Online Reputation Management – Best Practices for 2020

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    What is our prior response when asked about a famous personality, group or brand? Obviously, executing an online search & finding information on all possible websites. Our perception for someone or something now completely depends on relevant content which is mentioned on the internet. Here comes the role of ORM aka Online Reputation Management. Digital marketing has numerous scopes & even most of them are still unexplored. Fortunately, we are now capable of managing the reputation level through various smart strategies. 


    People recognize our business more than us, so the reputation of a brand has great significance in current times. Just a few negative reviews or star ratings and consider a business doomed. For a positive influential approach towards potential & existing customers criteria, you need some serious strategies & robust frameworks for their implementation. Currently, most of the companies are struggling with a common issue of supporting their brand with a significant online identity. As a digital marketer, it is your duty to stay aware of every single technique. For your convenience, some result-oriented ideas are mentioned below in detail. 

    Identify The Current Online Status

    What is the status of current online reputation? This must be your first considerable point before going further to manage it. The reputation of a business can be positive, negative or neutral. Is your business appearing in the search results or not? If appearing, what is the current perception of people towards it? These are some very basic questions that you need to clarify. It helps a lot in designing a campaigning structure by including different strategies and milestones. The importance of ORM becomes more apparent once you realize the current online status.

    Seek Help From Advanced ORM Tools

    Setup a Google Alert for your online business and keep yourself up to date with every latest activity. Google alert is a smart tool that will notify you every time when the brand name is mentioned in a blog, guest post, forum or any kind of online conversation. If someone is posting a review, Google will send an alert with its web address. Visit there & check whether it is implying a positive or negative impact on your targeted business. Apart from Google, some third-party service providers like Reputology, MeltWater & ChatMeter are also providing this facility with more customized options. 

    Actively Monitor Campaigning Effectiveness

    Reputation management is not just about implementing strategies in a sequence but also monitoring their consequences. The online brand reputation management tools can help you with this concern. Choose a tool capable of representing the data in an easy to understand graphical format. It may include features like the insight of 24 hours, new results, trend graph, different result sources and a comparison chart with previous results. If you will keep a sharp eye on these factors, it becomes convenient to customize the strategies before time passes away from hands.                                   

    Professionally Handle Negative Comments 

    Negative & positive responses of customers are integral parts of every business. There is no way to run away from negative reviews even if you are giving 100%. The only thing in your hands is handling the entire negativity professionally. Always remember that this is not your personal social media or discussion forum account where any kind of language is allowed.  Always respond back professionally and with soft words. Your rough behavior will turn the situation into its worst phase. Be a good listener, acknowledge their points and respond back with a resolving comment rather than argument. 

    Influence Them For a Second Chance of Resolution

    When a user of your product or service is dissatisfied, get ready for a negative review. However, losing them from your customer base is a more awful thing. The only way to regaining their trust is by solving the problem as soon as possible. If you manage to solve the problem in a satisfactory way, there will be more than 70% chances of their comeback. Identify the problem and conclude whether it is fixable or not. If yes, your efforts can turn a negative comment into positive & save a long term relationship too.

    Identifying Influencers & Promoters 

    For successful reputation management, you need to identify the trustful influencers & promoters. Influencers are the people who are already supporting your brand on social media and conversation forums. The external influencers are very helpful because they can motivate potential customers with better information as compared to the paid marketing experts. It is very convenient to identify a positive influencer from a conversation in the comments section. They can also help you as an alternative to a social media manager.

    Track Your Successful Competitor’s Strategy

    There is no shame in following a successful person. With smart tools like Alexa Ranking, you can easily identify the closest & more successful competitors in a particular online business. A large number of free & premium grade tools are available online where you can check the high ranking keywords of a competitor. The comparison between your total brand mentions Vs competitor’s brand mentions can clear a wide picture of reputation status. Moreover, the forum users count, subscribers & followers are also easy to identify. All these factors are very helpful in identifying the glitches in your strategy.

    Pay Attention To The Campaigning Metrics 

    A lot of questions may be erupting in your mind such as how to do ORM in digital marketing or who will assist you in managing everything? Search online and you will find some smart tools to sort out all these issues. There are some important metrics of campaigning that you must never ignore while managing the online reputation of an online business. It is crucial to evaluate the campaigning effectiveness on the basis of every single keyword. The keyword on which you are working for a long time must have maximum possible mentions on social media, forums, blogs & guest posts. Pay close attention to the monthly traffic of mentioned sources. Graphical representation of total estimated reach, number of backlinks & total number of comments in forums are some small yet crucial factors to consider. A good reputation management tool can comprise all these features.

    Consistent Blogging, Guest Posting & Press Releases 

    Content relevant to your brand name plays a key role in online reputation maintenance for the long run. Never miss the opportunity of guest blogging on the websites having high DA & PA. Start your own blog and maintain consistency in contents uploading in it. Here, you are free to increase or decrease the number of mentions. Consider it as a long term investment. Gradually increasing mentions of your brand name will surely help in improving the brand status. Apart from this, press releases also contribute a lot to the enhancement of brand reputation. Press releases contain formal & to-the-point content with some promotional tone. A well-formatted press release is very helpful in educating the potential customers regarding your upcoming product, service or business vision. 

    Reputation plays a key role in the success stories of all famous businesses. By maintaining a positive perspective towards your brand among potential customers, you can achieve the desired milestones of success much earlier than expected. These ORM techniques have a great significance in the current times. Pay attention to every small detail if you want to stay ahead of competitors.