Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2021

Top 10 Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2021

Looking for Google Ranking Factors 2021? First, let us tell you a story.

Once there was a boy who wrote a letter to God for some money. The kind-hearted staff of the post office contributed and mailed some money to the boy. On receiving less than what he asked for, the boy wrote another letter to God asking to send money directly to him because the post office officials were just “a bunch of crooks” who kept some of the money sent by God.

However, you can’t write a letter to Google and ask for some favors. There are no post office officials who can do at least something for you. You are on your own. Work, stay up-to-date, and work. Work to achieve some ranking wins and stay up-to-date to learn about the changes Google introduces in its Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, and Pigeon algorithms. Also, implement your latest learnings in your SEO strategy to earn more gains. To offer you a reliable helping hand, we have compiled a list of and explained top SEO ranking factors in 2021.

Keywords in URL

It is one of the important on-page SEO factors in 2021. You accidentally spilled your much-loved booze on your smartphone and the device has now refused to work. You’ve got an excuse to buy a new model with the latest exciting features. What will you do? Check the features and specifications of different models, right? After that, you will decide whether you should buy or not.

The same way, the structure of the URL can be helpful for your website users. Consider the following URL as an example.……./Google-seo-ranking-factors-2021/

The website user will be like “Google SEO ranking factors 2021. This is what I was looking for”. User clicks. You have used the keyword in the URL and the user is on your website. This URL is user-friendly and shareable as well.

And make sure that the rest of the URL is not something like this

Now, why is it a ranking factor?

First of all, Google always wants to improve the user experience and you are doing so by including the keyword.

Secondly, with the inclusion of the keyword in the URL, you can show its relevance to a search query. That’s why it is an important ranking factor. This also increases domain authority.

Keywords in the Title Tag

For a developer, it is an HTML element that goes between and.

For you and Google, it is a ranking factor.

And, for a website user, it is a clue giving the idea of what’s on the webpage.

So, by including a keyword in the title tag, you are telling both the user and Google about the content on the webpage. Google, Bing, and all other search engines will look at the title tag to find web pages that are relevant to the user’s query. Clearly, if you are including the keyword in the title tag and it is in relevance with the search query, the search engine will definitely index and rank your webpage.

Text between also appears in the SERPs.

ALT text keywords

Leave a thousand words, even when your image worths a billion words, the bot crawls what is in between the tags. It cannot see the image. So, you should tell the search engine what the image is all about. This is what the alt text does.

Consider this:


What will the search engine learn about the image while crawling through tag? What does the alt attribute tell about the image?


Is there any way ‘image01.jpg’ is relevant to a search query? You can make it rankable simply by including the keyword in a meaningful alt text. Here is the correct way:

Google SEO Ranking Factors in 2021

Keyword Stemming

Keyword stemming in SEO is one of the important Google SEO ranking factors in 2021 you should focus on. What is keyword stemming in SEO? Keyword stemming is done to generate more new words or phrases from a single word called root word. Here, it is important to identify the right root keyword. We can say it without any fear of being questioned, the entire SEO strategy is primarily based on correct keywords. A keyword is just like a bridge between your website and the audience you are targeting.

Coming back to the keyword stemming in Google, some suffixes or prefixes are added to the root keyword to generate new variations of the keywords. The same technique is used to find the root keyword by removing prefixes and suffixes. Now, you are using variations of the keyword you want to rank. This will definitely generate more traffic and improve the rank of your website. From the root keyword ‘consult’, we can generate the following variations of the keyword:


Internal Anchor Text Links

Making some changes in internal linking can improve the rank of a website. However, these changes can be good or bad for you. If you are updating the anchor text of internal links, make sure that these changes offer a better understanding of the context of the webpage to the search engine. When Google is crawling your website, it tries to do it with the user’s perspective. If changes in the anchor texts improve the experience and understanding of the user, this will without any doubt improve the rank of your website.


If you can see https in the URL bar then you are on a secure website.

Otherwise, the browser will say that the website is not secure.

In some browsers, it will be simply

There is a very small segment of SEO connoisseurs that argues the fact that having an SSL Certificate has an impact on the ranking of the website. However, Google took a stance back in 2014 to protect the privacy of its users and made SSL certification a ranking factor. It’s true that getting SSL certification is an expensive deal and if you are not collecting any information such as username, password or some transactional information, you can leave it.

However, if you can buy SSL certification, do so because Google says so. HTTPS makes sure that the information you are sending or receiving is secured. It is being sent and received in encrypted form. Always buy the relevant SSL certificate. You can count on your hosting services provider for that.

Don’t you want to remove that ‘Not secure’ label from your website?

Outbound Link Quality
Outbound links and their quality equally matter in the SEO of your website.

What does quality mean here?

Apart from seeing the domain authority, also see how relevant it is with your website. If it is natural, this will boost the rank of your website. Outbound linking will increase relevance, improve reputation, boost value and also encourage backlinks. And, if you expect us to share the best Outbound Linking Practices, we have this to say:

  • Look for natural outbound linking opportunities.
  • Make use of tools for finding the related links.
  • Avoid using backlink networks.
  • Avoid too many links.
  • Make sure that links are opening in new tabs.
  • Be Strict With User-Generated Links
  • Mobile Friendliness

Can we assume that you are familiar with mobile-first indexing? OK. The search engine will, first of all, see whether your website has a mobile version or not. If not, Google will put your website on the back burner and start indexing the mobile versions of websites having mobile versions. However, having a broken mobile version of the website can adversely affect the performance of your website. Whether the user is using a smartphone, tablet or a laptop, the user should not be deprived of the great browsing experience.

Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most important Google SEO ranking factors in 2021. It has been a ranking factor since 2010. It is a ranking factor not only in desktop searches but mobile searches as well (from July 2018 onwards). So, if you are frustrating your visitors with slow webpage speed, Google will frustrate you. Google does not appreciate if you make its user wait for long. Expect no improvements in ranking. Prepare for the downfall of your website. Improve your site speed if you want high ranks.

And above all, Content
Regularly post high-quality content on your website.

What Does High-Quality Mean Here?

High-quality content is informative, relevant, accurate, up-to-date, keyword-optimized, and with zero spelling or grammar mistakes. It is simple and easy to read and understand.

A Google user submits a query which the crawler uses to index web pages. A crawler crawls through the content between HTML tags. If the keyword searched by the user is present on the webpage in an adequate density and at the right spots, the crawler will index your webpage and the ranking algorithm will consider the content quality and other ranking factors to rank your website. While content is king and also an important ranking factor, there are consequences of duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and poor quality content.

So, these were google top 10 SEO ranking factors. Let us know your reviews in the comment section below.