4 Secret Hacks to Maximize Power of Facebook Marketing Campaign

Out of ideas to maximize your social media campaign?

We guarantee you haven’t tried these 4 PRO FB TECHNIQUES yet!

Managing your accounts, posting some stuff on Facebook, trying to fetch new followers and expanding your potential audience…the story goes on and on and on. To take a big leap ahead of what’s ordinary, we have piled up some fruitful tricks to make the most of your Facebook marketing campaign.

Yeah we understand you’re already tight on budget, don’t worry, these tips aren’t gonna cost you anything. Just give them a shot and share your success story with the world

Enjoy the Served Bowl of your Targeted Audience

How’d you like if just by specifying your search, you could get all the data you’ve been looking for? This tool does exactly the same! Customize your search as per criteria and it will fetch data from main social networks.

You can find people on the basis of name, age, gender, job, location, friends, groups joined, and much more. The best thing is… it doesn’t access anything else than your browser, Facebook ID, and user session!

Looks interesting?

Here’s how to use it:

NOTE: You should be logged in to your Facebook Account.

Download the plugin called Intelligence Search here

Once you have added the extension, you’ll see this window:

Here you can search for people, page, groups, events, posts, and photos which are further classified into different categories.

Let’s understand its application with an example:

Here we specified our search criteria for males named John, living in the US, and who are more than 20 years of age. As you can see, the filtered results show all people meeting the search criteria.

Similarly, you can use different combinations according to your requirements.

This trick is one of the easiest ways to find the exact audience for your campaign with the help of different search parameters. We suggest using smart combinations to search a wider and potential group of audience you’re looking for.

Isn’t this cool!

Auto-tag as many or all the people you want

Probably the most tiring thing to do on Facebook is to individually tag multiple people in your post. But what if you could just tag all your contacts within a flick? This trick is for auto tagging multiple people in your facebook posts. Not only this will reduce your time spent on adding people one by one but also it’s fun! Let’s check out:

  • For this, you will first need to download a .bat file from this link.
  • Now first of all, create an attractive facebook post like this..


  • Click on tag people option. Note that you need to put your cursor in the text box (right where you’d manually tagged people)

Now run the .bat file simultaneously. Refer to this video to understand the process more clearly. A-command-prompt

  • A command prompt will appear and you will see some random commands executing automatically. Initially, you may need to press enter whenever the prompt stops. After a couple of enters, it would run till all contacts are tagged in your post. (If the command doesn’t starts, press enter until it starts)
  • On the adjacent screen, you will see people getting tagged automatically in your post. Tag as many people as you want or you can stop the process by closing the command prompt once you have added the desired number of people.

The two-in-one benefit of using auto-tagging feature is you save time in both finding people and then tagging them individually.

Fetch Emails IDs of People for Business/Branding

You have thousands of contacts on Facebook yet not all of them use it for business! Spreading your message through email marketing sounds great but how do you find their email addresses? Blend some Yahoo with Facebook and say Abracadabra!!! On a serious note, this process will help you in extracting the email addresses of your facebook contacts using your Yahoo account. Here’s how:

  • Create a new Yahoo account.
  • On the right side, click on the second icon for contacts.


  • A new window will open with the option to import contacts.

  • Click on import option in front of the Facebook icon and your Facebook account will be synced with your Yahoo account and you’ll get a list of people’s name along with their email addresses.

That was easy! Create a persuasive mail and use their email IDs for product/service/business promotion!

Get Contact Numbers for a Personal Pitch

Wanna hear a great business formula? Add business peers and influential people to your Facebook account and share your idea with them PERSONALLY!!! Interesting? But how do you get their personal numbers to speak out your business-generating ideas? We say it’s easy. This process will let you extract the contacts of people added already in your Facebook account. Here’s how to master this trick.

  • First, download the plugin “toolkit for Facebook”.
  • Make sure you’re logged in to your Facebook account.

Now click on the plugin. You will see 6 options at the top, select “Extraction Tools.”

  • You will see different options. Out of all, click on “Extract Public Phone Numbers Of Friends”.
  • Now, enter any email id and password (you can use any ID for this, any random entry will work)

Click on the option of “Extract Phone Numbers” and all contacts (who’ve kept their number public) will show up one by one, which you can further use for promotional and business purpose. That’s it! Hope you liked our free tips on maximizing your Facebook campaign. The best thing about all of these is anyone can use the tricks no matter an expert or a rookie.


Try them out and share your feedback with us.

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