How To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Brand

While only a handful of people call it an unreliable platform, Wikipedia is the fifth most popular website in the world. Founded in 2001, Wikipedia has 301 language editions and more than 36,600,000 active Wikipedia accounts as of now. From big businesses and brands to renowned celebrities, everyone wants to create a Wikipedia page, thanks to the exposure it offers to users and the credibility of the information. 


What Exactly Is Wikipedia?

For a layman, it is a website with numbers of pages that people can access to learn about popular businesses, brands, or celebrities. People with little knowledge around the platform call it an open source website that can be used for branding. However, Wikipedia is more than just a site to share knowledge. 

When used in the right way, Wikipedia is a reliable knowledge source that helps both the reader and the one who wrote the page. For example, a well-written Wikipedia page of business makes people aware of its working, history, services, and achievements in an informative way. On the other side, it helps a business by improving its reputation, results on the search engine, and increasing its sales. 

When it comes to branding, Wikipedia is one of the most reliable websites on the Internet to list brands. Although there are a plethora of opportunities online to promote a business to Internet users easily, a Wikipedia page is always in the list of a company for the branding purpose.


Why Have A Wikipedia Page 

Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia where users can create pages to share knowledge with the netizens. From celebrities to brands and non-profit organizations, there are Wikipedia pages for a variety of purposes. 

Like everything else in the world, there needs to be a reason to create a Wikipedia page. One of the most apparent benefits of a Wikipedia page is credibility. People around the world, especially young ones, explore the details about a company before taking its services or buying a product. Although a famous brand or product may have numbers of articles over the World Wide Web, online customers are wary of scams. Wikipedia is a trusted source over the Internet that convinces readers that they are accessing the correct information around a company. 

There are several other reasons to justify why have a Wikipedia page.


Improved Reputation 

Even if you are offering high-quality services or a product with a good discount, there is a massive possibility that not many people buy from you. This thing happens because people don’t trust your brand. To convince them that you are a legitimate brand, you need trusted sources on the Internet that verify your existence and help you to improve your brand’s reputation. Wikipedia is one such online platform that netizens from around the world trust to learn about a famous celeb, a company, or a product. 


Enhanced Online Visibility 

Many are aware that Wikipedia is a favorite website of Google search engine. You must have noticed that whenever you search something, Wikipedia results come at the top. You can use the platform to create your brand’s Wikipedia page to enhance its online visibility. When you have a page, you can provide users with reliable results around your brand at the top of the Google search engine. 


Link To Your Site  

Internet users know Wikipedia as a high-authority site that allows businesses, brands, and individuals to link their official sites to their Wiki page. In this way, they get a high-quality backlink that helps raise the status of the business on the Internet. Internet marketing experts understand the importance of high-quality SEO Wikipedia backlinks that help to boost a brand’s search engine results. 


Increased Sales And Revenue

As Wikipedia is a reputed and trusted online source of information, it convinces people to believe that you are a legitimate brand that they can trust. In this manner, you get a platform that brings customers to your business and helps to increase sales.  


Steps To Create A Wikipedia Page For Your Brand

As of now, there are more than 5,878,000 articles in the English Wikipedia, including an article on ‘Size of Wikipedia’. Practically, there is a Wikipedia page for almost everything. As it’s an open-source platform, you get the freedom to write an article for your brand and post it here. However, uploading your page doesn’t mean it will stay up there on the platform. The website has a set of guidelines and policies to ensure that people share relevant and accurate information with netizens. Apart from that, ‘how to get a Wikipedia page’ is a multi-step process that starts with creating your brand’s page and ends with submitting it for review. Let’s discuss them in details:


Create Your Wikipedia Account 

Before start writing a Wikipedia page for your brand, make sure that you have created an account with the platform. It is advisable to have an account before start editing the Wikipedia page of your brand because the platform saves and makes your IP address visible when you start writing without a Wikipedia account. It means you are writing an article as an anonymous user, which is not a reputed activity over the platform.


Build The Reputation

Although you can begin editing your page directly after creating a Wikipedia account, building a reputation with the platform is a better move. The reason is that accounts with the reputation are trusted by the website, and articles submitted by them are posted quickly with fewer reviews. How to build a reputation with the platform? The most simple and effective way is to edit some articles already posted by other users. Here, it is essential to ensure that the edits are genuine.


Search For Name

Creating a Wikipedia page is a serious game, where ‘plagiarism’ is against the rules. To get an article on the platform around your brand, you need to ensure that the piece is original and authentic. It starts with the name of a brand on Wikipedia. It needs to be unique and genuine. To check its authenticity, you can search your brand name on the website. If you don’t see any results, then it means the platform doesn’t have an article with the same name you entered in the search field. In this case, you are allowed to build your page.


Create Your Page

Once you have the freedom to create a Wikipedia page using your brand name, your next step is to begin writing the article. Although the platform gives you the freedom to create the page as per your wish, it is advisable to follow regulations set by the website. Apart from that, there is a standard format that companies and brands use to create their pages.


Consider Wikipedia Article Wizard & Sandbox   

When you select ‘ask for the page to be created’, you reach a page with instructions to create an article. To move forward, choose Wikipedia article wizard. Once you click it, you are given the freedom to either create a piece or practice it in the sandbox. You can choose any one as per your needs. 


Link Your Page

Wikipedia allows you to share your brand’s information with readers. It also gives you the freedom to link the page with other pages over the Internet. These are citations that ensure Wikipedia that there are other online sources that feature information you have shared on the page. Here, you can link your official website with the page and make Wikipedia SEO strategy a way to promote your business.  


Submit Your Page

The final step in your ‘how to create a Wikipedia page for my company’ process is submitting your page for review. Before publishing the article, the website will check for its authenticity and genuineness. Wikipedia will publish your brand page only when it is convinced that the piece is genuine and original. 


Wrap Up  

There are millions of active websites on the Internet, and many of them allow brands to promote their services directly. However, netizens do not trust all of them. They trust platforms like Wikipedia which do not believe in circulating biased information. It is necessary for your brand to have its page on such an online platform. A Wikipedia page will present you as a legitimate brand and let you avail its facilities to grab the attention of Internet users and convert them into loyal clients for your business.

Now that you have understood how to get a Wikipedia page, start building your brand page and attain new heights of success.  


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