More Traffic & Conversions – 5 Call to Action Ideas You Can’t Resist

As soon as people visit your website, you want them to make a move. And it’s justified as that is exactly what you made the site for so you should learn basic principles for creating perfect landing pages. Be it subscribing to your mailing list, newsletters, or sharing content on your blog or buying something – you expect your guests to do something that will ultimately progress your goals.

But how do you make them take the action you want them to?

Well, motivating potential customers to take the desired action is one of the most challenging parts for the marketers. So rather than focusing all your efforts on the design and copy, you should better work on creating compelling, irresistible call to action.

That’s what will work as the next step to your visitors, and it’s generally in the form of a clickable button.

Anyway, that’s not what this post is about. So let’s have a look at five creative and quick ways to create a call to action that converts:

#1. Stay Straightforward.

Stop pushing things on people expecting they will understand your Newton’s theory. The first rule for creating compelling CTAs is to keep things as clear and direct as possible. Your message in the form of the action must be short, simple, and strong enough to encourage visitors.

#2. Be Creative

What’s the use of doing something that everyone else already has tried? As a marketer, it’s utterly essential that you stay unique and stand apart from your competitors. So find something creative that will make your call to action not only catchy but also different. It doesn’t have to be too complicated or puzzling. Even the simplest of the ideas can sometimes do wonders.

#3. Use Actionable Phrases

So you want to sell apples, but there’s nowhere written ‘buy”. How are your visitors going to know what to do? Consistently use actionable words throughout the page that will compel the visitors to take the desired action. Whether it’s ‘call now” or “click here,” you need to put it in some creative form that doesn’t look too sale-centric. What’ more, CTAs aren’t necessarily about buying something or selling, you can guide them to call you up or subscribe to your mailing list too!

#4. Be Time-Restricted

Your visitors won’t take action until they feel they can lose a deal. So keep a sense of urgency in your call to action to convert instantly. The message should seem like they will miss a golden opportunity otherwise.

Think and come up with ideas that will speak of time as if the clock is ticking and any delay means a chance lost. Anything as simple as “buy now at 50% off” is sure to lure them and make a move.

#5. Keep It Simple

At last, you don’t want your visitors to leave befuddled and inactive. So the translation from the CTA to completing the task must be clear, concise, and clean. A complicated call to action will definitely fail unless you are targeting the maniacs. So keep things simple for your visitors. You want them to call you, provide the number. Need them to post blogs? Put a submit button. It doesn’t need to be too lengthy, complex, or  ̣technical. The simpler it is to understand, the more it will help convert.

With more businesses entering the digital world and increasing competition, there’s a dire need that you get more traffic, and even better – more leads. So these are the five tricky ways to create a call to action that will actually convert. Try these with your creativity and share what’s your take on it. There’s no doubt, in one way or other, you will see results sooner than expected.

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Rahul Vij

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