15 Insider Tips To Grow Sales And Win Market Share on Amazon

This ain’t a secret anymore that Amazon is a big picture in the sphere of marketing. From the small entrepreneurs to global juggernauts, it is an incredible sales channel to rise to the occasion. The reason being, Amazon is the top place where 89% of consumers drop in to buy the products rather than other E-commerce sites.

For savvy E-commerce executors, Amazon is a gold mine or a reason to earn a substantial surplus with a hefty consumer base in the store. Even though this popular marketplace allows one to reach millions of customers, the fear that it may end up grasping the portion of profit haunts every seller. But bother not, as one can still turn up the trumps by heeding and getting the most out of the pros that Amazon offers to its merchants. 

Thus, for everyone who yearns to be on the top of Amazon marketing, here are useful tips that will not only help you prosper sales but also win market share. Dive in to do well!

Get The Gist Of Amazon SEO And Optimize It For Your Product Page

Amazon is a search engine along with a prodigious marketplace but holds slightly different principles in comparison to Google. The fact that 66% of consumers choose Amazon to start their new product search, understanding and optimizing your product listings for SEO algorithms is thus essential for your business to appear at the top of the searches.

Gist Of Amazon SEO

Now want to know how you can make it possible? The Amazon algorithm is basically a couple of two things, that is Relevance and Performance. Below are the associated ranking factors under these two categories, optimizing which for your product page can help to gain more conversion and sales

Relevance-Related Ranking Factors

  • Product Title
  • Brand Field
  • Seller Name
  • Amazon Backend Keywords
  • Product Descriptions

Performance-Related Ranking Factors

  • Product Price
  • Conversion Rate
  • Reviews
  • Product Images

Pro Tip: Paying attention to the relevance of keywords that customers generally use to search for the products can help your products to be located at the top, thus making your business stand at the top with more visibility.

  • Rack Up More And More Genuine Reviews

Do you know a single business review can spike the conversion by 10%? Product reviews have immense power to make the visitors or searchers turn into paying customers. To grow your sales on Amazon and to fit into a better position, it is suggested to ask for as many reviews from customers as you can. You can organize timely giveaways or offer specific discounts to gain honest and fair product reviews. Further, strategies like follow-up emails and package insert in the shipment also work to a greater extent.

Rack Up More And More Genuine Reviews


  • Make Use Of Inbound Marketing Strategies

Other than Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are plenty of other inbound marketing strategies that make your Amazon business be on the up and up. This includes social media, content marketing, blogs, events, and a lot more. Where outbound marketing seeks general customers, inbound marketing on the other hand helps you focus on the interested audience by creating brand awareness and developing relationships. Below are the tips you can consider as your key to success.

  • Creating a content strategy
  • Segmenting the audience
  • Mastering the technical SEO
  • Initiating social media campaign
  • Tracking the results


  • Keep Your Keywords Game Strong

As Adam Audette, the famous American Internet marketer said, “Today – it’s not about to get the traffic, it’s about to get the targeted and relevant traffic”, the relevance of keywords plays a major role in turning this into reality. In other words, optimizing your product listings relevant keywords can help your product to be visible at the top of the searches, thus resulting in more traffic and conversion.

Make sure to target high-value keywords and avoid keyword stuffing in the areas such as product title, product description, and product features. You can also go on targeting long-tail keywords to boost the reach.


  • Puff Up Your Promotion And Branding

Puff Up Your Promotion And Branding

Saying undoubtedly, the sky’s the limit in the case of marketing and you can ace your game with endless possibilities available. The only condition is to be strategic. 

In the case of winning market share on Amazon, you need to be whopping greater than just being the Amazon brand. The smarter way is to get your products to feature on the press, promoted by influencers, or gaining a strong presence with content marketing. In addition, by making the presence of your products powerful on social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, you can drive plenty of visitors to your Amazon site.


  • Don’t Go Head To Head With Competitors’ Prices

Indeed, competing with the prices is a general strategy that most of the retailers adopt to hit a home run. But getting too cheap or too overpriced to beat the prices of competitors won’t let the magic happen. Instead, it is better to concentrate on making the ratings better to ensure the value that customers would not even have second thoughts about choosing your products.

You can also make a kill by not bidding on the products that are beyond the specific range. Or in extra, you can use a repricing tool to relish additional sales on Amazon.


  • Carry Out Standard Product Audits

With over 2.5 million sellers currently active on Amazon and expected to spike in number, it is crucial to improve in every aspect to stand among the crowd. You should conduct regular product audits to develop better strategies for boosting the ranking. The areas you entailed squinting at during the product audits are product title, product descriptions, product reviews, product images, targeted keywords, and product ratings.


  • Access A+ Testing

A+ Content Or A+ Enhanced Brand Marketing Tool by Amazon helps you figure out the value of the product listings. Harnessing this can help you optimize your product descriptions with superior quality content such as images, videos, charts FAQs, and more. It is a way of boosting the incredibility of the brand and conveying the value of the products that customers generally seek to enjoy a better experience. To a little more surprise, adding A+ Content to the product listing is free and unlimited for the vendors once paid.

Fact: You can spring up your sales up to 3% to 10% by using A+ content to enhance listings.


  • Be The Victor Of Amazon Buy Box

Amazon is the helm of the industry and Buy Box acts as fuel for third-party sellers to reach the destination of success. 82% of the sales on Amazon are achieved through the Buy Box box but since not vendors are eligible for it, there is a need for some strategic execution. Here’s how you can win it –

  • Set Competitive prices for all of your products
  • Keep your products in stock always
  • Ship on time or as early as possible
  • Present the tracking information to shoppers
  • Answer the queries of customers sooner and always
  • Have control on Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  • Operate according to the new metrics


  • Go In For Amazon Brand Registry

For every seller who yearns to make their customers delighted with a better experience, enrolling in Amazon Brand Registry is the smart choice. The option unlocks a plethora of tools that can help you build and protect the brand.

Harnessing the search tools offered by Amazon Brand Registry can help you eliminate the infringement issues. It also helps you mitigate the chances of unauthorized companies selling your products or using your product’s logo. You can make full use out of the bulk Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN) to know about the listing creating infringement on your content.

The happiest part is Amazon will take impactful action within eight hours on most of the infringement notifications. Here’s you can go ahead with it –

  • Sign in to your seller account on Amazon
  • List the trademark, brand name, and trademark number
  • Mention the product category list and the countries where products are going to be distributed

Once enrolled, you can make headway by protecting your brand and product listing from other sellers, boosting product sales, and expanding ad options.


  • Try to Keep Inventory Errors At Bay


Inventory management is another crucial factor, when operated clean and fair can help the brand gain more visibility. Be it your wish to promote the deals and offers or to rank on the top of the searches, improving inventory management can help to a great extent. Make sure to restock the products quickly and work on fulfilling orders issues to maintain consistency in Amazon sales. 

You can also make use of Amazon Inventory Management Software to automate your management tasks and to get notified when it is low. Dropshipping is another best alternative to let the flow of sales continue even when the item isn’t stocked in inventory.


  • Permit Giveaways For Your Products

Permit Giveaways For Your Products

Contests and giveaways are incredible ways to boost brand awareness and raise a sense of curiosity for your products in the heart of the public. The fact that around 62.13% of participants further share the promotion with friends and ask them to participate during giveaways, can help you tumefy your reach and conversions when done strategically. 

As a matter of fact, Amazon giveaways will also allow you to relish free promotion from bounteous influencers and organizations. Thus, by creating an Amazon giveaway promotion and selecting the products, you can gain valuable leads for your brand.


  • Use FBA For Faster And Accurate Order Fulfillment

FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a program where Amazon ships in place of you and completes the fulfillment services in a much better and rapid way. Enrolling in it, you can gain the advantage of a phenomenal customer experience by making them happy with faster shipping. 

Even though this comes with a certain price as charged by Amazon, but the plentiful benefits achieved are worth every penny. The reason being, along with the delivery of the products, Amazon also handles returns and refunds and offers stellar 24/7 customer support. Thus, by inclining towards the FBA metrics, you can boost your visibility in searches and even prosper the chances of winning Buy Box.


  • Make Your Product Descriptions Compelling And Informative

Make Your Product Descriptions Compelling And Informative

Although product content plays a crucial role in exciting the customers about products many businesses end up neglecting it. This is where you can set a cutting edge by being different and better.

It is suggested to engrave and post compelling product descriptions highlighting the main features of the product. You can also bold or italic the essential features to let the customers have an eye on them in one go. Don’t forget to add primary keywords in the descriptions to optimize your product rankings.


  • Comply WIth All The Rules And Conditions Of Amazon

Endeavoring hard to make strategies and executing them for a better position is all waste if you don’t comply with the rules and conditions of Amazon. This is because Amazon may end up suspending or shutting down your account in the case of a breach. 

Knowing what Amazon has requirements for sellers in every aspect can help you save your business from dropping. You are meant to glance through the Terms of Use listed by Amazon and follow every bit of it to develop a sense of trust among buyers. This will also help you flourish like a green bay tree with substantial sales in your store.


Ready To Ace Your Amazon Business?

Getting in the loop with Amazon to ride high in the business world is one of the best decisions any entrepreneur can make. Nevertheless, with bounteous conditions and specific algorithms, it takes a strategic mind and endeavoring will to make inroads into success. Thus, bother not and get into the tunes of the top marketplace and blend them with your unique strategies to amplify the sales and win market share on Amazon.

Still in doubt? Contact WebSpero Solutions, the award-winning Digital Marketing agency to get on your plate the customize strategies for your Amazon business to be on the top.

Get your sales to sail through the stakes!

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