12 Exceptional Online Marketing Tools in 2021 That Every Small Business Owner Should Know

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    Are you a small marketer with a tight budget and big ambitions? Some free online marketing tools can absolutely help!

    For a successful online marketing strategy, it is important that you are familiar with respective tools that not only simplify the task but also brings more productive results to your efforts.

    Here we have listed some of the free, oft-overlooked online marketing tools that can prove really powerful if used the right way. Let’s dig in and explore the path to productive Internet marketing.

    Free Online Marketing Tools You Often Overlook But Can Completely Redefine Your Marketing Strategy


    SEO is the main source of getting your brand indexed in search engines and Keyword Research is the base of SEO strategy. There are countless tools available to help search relevant keywords of your purpose. These are the 3 that marketers often oversee but we liked pretty much.


    1. Google Correlate

    When you are new to the marketing world, it’s no less than a blessing to get advice, and that too without any cost? Great isn’t it! Google Correlate is one gem of a tool that brings you advice right from the source itself. Google’s Correlate tool is most overlooked but marketers are not aware of its potential.

    Google Correlate webspero

    We tried out the tool and it works amazing! This is what we think of this tool.


    • You will find the list of related keywords, apart from the target keywords.
    • The tool additionally shows you the long tail keywords.
    • You can search on the basis of weekly or monthly time series.
    • Keyword research is also possible on the basis of the country.


    • The number of correlations it offers is overwhelming.
    • It shows error at the time of uploading a file.


    That was it! Except that you need to shortlist the keywords from a ton of options (which is Keyword Research all about), the online marketing tool works wonder. You don’t have to follow the flock by adopting the same tools as others are. Give this less-known tool a try and you will know why we listed it here.

    Price: Available for free.


    2. Soovle

    Wouldn’t you love it when Google autocompletes the keyword research you are up to? Soovle is the tool that does the job well. Like Google’s autocomplete feature which is used in generating blog titles and keywords, Soovle also works in a similar way and offers you autocomplete suggestions from different sources.

    Soolve webspero


    • Autocompletes the keywords suggestions you enter.
    • Picks suggestions from a list of sources, including Google (default), Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, and Wikipedia.
    • You can change the default source from Google to another from the available options with one-click.
    • Shows lists of all possible keywords, longtail keywords, and keyword phrases matching your search item.
    • Quick and easy.


    • Manually shortlist keywords that suit your requirement.
    • Can’t search location-wise


    Overall, Soovle is another great option for keyword research tools. Not just it is free to use but also offers great help in finding the best keyword selections matching your need.

    Price: Available for free.


    3. Ubersuggest 

    If you are a marketer in search of not only text-based keywords, then Ubersuggest is your best bet. The keyword research tool provides you with options to choose keywords on the basis of different categories. Here’s an extract of the tool in brief.

    ubersuggest webspero


    • Suggests keywords on the basis of location.
    • Find keywords from different sources, including Web, news, YouTube, images, and more.
    • Use ‘*’ to find automatic suggestions
    • You can also select keywords alphabetically.
    • Possible to download selected keywords.
    • Lets you expand the keywords


    • The process to go through all keywords is time-consuming and tiring.


    We are really shocked on how can marketers ignore the potential of Ubersuggest. The keyword tool offers a gamut of useful features that can prove a game-changer for your SEO strategy.

    Price: Available for free.


    In marketing, deep analysis of your website plays a crucial role. By doing so, you review the determining factors of your visibility in search engines.

    Check out the tools we found quite interesting in simplifying your website auditing task.

    4. Woorank

    Woorank is a powerful yet less-known SEO-Audit and Website Review tool. It helps marketers analyze their website in depth to make them easy to be found. It’s disheartening to see such a great tool not getting the popularity and userbase it should be. Anyways, let’s have a quick look at what the tool has got.

    woorank webspero


    • All-in-one package for website owners, in-house SEO team, and large-scale SEO firms.
    • Ability to control and manage relevant improvements for top webpages.
    • You can download the search results as PDF files or as slides.
    • Available as an extension for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox


    • Free version is available as 14-days trial only.
    • Few reports are out of your reach if you haven’t upgraded to the paid version.


    Woorank is a wonderful tool for small marketers who have tight budgets to meet their requirements. You can even use Woorank without actually signing up using a trick. The subscriptions start at really reasonable rates, so even if it does cost you some bucks, you shouldn’t overlook the amazing feature set it offers.

    Price: There are 3 pricing plans of Woorank, with the base subscription starting $49.99 onwards.

    5. Seoptimer

    Locate the critical errors on your website within seconds with this feature-rich tool we spotted. Although not on the first rank, Seoptimer offers marketers great help with suggestions on what needs to be improved, changed, and what you should do next on your website.

    It’s really easy to use and the interface of the tool is extremely user-friendly.

    seoptimer webspero


    • Instant results.
    • Suggests with options on what to do next to make website more SEO-friendly.
    • Report is downloadable as PDF file.
    • It can test any subpage.
    • Shows detailed report of corrections and errors.
    • Available as a Google Chrome extension.


    • The only flip point of the tool is that it isn’t exactly a free tool. After a trial period of 14 days, you need to upgrade to the paid version.


    Seoptimer is meant for those marketers who are in search of a complete website auditing package within a small budget. The tool offers every detail on website elements along with suggestions.

    Price: Available for free.

    6. Website Grader

    Find out how powerful your website is with this feature-rich tool for website auditing. Website Grader works very in a simple way. Just enter your website URL which you want to receive the report about.

    websitegrader webspero


    • Fantastically, the report shows details on everything from site speed, page size, page requests, to page redirects, browser caching, compression, and render blocking.
    • Separate suggestions for SEO, performance, mobile, and security.
    • Suggestions on what you need to do next.


    • Available as a free tool in its 30-days trial pack.
    • No suggestion or improvement report on content throughout the website.


    Website Grader is a useful tool when you want a detailed report of your website in a user-friendly and engaging interface. One thing that makes it better is the well-ordered and separate reports on different factors. For small marketers, it’s a really handy tool.

    Price: Available for free.


    Your business, brand, anything you do online is incomplete without promoting it on social media these days. For small marketers, use of free social media tools that offer functionality like the paid ones is a blessing. Your marketing campaigns and management on social media can be a turning point if you use the ideal tool.

    7. Hootsuite

    Although quite popular, most people do not know that Hootsuite can be a perfect social media tool as well. It encompasses so many features worth trying out for small marketers who rely on free tools for their social media management.



    • Supports around 35 popular social media platforms.
    • Dedicated tool for automatically finding and scheduling content.
    • Real-time analytics to help you make data-driven decisions.
    • Message tracking and mentions.
    • You can use Hootlet plug-in to share information with ease.
    • Add multiple teams to specific social media accounts or as required along with other team collaboration options.


    • Free trial for 30 days only.
    • Some advanced features are locked for paid version.


    If you are inclined towards finding a social media tool for personal use then Hootsuite is the best solution. But for commercial use, you might want to switch to its paid Enterprise version which offers best of its features.

    Price: There are 4 plans to choose from. The base subscription starts from Rs.1260/mo*.

    8. Buffer

    Track your followers and adjust your posts accordingly with Buffer. The social media solution presents you with a better way of sharing and managing your activities. In addition to, it has scheduling and other interesting features worth checking out.


    • Finds best times to share content to make it visible to your fans and followers.
    • Schedule posts.
    • Supports all major social media networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Multimedia options to add images, videos, and even use pablo.
    • Available for Android, iOS, and as a browser extension.
    • A pool of customization options such as font sizes, formatting, typography, and more.
    • Clean and simple layout.


    • Most options are based around scheduling posts and posting content.
    • Not a forever free tool. After 30 days, you need to choose from Small Business, Medium Business, and Large Business versions ranging $50/$100/250 per month.
    • No Instagram integration into the platform


    Schedule your posts easily using this superb tool. It smartly tracks the activity of your fans and following and finds the ideal time to post in order to bring you maximum exposure and response. Buffer is quite impressive in many aspects yet lacks a bit in one or two, which you can ignore if you are trying to cut short on budget.

    Price: There are 2 different categories for “Individuals” and “Teams and Agencies”. The base subscription for Individual is available for free whereas for the second category, it starts at $99.

    9. Tweetdeck

    Almost disregarded after the introduction of new tools, marketers are unaware of what Tweetdeck can actually do. The social media tool is best for those marketers who are Twitter-based. It brings personalized Twitter features to your door without paying anything.

    tweetdeck webspero


    • Absolutely free for Twitter users.
    • Offers options like custom timelines, team accounts, and Twitter lists and searches.
    • Manage multiple accounts.
    • Track lists, searches, and more.


    • Functionality limited to Twitter only. Other social media networks not supported.
    • No build-in analytics
    • Not very usable on mobile devices


    If your business is circled around Twitter as the major focus, then none can be better than Tweetdeck for managing your social media activities. In short, it’s master of what it does yet not an all-rounder.

    Price: Tweetdeck is free to use for registered Twitter users.


    Regarded as one of the most vital elements of SEO and online marketing, most marketers know the term Link Building and its importance but are likely to be unaware of these superior link building tools that can be of great use at no price.

    10. HARO

    Although not so popular among the marketers, but HARO can work as a brilliant link building tool. If used properly, it acts as a great tool for marketing and building your brand with the useful links from SEO point of view.

    Haro webspero


    • Builds the brand reputation by bringing you authority links and press.
    • You don’t need to go striving for links as the journalists come to you for information in return of links.
    • SEO-friendly technique, followed by some of the most popular media outlets.
    • Brings diverse profile of useful links related to your niche.


    • Cannot be used as a single source of link building.
    • Only the basic version is free that does not offer all the necessary features. For more results, you need to upgrade to the Standard, Advanced, or Premium version ($19/$49/$49).
    • The journalists do not always respond or easily accept your contribution.


    HARO is not originally a link building tool so if you want a complete solution then it might not be the perfect fit. But, if used right the same can prove a passive way of bringing you relevant backlinks on your niche from high authority media outlets.

    Price: The basic package is free to use, with 3 paid packages starting at $19/mo.

    11. Check My Links

    Do you follow Broken Link Building technique for marketing? If you do, then no other tool can be as useful as Check My Links. The tool works simply on broken links concept and is best at it. For small marketers who need a free tool to identify broken links, this is an apt solution.


    • Available as a Google Chrome extension.
    • Checks for all broken links on a webpage.
    • Publishes HTTP response codes and full URLs of broken links in the Console log.
    • Completely free.


    • Available only as a Google Chrome extension. Other marketers using different browser may have to go empty handed.
    • Focuses only on identifying and highlighting broken links on a webpage.


    Focused mainly on broken links, Check My Links is a great tool for getting rid of non-working links throughout a web page. But the catch here is that it does not offer any other features related to broader concepts of Internet marketing and link building. Overall, it is perfect for the purpose it is meant for and can be used as an additional tool.

    Price: Extension available for free.

    12. LinkMiner

    Pretty much like a better version of Check My Links, LinkMiner offers you two-in-one functionality when it comes to broken links. Marketers who not only want to know the broken links on their web page but are also interested in knowing the number of broken links pointing to the page can completely rely on LinkMiner.


    • Google Chrome extension available.
    • Highlights broken links on an entire webpage.
    • Shows a total number of broken links pointing to a webpage.
    • Shows the count of total outbound links in a page on a Google SERP.


    • No extension for other browsers.
    • Ideal option only for finding Broken Link.


    LinkMiner is a supercool marketing tool when all you need is a dedicated solution to manage broken links. It offers multiple features that make managing broken links easy and fun. BUT…if you want an all-in-one tool for link building, it might be a secondary choice to consider.

    Price: Extension available for free.

    THE BONUS TOOL – Canva

    Even though the list has ended, we have a bonus tool for marketers that they should use for all the image-editing work. Canva is a multifunctional picture tool that makes creating graphics not only easy but also an engaging process.

    Marketers at times need something in graphics that can captivate the viewer like infographics, banners, memes, and many more multimedia items. For small marketers and businesses, Canva is the first choice. Apart from creating new ones, you can even edit the existing images with a few available features and then save them on the cloud.

    canva webspero


    • Offers all-in-one toolbox for graphic designers.
    • Around 100 fonts and 8,000 templates available.
    • You can make presentations, business cards, posters, Facebook event covers, infographics, and more using this multifunctional tool.
    • More organization and storage
    • Available as an extension for Google Chrome.

    It’s simply not possible to list all the wonderful features that Canva offers. We recommend you to give this dedicated designer tool a try and you will not regret the decision.


    • Free icons are limited, to use more you need to pay $1 per icon.
    • Though the basic version is free of cost, if you need Canva for official work, then you would be required to purchase its monthly or yearly subscription.


    Canva is a great option for all the designing work, especially if you need to use the free templates. Considering the price, yes it costs you some bucks, but it is still cheaper than other professional tools. So all in all, Canva comes as a decent choice for social media graphics and tons of additional features.

    Price: Paid subscription starts at $13/month or $100/year.

    The Conclusion

    Online marketing is the soul of building your brand online and there’s always a right and a wrong way of performing it. Before deciding one tool for every specific purpose, I will recommend you to better test all three choices first and then pick one. If you don’t find a single option that fits all your purposes, fret not and use a combination of tools. It’s no crime!

    What you need for a powerful and successful online marketing strategy is a mix of all tools that will help you throughout your journey to increase traffic, improve search engine ranking, establish an identity on social media, productive email marketing, unique content strategy, and getting customers!

    Got suggestions? Feel free to leave your feedback in comments below.