Dynamic Keyword Insertion – Short Guide To Get Instant Boom In CTR

Maintaining a Google Adwords account is quite difficult while running a Google Adwords Campaign. Google has introduced and is still rolling out new features and tools to manage your PPC campaigns more easily. One such advanced magical feature introduced by Adwords is Dynamic Keyword Insertion that can help advertisers reach the audience in the best way.


What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?

Dynamic keyword insertion allows you to customize your Google Adwords ad as per the customer’s search query. It makes your ad more relevant to the person searching and thus, increases the chances of higher CTR.

What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion?


Why use Keyword Insertion?

A customized PPC ad containing the keyword that a customer is using in a search query is more attractive. It’s like you’re communicating directly with the customer’s requirements.

Let’s understand this with an example:

If your customer is searching for Digital Marketing Services, you can set up an ad that says exactly what they’ve typed in. This will not only attract your customer but also give you a better CTR.

I hope that now you’ve understood the importance of keyword insertion for businesses that have variations in the same items. Dynamic Keyword Insertion will make one ad adaptable for each keyword group without wasting time in building multiple personalized ads.


How to use Keyword Insertion?

Now it’s time to know how to use this convenient method for creating dynamic ads. There is the usage of a code that makes it different from a simple ad. You can use this code in both body or heading as per the requirements. Here’s how it would look like:

How to use Keyword Insertion?

Now Google will replace this code with one of the ad group keywords. If the query searched by the searcher is not present in any of the PPC ad groups, then the text followed by the code will be shown as the generic replacement. In the above-mentioned example, “Marketing” would be used.

The code comprises of brackets, the word Keyword (or its variants) and the default ad text that is written after the colon that the ad will use as the generic replacement.


Things to keep in mind

Now that you know the benefits of keyword insertion and how you can use it, it’s high time you know a few pointers to stay away from. A lot can fall off track when using keyword insertion, for example:


One word headlines – Your ad would look both spammy and flat if you have put a headline with just a single keyword.

One word headlines - Dynamic Keyword Insertion

Words That Don’t Make Sense – Sometimes, the keyword you’ve put in your ad group might sound completely senseless or odd at the end. Text that makes sense for a few keywords might not sound that much logical for the rest. Take care of this issue to avoid any oddly written text.

Using Competitor’s Name – While bidding on keywords that contain your competitor’s name is smart & legal, you may get stuck in copyright issues if these keywords are used in your ad’s header.

Entering Wrong Code – If you enter the wrong keyword code with additional spaces, or parenthesis rather than brackets, or wrong capitalization, it will end up affecting your ad negatively.

At lastly, remember that keyword insertion is beneficial if you use it with highly targeted ad groups. E-commerce stores and other industries are the perfect examples of this – given they have multiple products in a particular category.

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