Instagram Reels: How To Double Your Conversions in 2022

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Alluring audio, enthralling effects, and creative tools, the blend of all – Instagram Reels, came out as a whimsical surprise in 2020. First enunciated in Brazil in 2019 and now becoming a part of 50 countries, including the US, India, Japan, and others, it is a new feature that lets one create short videos up to 15 seconds in length.

While the content on this video platform is similar to TikTok, we expect reels to continue thriving in the world of marketing. Businesses can go the extra mile on being creative and aesthetically focused, using such an incredible platform and features like adding audio, effects, creative tools, and texts.

But how can this new way of connecting with the audience help the brands grow and stand among the crowd?
Jump in to know more about Instagram Reels raising the success quotient.

Why Is Instagram Reels Great For Business Marketing?

Whether small or large businesses, video marketing is the fountain-head of making customers engaged uniquely. Instagram Reels is a picture-perfect platform as it allows the users to create and edit 3-15 second videos with alluring effects to let the content entice the audience.

Fact: The top brands like Louis Vuitton and Sephora France are already going viral by acing the game of Instagram Reels.

Easy to create Instagram Reels is a reason for the marketer’s joy as they can customize their visual content by harnessing its exciting features which include –

  • Annexing audio or music from the Instagram music library
  • Adding AR effects and classy filters
  • Recording the video hands-free
  • Setting the time and countdown
  • Adjusting the speed and alignment
  • Adding a cover image, caption, and text

Besides, the fact that Reel content is permanent and helps the users have more exposure makes it a phenomenal platform for gaining high reach, engagement, conversions, and sales.

However, since rising to the occasion in the business world is a catch-22, especially during a global crisis, only going strategically with a master plan can double the conversion rate.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Boosting Conversions?

The state-of-the-art feature – Instagram Reels, is a set for content creation that offers plentiful features to businesses in digital marketing.

From adding audio in the visuals to accessing a Canva-style template, many marketers are jumping on the Reels bandwagon to turn up the trumps.

Here’s how one can gain full-fledged financial benefits in businesses by making reels on Instagram.

  • Shift The Purpose Of Existing Content

Instead of making whole-new fresh content, you can remodel already existing content on social media channels and other platforms to create Reels.

All you need is a little creativity in mind to swap the content into a fun and engaging way to let the audience dance to the tunes of your business Reels.

Not only is this a cost-effective idea, but it also allows you to showcase your products and services enticingly. Thus, make your old wine fill up in a new bottle to grab all eyes.

  • Educate Your Customers With Informative Content

What’s better than a blend of informational and conversational tone when it comes to content?

Harnessing the creative platform to present the audience with information about your products and services will achieve a higher reach.

We suggest you highlight the value of your products in place of just making your content all promotional, so you turn that reach into conversion.

For instance, if your business is associated with skincare products, creating a bit-sized video sharing about the benefits and tips to use that product will build more trust among the audience.

  • Give A Sneak Peek Of Your Products

Do you know Louis Vuitton is getting viral with 7 million views across their reels and making full use of the platform in attaining more conversion?

Taking this top-rated brand as an example, you can make Reels the reason for your higher reach by showcasing all your products.

As a result, your brand will achieve more personality and a better relationship with existing customers.

  • Reel On Your Business Tale

Reel On Your Business Tale

Every business has its own story & background, and sharing it with the target audience will help in a better connection.

You can create a multi-clip video narrating about yourself, your business, its associated partners, products, and services to create a base for customers to rely upon.

  • Share Product Reviews

About 95% of customers look at the reviews before making a purchase creates the substantial value of product reviews in the business execution.

Instagram Reels is an amazing way to let the audience fulfill their interest in your reviews or how buyers respond to your products and services.

You can show product reviews in the multi-clip videos by using filters, effects, and adjusting the transition. Moreover, this will create a sense of trust among the audience, and they won’t have a second thought before shopping from your site.

  • Set Forth Behind The Scenes

Set Forth Behind The Scenes

What’s going on behind the curtains and in your business execution? This behind-the-scenes footage is something that most consumers are fascinated to know.

Sharing behind the scenes via Instagram Reels will build more connectivity and a sense of enthusiasm among the audience who may otherwise have skipped the video without converting.

You can share your day at work or show people the abundance of packages you are about to deliver to create the value of your business.

  • Share User-Generated Content (UGC)

When in doubt, start showcasing User-Generated Content to develop connections with visitors and existing customers.

Reels can help promote every nook and corner of your brand, from respective employees to happy customers, in an exuberant way.

UGC includes everything that makes visitors go crazy in no time, like eye-catching visuals and information about the company, products, customers, and workers.

@pantone, a prosperity color space, is a picture-perfect illustration as it rules Instagram with its UGC strategy and display of aesthetic visuals.

  • Post ‘Happy Customers’ Reels

Post ‘Happy Customers’ Reels

Customer testimonials play the lion’s share in building the brand’s personality and enhancing visitors’ interest.

You can accomplish this strategy in a fun and amusing way by making Reels get visitors curious about your products in their hearts.

People are more inclined to video-based content, making Instagram Reels the ideal platform to share customer testimonials.

Bonus Ideas

As they say, “Perfection has no end” Instagram Reels can be more beneficial for businesses with some extra endeavors and strategies in the store. These are:

  • Show ‘Before and After’ videos for food, makeup, hairstyle, and other creative business.
  • Present ‘Tips and Tricks’ to let the customers know of your products’ enhanced use.
  • Promote ‘How-To Videos’ to maximize brand awareness.
  • Create listicle videos with a voiceover for a quick overview of the events.
  • Show teasers of upcoming products or business events to create a sense of curiosity among folks.
  • Answer FAQs of customers by making short clips for enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Add the right hashtags in every reel to boost the reach.

In The End

In personal or professional life, hoping with the trend is a seamless way to let the flow go unstoppable. Instagram Reels is one such latest feature meant to set new opportunities for small and large scale brands to grow.

So, why not create your reel to market every aspect of your business in a way that people admire most today?

Have no second thought and try the new Instagram Reels to make your brand be in the bag with substantial conversion in the store.

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