.9
Moving Companies 73.5 32 135 4.85
Plumbing 82 44.5 39.5 4.55
Lawyer 75.5 33 33.5 4.65
Pest Control 65 19 128 4.9


Median (Mid) Value score of Keywords and Backlinking 


Business Types Total Ranking Keywords Number of backlinks Number of referring domains Number of local backlinks
Dental 311 511 71.5 37.5
Moving Companies 657 503.5 107.5 22.5
Plumbing 364 522 75 27
Lawyer 1393 4,748 148 47
Pest Control 1673 1,416 79.5 24.5


If you examine all the value factors critically, many surprising results will appear. Possibly, some of your current strategies may seem obsolete or less useful than expected. After going through every single aspect, we concluded some interesting facts that you should know.


An Interesting Outlier We Figured Out


 Usually, the metrics score calculated by Google, Moz and other online tools clearly illustrate why a website is leading in its competitive environment. However, there are some exceptional cases where available data figures cannot figure out why a domain is performing outstandingly despite the average or poor score in PA, DA, optimization status, google ratings and backlinking. Out of 100 domains dedicated to 5 different types of businesses, we identified some businesses that are performing excellently but their secret of leading performance is not yet clear. Here are some interesting facts that you need to know:- 


A plumbing website having 0 Years 2 Month 14 Days old domain has the following performance metrics:- 



DA 1

Spam Score

Indexed Pages




Number of Blog Pages


Desktop page speed(google)

Mobile page speed(google)


Number of Google Reviews


Google Rating 


Total Ranking Keywords


Number of backlinks

No Data

Number of referring domains

No Data

Number of local Backlinks



This domain is currently holding 12th  position out of the top 20. As we can clearly see that it only has a 0% spam score as a positive factor and a slightly better desktop page speed optimization score which is 65. The rest of the parameters are not influential enough to stand in the top 20 rankings. Domains below 12th rank are performing much better than this one. 


What We Get After Studying Local Site Research Sheets?



  • Domain age is still the key factor of top-ranking

We combined the data of all 100 companies to check the most influential factors affecting ranking. Undoubtedly, new businesses with robust strategies are performing well but old domains still hold the monopoly. From 2 months to 24+ years, we have a list of all high SERP websites indicating that old domains are leading with their higher page authority and domain authority ranking. 


  • Emphasizing more on Page Authority over domain authority

Both average scores and median scores of Page Authority are higher than Domain Authority. It is a common perception that DA is the most influential factor for website ranking. We concluded that the collective average score of mean and mean of Page Authority was 32.13 and 32 respectively. On the other hand, the average score of mean and median in Domain Authority was 24 and 23. Achieving an average DA score up to 25 is not a big deal for any SEO executive. Therefore, you need to focus on other productive efforts rather than exhausting more time on DA score improvement. Higher page authority signifies the better performance of already existing web pages whereas higher domain authority is useful for indexing newly built web pages.


  • Number of indexed pages is not an important ranking factor

Websites with indexed pages between 10-20 are also performing well as compared to the websites having 1000+ indexed pages. We can see the highest number of indexed pages mostly in old domains. Still, some oldest domains are also ranking successful with just 50-100 indexed pages. Indexing is undoubtedly necessary for crawling your pages but the higher number of indexed pages is not an influential factor for better ranking. Even a 2.5 months old website with just 4 indexed pages also managed to secure its place in the top 20 list. Indexing is necessary but only for a limited number of meaningful pages. 


  • Excellent spam score management

According to the metric of measuring penalization risk, Moz has classified spam score into three different zones i.e. green(low risk), yellow(medium risk), and red(high risk). The average percentages of spam scores at low risk, medium risk, and high risk are:-

Excellent spam score management 

This chart clearly shows that up to 4 flags and around 10% of spam scores are considered in the safe zone. Among the top 100 local businesses list, we only found 4 domains with a spam score above 10%. The average (mean) value of spam scores in our enlisted domains was 2% and the median (middle) value was just 1%. Only old domains more than 10 years can withstand a higher spam score. Thus, the lowest possible spam score is the key to higher ranking in SERP. Consider it as a mandatory parameter especially while optimizing the newly introduced local businesses.  


  • Tough competition by new businesses

We can clearly see the significant growth rate in some new businesses which are just a few months or years old. They are giving tough competition to the renowned old domains. Along with low spam score management, we found 1 more common thing in both old and new domains which is their Google Lighthouse page speed score. Mostly, SEO executives prefer GTmetrix because of the fast results but it cannot provide a deep insight into analysis reports like Google PageSpeed Insight tool. Moreover, this Google service is absolutely free to every user. If you are working on the SEO of a new domain, page speed optimization can be a game-changing factor to bring your website in the category of top results. 


  • Desktop page speed is still prioritized over mobile page speed optimization

As we mentioned above, Google PageSpeed Optimization plays a significant role in the SERP. However, you need to understand that desktop optimization and mobile optimization are two different factors. The Mobile-First Indexing was enabled by default for everyone since 28 May 2019 and Google is strategically stressing on its implementation. Still, desktop page speed optimization is highly prioritized over mobile page speed optimization by the leading businesses. Out of 100, the average (mean) score maintained by the top 20 businesses for desktop optimization was 69.31 which is just 36.58 for mobile pages. Similarly, the median values of desktop and mobile pages were 72.5 and 28.5 respectively.


web hosting

  • Hosting providers 

While analyzing the top 20 website’s success factors, we also tried to find their hosting source. Logically,  around 98% of websites are being hosted by their native country’s servers. Also, a majority of the leading businesses prefer globally renowned hosting service providers like Google LLC, Amazon Technologies Inc., and Cloudflare, Inc.


Google rating and reviews influence

  • Google rating and reviews influence 

The most common online reputation parameters i.e. Google Ratings and Google Reviews cannot be ignored while figuring out the success factors. Star rating signifies the first impression of a business. Therefore, the leading 100 local businesses maintained their average rating score at 4.6 out of 5. Also, the mid-value of ratings is 4.8 which is quite higher. Talking about the number of reviews, there is a huge difference in the average numbers. Although the average number of reviews is around 195, we have also figured out many websites having single our double-digit reviews only. It is advisable to focus on maintaining the star rating rather than increasing the number of reviews. Here quality matters instead of quantity. 


  • Backlinks influence

While figuring out the influential potential of backlinks, we need to focus on multiple factors including:- 

  • Number of backlinks
  • Number of referring domains
  • Number of local Backlinks 



  • Number of backlinks

It is a general perception that “the more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the more popular it will be”. To an extent, it is true as we can see many top-ranking websites have managed to get more than 1000 backlinks. Even some of them also managed to get backlinks in six digits. However, it is also an undeniable fact that many businesses are ranking in the top 20 list with just 50-100 backlinks. Still, going with the median, it is clear that the higher number of backlinks can help in achieving the desired ranking even if your other SEO strategies are slightly weaker.

Image reference: https://backlinkcreatoronline.blogspot.com/


  • Number of referring domains

Some referral domains become a reliable source of backlinking therefore the SEO executives don’t have to waste time in finding the new sources. We can see that the number of referral domains remains at an average between 160 to 250. Their median value is even much lower. Try to find some reputed and reliable sources of backlinking because they reduce your time consumption and help in maintaining stability in the backlinks. 


  • Number of local Backlinks 

While compiling and implementing local SEO strategies, you cannot ignore the significance of local backlinks. Apart from large websites, you can also go with the option of local blog posts. Out of the total number of backlinks, the number of local backlinks is much lower. It is obvious because  It’s hard to find local backlinks from reliable sources. Our study revealed that you should focus more on this side. Save your working hours from other activities and try to arrange at least 25-30 local backlinks. Some of them are also performing well with 10-15 local backlinks. You can also request the client for allowing some extra hours budget especially for building local backlinks if possible. 


Domain age is an immunity


An important thing we noticed from the analytical report is the influence of domain age. Although most businesses are maintaining their spam score between 1-2%, still some old domains are letting it increase by 14%, 18%, or even 30%. We also noticed that their PA, DA, and PageSpeed optimization scores were not very impressive. The only advantage was their older domain age. These factors signify how old domains are leading on the top position with average efforts.


Best Practices Ideas Obtained from Our Local SEO Analytical Report


Website Navigation

  • Navigation Structure

Navigation is directly connected to conversion. If the visitors can easily navigate throughout the website content, the probability of conversion rate will be higher. Consider these tips to optimize your website navigation system:- 

  • Make sure that all the pages of your website are linked to top-level navigation aka primary navigation panel. What they are looking for must be served within a minimum time span. 
  • If your local business website is serving in multiple locations, make sure that all location pages are listed on the top-level navigation bar. 

Image reference: https://www.milesweb.in/blog/website-design/website-navigation-improvement/


  • Meta/Alt tags Structure

Our research on the leading local businesses revealed that location name should be at the beginning of a meta/alt tag followed by a business name. Your Google or social media ads title copy contains the most influential words that can be utilized for alt tags. 


  • Landing Pages Constituents

A single website for multiple locations can serve the purpose but you need multiple landing pages. It will give a personalized experience to native visitors. All you need is to add some important information like street name, city name, zip code, nearby popular locations to make your landing pages more engaging. Time invested in the research related to the native information of a particular location actually worth it because the potential customers feel more connected. Here are some considerable tips to optimize your landing pages:-

  • Don’t forget to update the daily timetable including holidays and special hours (if any). 
  • Pay special attention to the meta tags. We figured out a special meta tag pattern among most of the successful local online businesses as they add primary keyword and location names. 
  • Call to action buttons like “get directions” under the Google maps and “contact us” buttons on the landing pages add more convenience to the potential customers. 
  • We recommend adding a reward system section, especially for new and emerging businesses.


  • Website Footer Information

The website footer must contain productive information such as name, address, and contact number. These NAP details serve the purpose of CTA indirectly. We have some important tips to improve the website footer from the perspective of SEO:-

  • Highlight the service locations carefully if your local business is spread across multiple areas. 
  • In order to build up the trust factor, link renowned rating, and review websites such as Yelp and Glassdoor, etc.
  •  Details like company registration and taxation numbers can build up a great trust factor. Footers will have enough space to mention payment information on every landing page separately. 
  • Also, try to add “location-specific” keywords in the footer text from the SEO perspective. 


  • Citation Listing 

Citation or NAP ( Name, Phone Number & Address) of a business is more than just an informative section for visitors. It plays a significant role in evaluating domain authority by Google. Therefore, you need to pay special attention while mentioning citations. Here are some important tips to follow:- 


  • Double-check to make sure that the business name, address and phone number are the same on all the directories including Google Search, Facebook, Google Maps, Bing, Hotfrog and other popular platforms. This Moz tool can help in checking the online presence accurately. 
  • According to countries and native locations, create a list of free business listing websites categorized on the basis of their niche. 
  • Along with free business listing, also create a cheap business listing websites list. 
  • Consider third party listing websites in your priority list. You can go with options like Glassdoor and Yelp. 
  • Rank on business listing websites.


  • Link Building

When we talk about link building, SEO experts consider it as backlinking. The conventional thought of backlinking is not relevant to the local SEO perspective. It must be providing an opportunity to interact with local audiences. Below are some tips for local link building:-


  • The links should be capable of influencing the native market, high authority is not the primary preference. 
  • Local Links Out: link out to local resources like state, county, and city offices, other local businesses, or other relevant places. Publicizing events and charitable activities is an easy way to get local links from media and other sites.
  • Local Links In Some good local link sources would be blog posts, fundraiser pages, events, and press or news posts. Getting these links with local keyword anchor text can be invaluable if you have any control over it
  • Consider Distributors, Suppliers, Wholesalers, Contractors and Neighboring businesses as the best link building sources. 
  • The occasional press release articles can help in local influencing.
  • Search local websites for guest posting.
  • Local communities, newspapers, and other native sites are the best sources for linking. 
  • Audit and fix the existing broken local links.



  • Structure Data Markup

Structure data plays a crucial role to give an explicit clue about your webpage’s meaning to Google. This data has a standardized format to classify the page content in a particular category. If Google can easily understand the content on a page, its indexing would be very convenient. Include the following information while preparing structure data markup:-

  • Information like working hours, name of the business, phone number, address, departments, geo coordinates, etc. should be mentioned clearly. 
  • Include faq+schema for voice search queries.


  • NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) Information

NAP is an essential requirement for appropriate links building and keeping the visitors well-informed. Therefore, pay special attention while mentioning the information. Here are some considerable tips:- 

  • Mention correct crawlable NAP, Driving directions & embedded map on the landing page.
  • Embed Google Maps in your contact, location, and regional pages.
  • Here is a guide by Google to follow the NAP rules strictly.


Reviews Utilization

  • Reviews Utilization

Reviews are among the most influencing factors for establishing brand value so you cannot ignore their value to a local business. Positive rating out of five stars on Google or third party rating websites like Glassdoor and Yelp improves your brand reputation.   In order to build a trust factor, you need to work on multiple points. 

  • Check if the reviews comprise positive sentiments.
  • Are they unique or looking like copied & fabricated?
  • Are they from power users? Services like Yelp have power users? Yelp calls them Elite users. Since they are recognized by Yelp their reviews will carry more weight than the average person with just one or two reviews. 
  • Check Your Existing Reviews: Use an online reputation tool like Brand Yourself to search your brand name and comb through your reviews. Do you want to address any negative reviews? This actually helps as a search signal.
  • Check for negative reviews and solutions are provided or not.
  • Easy review options should be added to the website. 
  • Get reviews with keywords and locations.
  • Responses to positive and negative reviews. Respond Quickly & Appropriately To Reviews.
  • Conduct a survey rather than asking to give a review. 

Image Reference: https://www.ecomcrew.com/how-to-get-amazon-reviews/


  • Map Selection and Placement

For the convenience of physical navigation, maps are necessary to include. Your geolocation also gives a native experience to the users. We are suggesting some important tips while adding your location with the help of Google Maps:-

  • Add a map on the footer of every web page. If not possible, make sure that is present in the Home Page and Contact Us section. 
  • Make sure your business is listed on all mapping resources including GMB and Bing Places. According to the local preferences, you can also consider the mapping services like Apple Maps  MapQuest, RoadTrippers, and Waze. 
  • Use a local map ranking checker tool for the best option.



  • GMB (Google My Business) Structuring

If you want to see how a targeted local business website is appearing on Google, consider GMB as the best tool to make use of. When people search for a business through google, the information shown through GMB is the first impression. Creating a GMB website will add another impactful citation to the business. In order to harness the potential of this feature, you need to follow some important optimization tips:-

  • Find and remove all duplicate GMB pages if existing.
  • Business name, address, phone number, business hours, and other relevant attributes should be verified twice for all potential error rectification.
  • Choose an appropriate primary and additional category of business description.
  • Keywords and key phrases inclusion in the listing descriptions are good from the SEO perspective. 
  • Add high-resolution and attractive images categorized appropriately like products, menu or teams, etc.
  • Make GMB posts including special events, latest news, and product information because they appear in the Google search results as well as in the maps too. 
  • Actively manage GMB by answering the queries and update posts regularly because it is the first impression of your local business through Google results. 
  • Optimize customer experience for better reviews on Google because it is also an influential factor of ranking.
  • In order to get into the Google local pack efficiently, you need to properly set up your GMB and have a strong online presence. If and when you are on the pack, make sure your info is correct as you’ll have increased visibility.
  • Use a campaigning URL builder tool to track missing Google My Business traffic. 
  • Interaction photos with customers can enhance the content in your GMB but make sure that it is user-generated. 
  • Activate “Google My Business messaging feature” to receive customer queries directly through text SMS. 
  • Use a short name for your business profile and try to add emojis to make the GMB more engaging.
  • Add features including a “request a quote” button, attractive offers, product editor tool, and highly rated local guides to increase the followers through GMB.
  • Optimize the GMB by adding keywords and geotagging the images. 


  • Content Analysis

Reading the entire content is time-consuming and not feasible with other important tasks. In order to make it convenient, we recommend using an online content analysis tool. Most of them are available to access for free. In addition, we also recommend some easy-to-follow instructions like:- 

  1. Use geo keywords in the headings and subheadings as much as possible. 
  2. Also, add location-focused keywords in the content body.


Call to action

  • Call to Action

The words selected for CTA (Call To Action) also contribute a big role in conversion. It is basically a marketing term to encourage immediate sales. While making a call to action statement, invest some time and creativity to make it impressive. Here are some important tips to consider:-

  1. There must be an influential call to action statement in minimum words.
  2. Try to use CTA statements on clickable buttons redirecting the user to a phone call or email.
  3. You +can make the call to action more influential by mentioning attractive discount offers and free consultation services.
  4. Event promotion and newsletter sign up can also be utilized like a call to action buttons. 
  5. Mention CTA on the sliders of the homepage where you can represent it with attractive images or animations. 


  • Competitor Analysis

While competing in a local market with similar service providers, you need to be aware of their strategies. Pay attention to the strategies of the leading businesses in the region. Their online statistics can reveal a lot of secrets about success. Below are some important points that you can easily analyze with online SEO tools:-

  1. Check the domain authority and page authority of competitors with the Moz tool to figure out the leading and nearest competitors. 
  2. Check the number of links from the root domain.
  3. Calculate the number of links utilized by competitors from unique domains.


  • Some other considerable points

While making a strategy for local SEO success, you also need to consider some uncategorized points such as:-

  1. Using Bing webmaster to make its listings.
  2. Include local assistance with services as Google suggests and Yelp suggests.
  3. Make use of an image object and video object schema with creative ideas and teamwork. 


Final Words


Qualitative work on factors like local links building, spam score management, the right selection of tools, competitors identification, optimum utilization of content, etc. require highly qualified professionals. For implementing dynamically evolving SEO strategies, you need the assistance of Webspero experts. Our professional team will deeply examine every single aspect like location, business type, market mood, etc. to figure out a reliable and long-lasting business marketing strategy. We are serving with the joint efforts of a large SEO team holding expertise in different fields to meet your business expectations. Please allow us to reevaluate your business potential in the market. Drop your e-mail at INFO@WEBSPERO.COM with a query or call at our +1-805-319-4889 number for better assistance


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