Top Secrets To Reduce Your Ad Spend And Double Conversions

It’s time to convert your endeavors into a success! 

Jay Baer, the popular American writer once proposed, “Make your marketing so useful, people will pay you for it”. The statement holds utmost significance in the business world as the endeavors in marketing or money spent on advertisement are all useless until it results in conversions.

Conversion rate is one of the essential metrics in digital marketing that lets a brand have a grasp of the traffic converting into paying customers. In the matter of enhancing Rate On Investment (ROI), maximizing conversions is the center of the approach. Even though the good conversion rate ranges between 2% to 5%, there is always room for improvement to make headway. 


Paid ad Search is one such gainful way of attaining maximum traffic but still surging your ad budget isn’t a smart idea in financial terms. Then, is there a way to reduce the ad spend budget while not having any impact on the performance? Well, to your surprise, it is definitely possible to double the conversion rate without breaking the bank with the help of splendid tactics.

Sounds like a master plan? Jump in to know all the secrets for hitting the jackpot!


Secret #1: Staying Ahead Of Google’s Search Engine Algorithm Updates Improves SERP Ranking


Staying Ahead Of Google’s Search Engine Algorithm Updates Improves SERP Ranking

The only thing constant about the Google algorithm is change. Staying up to date regarding the changes that Google consistently made in its algorithms and SEO policies is one of the basic yet powerful ways to improve the performance. As your goal is to double the conversion by reducing the ad spend, the sure-shot technique is to have a working knowledge of Ad rank, the system that determines the position of your ad. 


Further, to track the Google algorithm updates, it is suggested to keep an eye on the factors such as web traffic and search ranking. Using tools like SEMRush is also a better idea as it helps to identify the changes in rankings and measure SERP volatility for the last 30 days. However, in this case, if you failed to squint at the latest changes announced by Google, make sure to create high-quality and User-Generated Content (UGC) to avoid the website from dropping.


Secret #2. Hindering The Non-Converters Will Help In Making Cutbacks In Ad Spending


Hindering The Non-Converters Will Help In Making Cutbacks In Ad Spending

Do you know, businesses make an average of $2 revenue on spending $1 on Google Ads? However, since every business yearns to be on the up and up by maximizing their conversion rate, focusing on the strategies in place of widening the budget is a smart idea. Intermitting the keywords and websites that are not resulting in conversion is one of the major actions that need to be taken. 

To latch onto the non-converters, run the placement report and eliminate the website that is only burning a hole in your pocket without letting you relish the desired conversion. You can also break the display keywords that are acting like non-performers to avoid the waste of money. 


Secret #3. Verifying The Settings and Optimizing Them For Conversions Boost Foster Conversion Volume


Planning to drop the budget without any negative impact on the conversion rate? Yes, you can make it possible by verifying the settings and optimizing them for conversions. The significant attributes that you need to authenticate are:

  • Ad Cycle

Setting it to improve for conversions will let AdWords display the ads that are most expected to provide results. 


  • Ad delivery 

It is suggested to swap the ad delivery settings on the standard to keep the ads running, especially when the ad spend budget is low.


Secret #4: Integrating Negative Keywords In Campaign Results In Better Conversion Rate


A website without conversion is a car without wheels. Thus, to fuel the financial performance of the website, you are entailed to take bull by the horns. Integrating the negative keywords in the campaign is one such method that can help to lower CPC (Cost Per Conversion) and double the conversions. This is because using the negative keywords helps Google have a grasp of the ads which you want to show, resulting in a significant difference in CPC.

Even many experts have proposed that bidding on the negative keywords will head towards a better conversion rate without breaking your bank as it maintains the focus on only specific terms.


Secret #5: Giving Preference To Manual Bidding Helps In Gaining Full Control Of CPC


As you know lowering CPC (Cost Per Conversion) strategically lets you enjoy conversion on a minimal budget possible, you can have its full control by preferring manual bidding over automatic. The reason being, manual bidding allows you to adjust CPC according to the historic data and performance level. To turn up the trumps, you can prioritize the keywords that are more converting and bid on the same to gain more conversion. All this will help to avoid the expenses on the advertisement of the keywords that do not generate leads. 


Secret #6: Improving The Quality Score Helps To Be On The Right Track


Quality Score is the rating by Google that is based on the relevancy and quality of keywords or how your ads match search intent. Having a low-quality score is a clear warning that your campaign required certain actions to prevent the instance of failure. On the flip side, ensuring the high-quality score creates a win-win situation by reducing Cost Per Click (CPC), and enhancing the conversions.

Below are the expert tips, following which can ameliorate the Quality Score –

  • Optimize keyword ad copy
  • Create tighter and smaller ad groups in the Google Ads campaign
  • Lower down the landing page load time
  • Target your landing pages
  • Harness dynamic keyword insertion
  • Use Quality Score factors to track the performance of your campaign


Secret #7: Setting Up Remarketing Campaigns Improves CRO


Remarketing is the practice of serving target ads to the visitors or the people who have taken any action on the website. On finding the fact that retargeting can boost the conversion rate by almost 150%, it is suggested to make part of your campaign for extra success in less amount. The strategy helps you reach out to the past visitors and show them the relevant ads with GDN (Google Display Network), for which they might have popped in on your website. 

Having exclusive content and enticing offers while remarketing increases the scope of visitors turning into buying customers, as those are the people who are strongly inclined towards your website. In other words, executing the practice of remarketing can spike the conversion rate while lowering the Cost per Conversion (CPC).


Key Takeaways


Higher conversion in less amount can be a dream come true with the adoption of specific strategies that work in inclination with Google algorithms. The above listed are the top secrets that Google won’t tell you, but squinting at which you can enjoy the desired conversion rate while dwindling the ad spend. Thus, have no second thought and take to heart the above magic formulas to ace the game of digital marketing.

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Decide, Commit, Succeed 🙂



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