Beginner’s Brief Guide to CRO – How to Boost Website Conversions as a Novice

The path to success of your online business is easy – the marketing team works to drive traffic towards the website, further converting into leads that the sales team finally close. After it starts generating revenue, marketers then plan new ways to drive more traffic, and eventually more success to the business.

Sounds like a well-written fairytale for the web business, doesn’t it!

Though oversimplified, that is ACTUALLY the standard marketing cycle. There are some marketers who even strategize to generate more from the existing traffic. Wondering what’s that called?


Today, we will learn everything from the basics of CRO, its meaning and purpose to the best strategies for using it for growth and profit of your business.

By the end of this blog, you will get to know how to drive more results from the existing traffic so you can use your content smartly (not tiringly!).

So What’s CRO by the way?

Let’s cut the crap and get it straight –

CRO, Conversion Rate Optimization is a big, untapped golden opportunity for marketing teams to optimize the conversions all over a website (homepage, contact page, landing page, blog, etc) for all the more higher rate of conversion.

Basically, it’s the optimization of the conversions themselves to make more conversions!

Is CRO a Need For Your Business?

Glad you asked. Well, soon after the sales and digital marketing teams get visitors who convert into leads for the sales part, the scope of CRO comes into the picture. Given the majority of businesses have limited demands for their products or services, using CRO to make more of the existing traffic is an insanely fantastic idea.

Get in the details of online search volumes to find out your potential customer demand. Once you know it, it’s time to brainstorm how to reap more results from your existing traffic.

Don’t worry, we have you covered with these 3 quick tips to tackle CRO on your own and set relevant goals:

1:- New Revenue Goal / AVG Sales Price = XYZ New Customers

2:- XYZ New Customers / Lead to Customer Closing Rate % = Your New Lead Goal

3:- Total Leads Generated / Your Website Traffic * 100 = Conversion Rate (in %)

Here’s a small example:

Your site has ,

New Visitors Per Month = 10,000

Monthly Leads = 100

Total Customers per Month = 10

So your CRO would be = 1%.

Now imagine a scenario where you want double customers a month. You would need to bring double visitors to your website (without degrading the traffic quality) and then generate double leads, i.e. now 200 leads a month.

Or then, you could do it the easy way by using your existing traffic.


Conversion Rate Optimization is the key!

By increasing your conversion rate (double in this case), you will double the leads and our ultimate customers too!

What we’re trying to tell here is it’s not always the smartest thought to generate new traffic when you can fix the leaking bucket instead of pouring more water into it.

CRO is all about getting more from what you already have and making it work all the more better in your favor.

Now that you know what CRO, why and how is it profitable for your business, it’s time you get into executing it practically. But to do that, here are some tried and tested, result-driven strategies to look forward to.

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies You Must Try

Creating Text-based CTAs Within Blogs

Banner blindness, a common phenomenon where people often become use to of skipping the banner-like info straight away on websites.

The lack of attention along with the fact that your visitors don’t always scroll till the bottom of the blog post is the reason why you should and you must create TEXT-based CTAs within the blog posts. Your visitors crave your content as snacks so give them a good one. Also referred to as anchor text, use insightful ways to add call-to-actions within your content, guiding your readers what to do next instead of pushing them or waiting for them to leave.

Running Tests on Your Landing Page

LPs are a crucial part of the present-day marketer’s armor. This is the place where a site visitor turns into a lead or a current lead involves more with your brand. Thus, the pages play a key role.

Now that you know that, it’s critical you run A/B testing to make the most of them. (For more info on A/B testing click here).

Helping Leads Turn Into MQL

At times or some part of your visitors might be interested straight away in the business and could wish to speak to a sales exec rather than enjoying the alluring marketing offers. Well, make it easy for them to act and become an immediate Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL) with some creative and tested CTAs.

Compelling content is always the solution!

Engaging and to-the-point ad copy or CTA can drive action and boost conversions for your business significantly. Decide the actions you want your website visitors to take and plan your CTAs accordingly. Trick here is to eliminate friction, cut the crap from the sales process and simplify the process as much as possible.
Adding Lead Flow on Your Blog

Other than A/B testing, another test you need to run on your website is to add lead flows on your blog. There are many high-converting pop-ups to lure attention from your visitors and offer value. Choose from a pop-up obx. Slide-in box, drop-down banner, and more creative ideas that best fits your offer.

Adding Messages to Most Converting Web Pages

You can chat with your visitors in real-time using different tools available in the web world. Best is to add messaging options on the high-converting pages to increase conversions, for instance, the pricing page, product page, so leads will convert instead of leaving your web page. The chat can be action-based too! How?

Suppose someone stays for more than a minute on your page, you may opt to pop an automated offer for help or answer their queries.

Optimizing Top-Performing Blogs

Have you been blogging for more than a year? If yes, most likely you will have some great blog posts that have outperformed the rest. Your hit blog posts are the golden opportunity to successful CRO!

All you gotta do is pick the blogs with the highest levels of relevant web traffic, yet low conversion rates. The reason might be either the content on the blog post isn’t aligned with the content offer you have in offering OR your CTA is unclear.

Blog posts with high conversion rates are great too! You would want those posts to get more quality traffic. Good news is you can do that by optimizing the content on those posts for search engines or refreshing the content to make sure it’s updated and relevant for your readers.
Building Workflows to Guide Your Sales Team and Cro Agency

Thanks to the development of online tools, you can create different automated workflows and share with your team and we bet the sales team will thank you for this! Just to let you know, you could even sent emails to the leads or customers on behalf of the sales representatives so the leads can directly book meetings with them within a click!

Sounds great right!

Also, the sales rep can get an email notification as soon as a lead takes a solid action like checking the price on your website. For e-commerce businesses, you can directly email people who leave their shopping cart abandoned.

Using Retargeting to Re-engage Your Visitors

No matter what your key conversion metric is – hard or cold, most people on your site don’t act the way you want them to or take your desired action. With leveraging retargeting or remarketing, you can smartly re-engage those visitors who have already left your website sometime back.

The basic rule is still applicable – you must have a well-written and drafted copy with an appealing image and a compelling offer for remarketing to work.

So What’s Next Now?

These are just the main ones of many best practices out there for Conversion Rate Optimization. Ultimately it all comes down to finding out what your customers and visitors respond to the most and what drives best results for your business.

It’s totally your call how you want to modify each tip or which tool you wish to need and everything else. Just keep in mind to align your actions with the conversion goals you have to enjoy the best of CRO even if you are just a beginner!

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