Streamlining Kitchen Operations and Boosting Customer Satisfaction with a Dedicated Mobile App


Brand: Sky Zone – Trampoline Park

Sky Zone is a popular trampoline park and the originator of wall-to-wall aerial action. Its ideology is to provide a playing space where “you can be yourself.” At present, Sky Zone has over 300 parks worldwide.


While Sky Zone was already experiencing significant benefits from the mobile app we previously developed to streamline ticketing, party bookings, etc, they were facing some specific challenges within their kitchen operations. Some of the challenges they needed our help with included:

  • Difficulty in notifying users about the availability of food ordering options via the existing app.
  • Ensuring that users could only place food orders within a 100-meter radius of the park location.
  • Requirement for real-time display of orders from multiple users to the kitchen staff.
  • Need for instant notifications to customers regarding the status of their food orders.
  • Lack of integration with Wi-Fi-connected printers for seamless invoice printing.


To address these challenges, we developed a dedicated kitchen app using React Native, supporting both Android tablets and iPads. Here’s how we approached the solution:

  • Using geolocation services, we implemented push notifications within a 100-meter radius, prompting users to order food through the customer app.
  • Leveraging the Firebase Realtime Database, we ensured that order status changes were reflected in real-time across both the kitchen and customer apps. Moreover, push notifications were employed to notify users instantly.
  • Furthermore, we designed the kitchen app to connect seamlessly with a Wi-Fi-enabled printer for printing invoices directly from the app interface.
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The implementation of the Sky Zone Kitchen App delivered significant improvements:

  • Customers can now order food conveniently from their mobile devices without waiting in lines.
  • Users can earn points through app-based spending, enhancing customer retention and satisfaction.
  • The kitchen now efficiently tracks orders, manages customer data, including repeat visits, and generates detailed earning reports and insights.

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