Should You Shift Your Digital Marketing Agency? 14 Signals That Say Yes!

Phil Knight, the American Billionaire Businessman famously said ‘Play by the rules, but be ferocious.’ No doubt, it entails quite a passion to get a foothold in the business world, but what if the agency you pick to outsource your online marketing doesn’t live up to the expectations? 

Hiring the best digital marketing agency is a considerable decision but with everything done right, it can take your online business to the next level. This especially holds true in the current scenario of the pandemic as the matter of financial crises have urged for better business strategies. According to one of the sources, 80% of executors will now explore and surge their investment in outsourcing.

From offering the expertise to help in accessing the advanced insights, professional agencies present plentiful benefits. However, since digital marketing is all about being soundly tactical, the hired agency going pear-shaped can collapse the system. Thus, as soon as you experience any red flag, or start feeling that the collaboration isn’t going smoothly for your business, shift to the better one to save you money, time, and effort. Here are the 15 major signals that will help you to be widely awake.


They Do Not Have Transparent Business Profile

The business profile is a quick look into a particular company that ensures the reliability of its service. A comprehensive overview or background check of the digital marketing consultant is an indispensable decision that needs to be taken by clients. The business profile involves products and services, years of experience, mission, achievements, and customer reviews. However, if the information associated with any of the elements is missing or doubtful, it is better to cast out the selected agency.


  • They Do Not Commence What They Commit

According to Forbes, US digital marketing will spend nearly $120 billion by 2021. In other words, the surging trend of digital marketing is an alarm for businesses to let them gear for more competitiveness. The proficiency of a marketing firm plays a crucial role in this aspect but choosing the one that cannot practice what they preach results in challenges. Most marketing agencies often ensure in the beginning that they can do anything but as it is said ‘action speaks louder than words’, the better would be to delve into their expertise by checking the professional website like LinkedIn.


  • They Do Not Comply With Your Business Needs and Strategies

Even after collaborating with you for a long time, if your agency fails to understand your business base and needs, it is definitely not worth your time and money. Below are the hints that the selected marketing company doesn’t have knowledge of your business.

  • They do have a grasp of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • They can’t provide insight into customer behavior.
  • They use the same strategies and techniques for all clients.


  • They Are Not Able to Meet The Set Goals

Meeting the set goals at particular deadlines is one of the key attributes to ensure the efficiency of the business. In case, your marketing agency is not productive enough to accomplish the discussed goals on time, it is better to give a thumb down. This is direly needed if the non-fulfillment of commitment by the agency is a frequent event.


  • They Do Not Offer Results That Worth Your Money

Seeking service from the experienced digital marketing or SEO service providers can sometimes be expensive. However, even after achieving a heavy paycheck from you, when they are not able to offer the prominent service and efficiency in their service, it shows their lack of motivation and carelessness. All these essences are sure signs that you deserve a better service provider.


  • They Are Not Proficient In Communication

Consistent and effective communication with your experts is the key to make your campaign hit the jackpot. Whether or not your digital marketing experts are productive and experienced but if they lack in having sufficient touch with you, it may result in certain loopholes. Thus, it is suggested to always determine the tone, methods, and communication behavior of the experts before making them a part of your campaign.


  • They Are Not Consistent In Reporting Results

A report by eMarketer cleared that one out of three US digital media professionals considers ad-fraud as the major challenge in marketing. And, now with the businesses changing their game to cope with the financial crisis during COVID-19, the number of scams and frauds will be on a spike. Weekly and monthly reporting is the only solution to evaluate the credibility of hired digital marketing services. Failing to provide sufficient information or report their findings not just makes you doubt their credibility but can also divert your business strategies in the wrong direction.


  • They Do Not Have Precise Strategy 

To make your campaign set a cut above the rest, it crucial to frame and work-upon the splendid strategies. But if an agency while communicating with you doesn’t share an innovative strategy or excludes your business goals, KPIs, success metrics, timelines, and other attributes, the chances are that it may let you down in the future. Thus, it is better to change your experts before you suffer the loss.


  • They Do Not Offer Personalized Service

In business ‘one size does not fit all’. This is the reason, the experts or the service providers offer bespoke services to satisfy the unique needs of every business client. On the contrary, any agency unwilling to blend the services as per the client’s demand is a big no in today’s time. One should always look for the experts who are interested in knowing your business and needs so that you will be presented with what is exactly best for your campaign.


  • They Do Not Ask For Your Feedback

Customer feedback is a significant element for any service provider to be better in their role. Any digital marketing consultant failing to care enough about client’s feedback shows their lack of interest in achieving customer satisfaction. This also proves that they aren’t ‘result-oriented’ and will not be there for after-service support when you need them.


  • They Do Not Abide By Recent Trends

Trends in digital marketing evolve continually and abiding up the current scenarios is the only way to work in the right direction. For instance, The facts that 69% of users prefer chatbots over calling, Instagram overshadowing Facebook in terms of customer interaction, Email getting more personalized, and others are all that 2020 is beating the drum for. Thus, professional digital marketing agencies making use of every channel will not create a buzz for your campaign, because all it matters is the relevance of the platform and consideration of recent trends. 


  • They Have Tracking Issues And Substantial Discrepancies

Tracking the impressions of marketing is an integral part of better marketing. If your digital marketing experts harness their custom-made tracking tools and end up with minor discrepancies, that is up to 20%, it should be regarded as normal. However, the disparities above the listed percentage is a red flag as this can result in the inaccuracy of reports. This also delineates the number of errors done by the side of the agency and marks their nonprofessional attitude and so it entails you to give them the brush off. 


  • They Ignore Competitor Analysis

To set the cutting edge in the enormous competition in online business, diving deep into competitor statistics is an essential activity. There are some specific marketing tools that help you evaluate your performance in comparison to competitors, which is a solution to do much better in the future. Nevertheless, skipping the regulation of competitor analysis by professional digital marketing service providers can make your business stand to face the challenges. 


  • They Cannot Market Themselves Better

One of the vital factors to determine the proficiency of a marketing agency is to have an insight into its SEO performance for themselves. If the hired consultant cannot make them position well among the competitors, there is no chance that they can offer something outstanding for your campaign. It’s then high time to move on with some reliable and better agency.


Bottom Line

Choosing the marketing company that works in your best interest is what you need to ace the game of your digital marketing campaign. The above listed fourteen red flags make you understand that the situation is dicey and shifting the service provider is the only solution left to get back in the game.

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