Exit-Intent Pop-ups: Top Tips And Tricks To Generate Revenue

‘Leaving already? Enjoy the discount’, ‘Your cart is waiting’, ‘Don’t miss out’.

Well! This is how most of the websites convince you to get back when you are about to navigate away from it. Isn’t it? Known as exit-intent pop-ups, these are the type of website overlay used by brands to convert the visitors into conversion. 

The exit-intent popup is no more a secret but surely a powerful weapon meant to display soul-stirring ads when users are about to leave the website. Most of the enthusiastic brands make use of Exit-intent technology, which is a behavioral software to detect the mouse movement of visitors on the page. On discovering visitors leaving the website, the technology automatically presents a pop-up display to entice them.

Sounds interesting? Surely it is, as the concept is the prominent way to turn up the trumps in digital marketing. Even the conversion science says that you can save up to 10% to 15% of visitors by displaying dazzling pop-up on their abandonment. Now, are you too fascinated to relish additional revenue in a store with exit-intent popups? Here’s how you can do well.

Make Visitors Feel Special By Using Their Name

Where the primary hope of businesses in using exit-intent pop-ups is to get back the lost visitors, half of the chances are that these may end up annoying them. The reason being, too generic or simple content isn’t rip-roaring. 

The fact that 80% of customers prefer to buy from the brand that presents personalized services entails dropping the general ideas. The interesting solution is to make the visitors feel special by using their name in bold while displaying ads. Surprisingly, you do not need to grasp the straws in detecting the name of visitors as you can ask it in the previous pop-up or can get when they subscribed to email.


  • Bring Smile With Coupon Code Pop-Ups

Get 10% off on your cart…’ Who doesn’t like to hear such words when they drop around to shop at your website? You can use this as your core strategy to electrify the audience who is about to abandon your webpage. 

Further, presenting the discount code works like icing on the cake. The reason being, 93% of consumers are in search of a good deal and use discounts or promo codes throughout the year. Therefore, let the customers enjoy the discounts for hefty revenue in your store.

Coupon Code Pop-Ups

Here are the top benefits your brand can achieve by bringing a smile to visitor’s face with coupon pop-ups –

  • Create a sense of curiosity among them to search for other products on your website
  • Inspire them to return back soon to avail such amazing offers again.
  • Develops a win-win situation by benefiting both customers and businesses.


  • Surprise Them With Something Meaningful

Showing the visitors that you value them from the bottom of the heart is a sure-shot way of converting them into leads. One such fantastic way is to offer them content upgrades free of cost. 

Surprise Them With Something Meaningful

By content-upgrade, it means the higher-value version of the content they were glancing at your page. You can do so by presenting the downloadable PDF format of the blog or article they found useful so that they can save it for offline use. Video recordings, a Quick-start guide, and E-books also work in favor of your business.


  • Use ‘Wait’ As An Action-Packed Expression

Wait a second’ sounds like suspense and creates curiosity among the audience to look for the next step on your website. Since ‘wait’ is a powerful verb and won’t let the visitors leave without notice, you can use it in exit-intent pop-ups to enjoy more conversions.

Use ‘Wait’ As An Action-Packed Expression

It is suggested to harness this method on the landing page or product page that are meant to derive revenue. Don’t forget to highlight such an expression with bold and quirky colors to rouse the audience.


  • Fascinate Them With Free Shipping Pop-Ups

Do you know, ‘Consumers from four to five times are more inclined towards shopping the products when brands offer them free shipping’? You can use the flashes of shipping costs to be on the crest of the wave and lessen the chances of people abandoning your page due to considerable shipping. The best time to display free shipping pop-ups is during and after visitors add the items in the cart but leave without shopping. 

Fascinate Them With Free Shipping Pop-Ups

The two ways to head towards ‘free shipping exit-intent pop-ups are:

  • Offering coupon codes inside the pop-up
  • Include the link or button that say Apply the code instantly to make the visitors get back on the product page


  • Make Them Stick To The Page With Progress Bar

According to one of the famous studies by Dr. Brad A. Myers, people prefer progress indicators as it boosts satisfaction. To a little more surprise, displaying the same on display ads can surge the respondents’ engagement and help you enjoy the desired revenue.

The fact that incomplete tasks or situations cause a sense of discomfort among people, as proposed in the concept of the Zeigarnik effect, can urge your visitors to complete a full bar and move to the next step. In other words, displaying the progress bar in exit-intent pop-ups may charge the emotions among visitors, all leading in your favor.


  • Urge Them By Creating Urgency

Robin Sharma, a popular Candian writer once said, ‘Nothing happens until you move’. To make your visitors turn into profitable leads, you need to get into action now and make them grasp the value of your offer. This can be done by creating urgency in the exit-intent pop-up ads when they intend to leave the website for a thought that they might visit later.

Urge Them By Creating Urgency

The two most famous way to urge the visitors into taking actions are –

  • Including the timer to notify the expiration of discounts or offers
  • Including the limitation of stock to develop extremity


Amazon, the largest E-commerce company is an impeccable illustration of the concept as it displays the scarcity and urgency ads in a perfect way. It’s ‘Today Deals’ sections represent the limited offers and compel the visitors to shop immediately, ultimately resulting in an increase in its revenue.


  • Strike With Stellar Visuals And Animations

Developing a fascination among visitors is one of the best approaches to make them stick to the page or site. This is because folks have a 323% better grasp of visual representation than written content. 

Strike With Stellar Visuals And Animations

You can make this a key to boosting revenue by including stellar animations in your pop-ups ads. This is a definite tip to grab all eyes as consistently moving visuals blended with Call-to-Action stir visitors and they end up taking action on it.


  • Ensure Them With Social Proof

Another technique to glue the visitors on your page is to develop business credibility. Representing social proof, that is the number of people already harnessing your service is a great way to make a kill. This especially works like a magic for the brand that yearns for substantial joiners or subscribers to their content and services. 

Ensure Them With Social Proof

Knowing that such a tremendous amount of people are already in your business, most of the visitors get persuaded to make their decision in your favor. 


Bonus Tips

There is no limit to improve and be better in the field. Concerning this, here are a few more ways that you can harness in your exit-intent pop-ups to ace the game of advertising.

  • Roll on your pop-ups with arrows to give the visitors directions about what next.
  • Provide a choice of YES and NO to reduce the chance of visitors getting annoyed with your ads.
  • Hold a contest and display that in an ad to rouse people to participate in it.
  • Offer a free trial and represent it in your ad to make it tempting.
  • Ask the visitors to follow on other social media channels
  • Add testimonials in pop-ups to turn their thoughts positive towards you.
  • Make use of eye-catching colors and fonts to stir the eyes of people.


Peppy To Pop-Up In People’s Sight For Prosperity?

Now when you know that exit-intent pop-ups are just an extra bit of effort to convince the visitors to convert them into leads, are you ready to channelize them to enjoy tremendous revenue in 2021 and so on? All you need to implement exit-intent pop-up technology and blend the aforesaid out of the box idea to let the campaign be on the up and up.

For any doubt or wishing to get hold of groundbreaking strategies, hire WebSpero Solution – the top-rated digital marketing agency to come off with flying colors. Believing to disperse the essence of success, we deliver proven results to boost your leads, sales, and revenue. Get your part of success now!

Let’s raise a toast to the simpler route to raise revenue 🙂



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