Top Tips To Optimize Your Content For The Voice Search Revolution

Technology evolution never settles at one point because a lot of genius minds are struggling to make it more productive & easy to use. The dependency on digital technology is rising day by day which is also increasing the expectations of users. As per the current trends of world wide web, artificial intelligence integration in voice search is drawing the attention of every marketer. The virtual voice assistants like Amazon Alexa & Google Home are already hitting the market with massive curiosity among people. Thus; it becomes essential for every website to be optimized according to the algorithm of voice search. New strategies for voice search optimization in 2019 are way different than previous practices because this feature requires special attention by digital marketers.


Voice search optimization & how come to existence?

The voice search that we are utilizing currently was actually introduced by Google in 2013 in their latest algorithm called Hummingbird. In just the next 5 years, it evolved to a significant level with the help of machine learning. Currently, people don’t even want to type the words with the keyboard. They need something more convenient that obey every command by recognizing the voice. The voice search optimization is actually the optimization of relevant keywords pointing the web search towards a particular website or mobile application. It is the duty of the best SEO professionals to optimize the content according to the latest voice search trends. Below are some points to guide you for optimizing content for voice search and virtual assistants.


Tips To Optimize The Content According To The Voice Search Algorithm


1. Create Content Including Conversational Tone

While creating the content for a website, keep it in a conversational tone in order to engage more visitors. Lines containing keywords ending with a question mark are helpful in optimizing the website for voice search. For instance, if you say “Ok Google, where is the largest water park in Australia?” The keyword “largest water park in Australia” in this like become content that talks back. In response, the voice assistants answer back with relevant websites that contain such kind of specific words.


2. Consider The Perspective Of The Customer

In a voice search optimized content, you need to write everything from the perspective of a customer. Stop thinking like a marketer using luring phrases to attract potential customers. Start thinking like a customer who actually needs your particular product or service. The content must contain words that add value such as what do they actually need to buy. Before adding keywords, open your voice assistance on the smartphone and try to search for the relevant product or service. What you talk as a potential customer will surely add a great value to your content meant for voice optimization.


3. Prefer Long-Tail Keywords For Voice Search

You must be using voice search assistance on the smartphone to browse the internet nowadays. Have you ever noticed that what you type & what you speak are totally different? Actually, we use long-tail keywords while speaking to the voice assistant. Focus on keyword phrases & long-tail keywords rather than sticking with the primary keyword only. Add the lines that we use in natural language rather the keywords that are meant for bots. For instance, the keyword “Camping sites” has less relevance for voice search as compared to “Suggest the best camping sites for adventure near me”. A random user talks more than he/she writes. Therefore the contest must have long-tail keywords.


4. Focus On Featured Snippets Of Website

The voice search algorithm is utilizing snippets of the website for indexing. A snippet is the summarized content that appears when you try to find something using a search engine. In the search engine results list, some content is mentioned along with the address of every website that must contain your long-tail keywords. Voice search assistant considers snippets in priority to obtain all relevant results according to the user’s search preference. If your website has a well-optimized & informative snippet, the probability of better ranking in the results will be higher.


5. Optimize The Website With Mobile-First Indexing

Mobile-first indexing is the present and future of digital marketing because the number of smartphone users is much higher than PC or laptop users. Google has already rolled out its algorithm that ensures better ranking for a website which is optimized according to mobile display interfaces. Most of the voice searches queries are done through smartphones. If you have a mobile-friendly website with content relevant to voice search, consider it as the best approach for search engine optimization.

Artificial intelligence is rapidly making improvements in the voice search assistance feature and it is surely going to change the way people use the internet. Sooner or later, voice search optimization will become an integral part of the digital marketing process. Thus; it’s better to prepare the websites already according to the upcoming trends.


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