13 NFT Marketing Strategies to Promote And Sell Your Collection!

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NFT Marketing

NFTs or the Non-fungible tokens have taken both the art and the digital world by storm. Last year, Elon Musk’s girlfriend Grimes sold her NFT artworks for $5.8 Million in just 20 minutes. Recently, one digital artwork known as The Merge by digital artist Pak sold for $91.8 million.

If you are an artist, you can, too, try your luck in NFTs. However, you are not Grimes or Pak. So, for you as an NFT creator, one of the biggest problems is promoting your collection. Fortunately, this blog is your rescue. Below you will find thirteen surefire ways to promote and sell your NFT collection.

How to Promote and Sell NFT Fast?

Creating an NFT is not that complex. The real challenge is how to get your NFTs talked about and sold. And for that, you will have to make it known to others. These strategies will help you achieve this goal:

Embrace Social Media For Personal Branding

Using social media is the answer to – how do you successfully market an NFT?

Embrace Social Media For Personal Branding

For your NFT auction to be visible, you must talk about it on social networks and share the link on your profiles. Twitter is currently the most popular platform for promoting and selling your digital art. The site allows people who follow you to retweet your initial message to their entire community.

Thus you increase the visibility of your NFT. Also, it makes it easy to share image galleries, sound, video, etc. We won’t be surprised if, in the long term, Twitter proposes an integration of NFTs on its platform.

Instagram is also very important to highlight your portfolio and expose your current projects. Indeed, when collectors seek to buy a work of art, they inquire about the artist.

So you have to exist as an artist on the networks and show the evolution of your art, showing that you are gaining popularity. Also, share your daily life, the way you create, special moments with your community. The trajectory and evolution of an artist’s work can be decisive for collectors.

It’s called personal branding, and it’s super important to work on your image as an artist if you want to make a living from your art.

Why Twitter and Instagram?

Twitter, which allows users to share links, has become the go-to platform for publicizing crypto-art sales. Likewise, Instagram offers a platform to showcase your portfolio – not only your current projects but also your past work.

The illustrator and designer Oscar Liorens, who has sold seven of the eight works, says Twitter works wonders for showcasing a series. In addition, it allows you to share several images while putting the text in an important place because it’s the first thing you see.

Make Hashtags Increase Engagement

Make Hashtags Increase Engagement
Source Image: searchenginejournal.com

In today’s world, millions of conversations are happening in the social world at any second. The most successful way to create and improve engagement is to use the right hashtags. This will increase your chances of being seen by collectors.

The most attention gaining hashtags are:


Including some of these hashtags or terms in your profile description is useful. Also, you can search the real-time trending hashtags using tools like hashtagify me. Their tags work on both Twitter and Instagram.

Take Help of Digital Marketing

Take Help of Digital Marketing

You can, of course, apply all the classic digital marketing strategies to promote your digital artwork. For that, you can choose either of these digital marketing strategies:

Search Engine Optimization

Get your artwork famous on Google over specific keyphrases like

  • Best (your theme name) NFT,
  • Best NFT artist,
  • Top famous NFTs, etc.

For example, if you are a creator of dark theme NFTs, SEO experts like us can get you in the top position on the search results when someone searches for “Best Dark Theme NFTs”. To know more about this NFT marketing strategy, claim a free consultation with our experts.

Paid Advertisements

Paid advertising can help you promote your NFTs over social media, Search engines like Google, and their network. The concept is simple and commonly known as SEA – search engine advertising. The search engine will display your artwork or profile to your target audience and charge you for that.

Social Media Marketing

You are already familiar with what Instagram and Twitter can do to sell your NFTs collection quickly. It can help you promote your work and convince the collectors to purchase your NFTs. With social media marketing, you can speed up the promotion process.

But as like every other good thing, it also comes with a price. You have to pay social media marketers to create a successful social media marketing strategy.

Below are some links to Twitter accounts and Facebook groups you should follow to find out where to go in the world of NFTs:

Pro Tip: Invest in Ambush marketing if you can!

Share How You Work

Think – How do you make hype for an NFT?

Answer: By sharing the creative process, showing how your work is put together, and what inspires you. This is something that seems to be of great interest to people, including the NFT community and collectors.

So what’s the best way to do it?

Through sharing fragments of your workspace and glimpses of your work wherever you can. Images of artists working in their studios also generate a lot of interest. Moreover, you can share works of other artists you admire with a view to conservation.

Help Tip: NFT power is a site that helps creators show their work to the world.

Use Reddit Threads For Promotion

Use Reddit Threads For Promotion

Reddit is a content-sharing website and application whose community has the right to vote. If content gets many votes, it goes up in the Reddit rankings and becomes visible to more and more people. If it receives negative votes, it gets down.

On this platform, you can showcase your work in artist community threads, like reddit.com/r/CryptoArt, which has nearly 8 million users. Plus, you can use its educational articles to understand and research all about NFTs marketing.

Pitch Collectors

On Twitter, you will meet crypto art investors waiting to purchase NFTs if someone can convince them. So, it is a good approach to pitch them directly with private messages. But there is no guarantee that it will be a successful effort.

Try to narrow your reach to collectors that have already bid on your work or are known to you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you may also find some non-authentic investors. So, think smart and hard before closing a deal.

Launch Collaborations

In the NFT universe, unity is strength. Months back, a collaboration of 100 little-known artists, organized by an artist and writer called Loopify, sold for seven times the price originally put on. We see similar patterns every then and now in the sale. So, collaborations are a growing trend. Take advantage of it.

Collaborations are a classic way to develop your skills and abilities. Moreover, they are a great way to reach new people. After establishing yourself as an NFT artist, offer collaborations to other artists. This will allow you to expand your communities or even sell joint works.

Share Your Work on Discord

Discord is a social platform designed to allow users to create chat rooms for various purposes. It is known as Slack for gamers and now also for crypto artists. Besides chat, Discord offers more professional features like sharing and storing gear and documents. In addition, Crypto galleries usually have chat rooms that you can join to share your work.

Moreover, there are many Discord groups where NFT collectors and enthusiasts meet. Some of these groups are more or less private. There are even groups that have become legendary in the world of NFT art. Access to them is restricted, and those who manage to enter are considered the elite.

Subscribe to NFT Newsletters

There are already NFT trend hunters out there looking for artworks with the highest sales potential. NFT Hunters is one of them. Once or twice a week, this site sends a list of the best works to its subscribers’ email or Telegram account.

In some cases, if there is breaking news or a sudden trend in the market, subscribers will receive an additional email with all the details. It’s very easy to submit your work to the attention of these trend hunters: just send an email to the address on their site.

Explore Metaverse

Metaverses are 3D universes accessible through a browser that allows you to explore a virtual world using your avatar and perform different actions there, such as creating your space and interacting with other people.

In the metaverse of NFTs, the best known are Cryptovoxels, Somnium Space, and Decentraland. Here you will find buildings owned by NFT collectors and creators where their collections are displayed, and where people gather to have fun, socialize, or participate in events and exhibitions.

Explore Metaverse

Cryptovoxels is accessible from both mobile and desktop browsers and is a cool place to hang out and browse art. At Decentraland, you’ll find some really cool mini-games, crazy digital architecture, some pretty fun gigs, and a ton of art. Both have completely different looks and feels that will make your virtual exploration random and exciting.

In addition to the crypto metaverse, there are also many NFT-related events in virtual worlds, such as AltspaceVR and Mozilla-built coin hubs. These events are usually quite specialized and attract many collectors determined to buy something new. You will get notifications of these events on their Twitter account.

Use Your Personal Channels

NFTs are new and exciting, and new people are entering the market every day. Promote your NFT projects the same way you would promote your other projects. Show your supporters that you are now in the game and inspire new collectors to join your work.

Update your website with new information about your work. Plan campaigns around promoting your project and prepare previews, trailers, and announcements to be released a few days before the release of your work. Simply put, go ahead, promote it and keep doing it.

Educate Your Community

If you already have a community but are not aware of NFTs, you will have to communicate about your NFT work and the method to use to buy your NFT. The best thing is to make a page or a site dedicated to the sale of the NFT explaining your approach and offering a more simple way (payment by credit card, transfer, etc.) to buy this NFT without having to train in cryptocurrencies. Once you get the payment, you can send a tutorial to the buyer and ask him to give you his wallet address to transfer the NFT to him.

Involve in Conversations

One of the best ways to get known in the NFT world is through simple conversations. Participate in open discussions on Twitter, share your creative ideas on Discord channels, participate in calls and streaming parties, hang out in group chats.

Try creating a small community or joining a small community and you might create new opportunities or learn more about how to showcase your work. Also, make sure to download the Telegram Chat app. There are a lot of group chats there, and it makes it easy for international creators to connect on the phone.

Additional Tip – Stay True To Yourself

Given the current rising trend, it’s understandable that many artists are turning to NFTs. However, those who have already cashed in on this trend know how addictive it can be.
Everything is so new and unpredictable that it feels like it will all be over tomorrow, so you have to take advantage of it now.

But as an artist, it’s important not to be obsessed with what the market suggests and instead focus on producing art with your true persona and dedication. You will get positive results eventually. But, first, focus on yourself as an artist and then on NFTs.

Final Takeaways

NFTs are gaining popularity as the future of digital art and are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. However, the NFT market, like most crypto assets, is volatile and not always profitable. In addition, NFTs have additional legal aspects.

If you try all of these basic NFT marketing steps, you will definitely see some kind of attention in the room. But for that to happen, you need to be on the right platforms, interact with the right people, and get creative with how you promote yourself.

Note: Something new seems to happen with NFTs every week, so gear up to try new platforms and marketing methods.

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