Effective Ways To Jumpstart Your SEO Website Launch

Are you looking forward to launching a new website? When designing a new website, there are many things to keep in mind. For that, understanding the basics of SEO is important. Yes, you must be very excited to launch your website. As an organization or business, you can use website launch to spread brand awareness and a promote company. So, you need to have the right strategy for SEO before the website launch. Want to know the insights? Keep reading to know details!


➤ Optimize the basics and create a “coming soon” page


One of the primary things to do is to create an optimized and strong “coming soon” page. Wondering, why? Well, there are many reasons to do so. As you know it takes time for a website to get ranked, and having a “coming soon” page can cut some time wait after launch.

Not just that, this page can help to build your brand. You can use high-quality images and express the information with your brand’s voice. Creating a coming soon page will also allow you to connect with the users. For that, you can connect the page to the social media. Engage the people in visiting the site as soon you are launched. This will help to create a buzz between the user and spread awareness. Let them know something big awaits!


➤ Build out all your social media profiles


Building a social media community is critically important before the site launches. Make sure you have a loyal following who will invest in your business, once it’s live. Engaging the users on various social media platforms will build trust in your brand.

Leading networking platforms like – Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ can be used to target a specific audience. Just make sure you have a complete profile on these platforms. Once you are done, connect each profile with the “coming soon” page. This will help you know your media presence.


➤ Get (at least) 10 blog posts ready


“Content is the king of SEO,” and that’s true. An actionable and well-optimized content will help to attract organic traffic to your website. You need to make sure the content marketing strategy should have high-quality of content. No shortcuts here!

The web crawlers will visit your website, and you must have plenty of informative content. Having a long form contents will provide depth to your brand. This helps to rank higher in search results.

So, it is a great idea to start a blog pre-launch. Now, this will build up SEO buzz and authority.


➤ Create all your pages, and make sure they are optimized


Another SEO requirement for a new website is to create multiple pages with each being fully-optimized. For that, you can include high-authority content which will target the visitors on your site. The pages you create must be useful and focused.

It is really important to focus on long-tail keywords I particular on every page. You can put the keywords to the database of your website. Just make sure you create an optimized and fantastic page before the launch happens. And, when you go live, the index the search engines will help to index the pages and provide you with some initial ranking.


➤ Guest blog to build links to your domain


Remember, this does not include spam self-promotion. By guest blogs, you can produce some of your best works to share with the audiences of your site. Guest blogging is a powerful and fast way to generate leads and traffic on your site. This also helps to build credibility.

Now, you need to search for the best guest blogging opportunities. You can do this by checking the site in hour niches, and finding the guest posts which the user would love to see. This will help to know what’s going in the minds of users.

You can also look out for opportunities to ‘write for us’ and guest blogging opportunities.


➤ Put your site in niche directories


One of the critical steps to do for SEO before designing website launch is to list your site to businesses and break them in sub-categories. By listing your website before the launching will allow the “coming soon” page to transfer into rest of the pages when they go live.

In case, the directory is widely used in your business area, then it will be worthwhile. But, don’t just fall for any random directory. Ensure you the directory you choose is a real powerhouse!


➤ Sign up for core sites


The core websites include, but not limited to the listed:

Google +
Bing places
Best of the Web

There are many things to do before the launch. Obviously, we don’t know all the strategies in the works, but we have guided you with a good checklist. These are a few crucial steps for SEO for a new design website.


➤ Post-launch bonus


Don’t forget to use metrics to monitor the results.

Once your site is launched, now it is crucial to monitor your traffic and assess your results with the metrics. Here, look at the red flags like these:

⇒ Unusual dips and gaps in traffic.
⇒ 404s spikes which signal crawl errors.
⇒ Losses in keyword ranking.
⇒ Unusually slow pages on the site.

Remember, this time will have hassles, and you need to be patient.

Bonus tip: Make sure you launch an optimized website, otherwise it will be a big chaos.

In case, you are new to these terms, then ensure you choose an experienced professional to know more about the SEO basics for a new website.


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