Italian Food Online Store Overjoyed At Whopping Great Hike In Conversions

How partnering with WebSpero Solutions helped Italian Food Online Store to make an incredible position at search engines and sweeping inclination in organic traffic in merely one year, that is from 2019 to 2020.

Italian Food Online Store is an intriguing spring of deliciousness headquartered in Davie, Florida, USA. Ever since it was established in 2018 by Alessandro and Stanislao with a mission to make Italian food reached easily in an American supermarket, it became foodie’s favorite delish destination. The idea of presenting the taste and flavor of Italian American cuisine distinguished from Italian cuisine helped the store to take the market by storm. As of now, the Italian Food Online Store, the passionate food place is all about making the regional plates more appealing for real Italian food lovers.

Alessandro, being a digital marketing advisor, decided to turn the idea into super-success by establishing it as a top-rated E-commerce store in the online marketplace. The whole notion was to let the food fanatics enjoy authentic Italian cuisines at affordable prices and of the best quality. Further, in 2019, when founders felt pleasure about the lovable response bestowed by folks to their store, they decided to explore all avenues to make the store stand on top of the Search Engines. That’s where the partnership between the Italian Food Online Store and WebSpero Solutions, the award-winning digital marketing agency, took place.

On the grounds of the collaboration, Italian Food Online relished a whopping hike of 158.54% in organic traffic and 625.59% in revenue in one year.

The challenge for Alessandro and Stanislao was to gain more traffic to the website to accomplish the goal of boosting business authenticity. Even though the endeavors to success were already presiding over in the form of email marketing and behavioral advertising to attract the target customers, the scope of improvement still emerged.

To fulfill the goal of letting a large number of folks enjoy the authentic flavors and taste of Italian cuisines, the store felt the dire need to make headway with incremental SEO strategies. The reason being improved ranking on search engines helps the business to drive more traffic and sales. However, with the blooming competition and consistent alteration in Google algorithms, turning up the trumps is a matter of extreme effort.

Italian Food Online Store, the fascinating food destination for enthusiasts, aspired to expand the business opportunities without breaking the rules with the help of experts in the field. That being the case, they partnered with WebSpero Solutions, the top-rated digital marketing agency, and aced the marketing game with the following solutions.

  • Accurate Website Audit

Alessandro and Stanislao allowed WebSpero Solutions to conduct an audit of their website to determine the scope of improvement in efficiency and visibility. On finding the appropriate measures, they buckle down to maximize their efforts.

  • Keywords Research And Strategy

The team of WebSpero Solutions also helped Italian Food Online Store in the evaluation of keyword’s performance and presented additional keywords to be on the top of the searches.

  • Content Marketing

To set a cutting edge on a digital platform, the Italian Food Online Store published SEO-friendly content on their website. It was made possible with the help of WebSpero Solutions as they are capable of generating unique content to stand among the crowd.

Collaboration with WebSpero Solutions in 2019 worked well with Italian Food Online Stores and soon after a year, the fascinating E-commerce business overjoyed at a whopping great hike in the following aspects.

The traffic to the website spiked up to the amount of 10,698 in 2020 from merely 4,133 in 2019, the total of which mounts as a 158.54% boost.

Italian Food Online Store also made 3-4 times more improvements in terms of Keyword rankings in 2020 in comparison to 2019. The screenshots from the data represented below, say it all.

In 2019 ~

In 2020 ~

After the phenomenal teamwork with Webspero Solutions, Italian Food Online Store witnessed a 625.59% inclination in their revenue (Organic).

Italian Food Online Store is now one of the blossoming E-commerce food businesses in the USA. Be it its authentic Italian flavors or top-quality ingredients, folks prefer it to satisfy their cravings for delicious edibles. The broader traffic on the website and a hefty increase in revenue is the reason that the business is making a phenomenal position in the heart of people.

The credit goes to their consistent marketing endeavors and determination to strengthen the efficiency and visibility in a short span of time. Collaboration with WebSpero Solutions worked in favor of the business as they are the top experts in digital marketing working to drive results. Thereupon, the Italian Food Online Store is an outstanding destination to reach for relishing the quality and luscious cuisines.

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