Moment Marketing – It’s Time to Market in the Moment

Do you want to know a secret about how some businesses can constrict maximum attention with marginal campaign cost? The answer to this question lies in one single term, and that is moment marketing.

Moment marketing- An art of turning adversity into opportunity

Let us offer some basic details about moment marketing to you all.

Moment marketing is the technique of delivering your business’s marketing campaign at the right time. In other words, to thrive in digital media, your business must incorporate its brand name into the most trendy and talked-about topic. When your brand campaign expresses a viewpoint on an ongoing topic, you can create a closer relationship with a larger audience.

Examples of a Few Topmost Brands Using Moment Marketing as an Attention-Grabbing Strategy for Their Business Campaign

34% of brands are taking the granular approach of moment marketing and optimizing their ad campaign to cater to the current situation.

Let’s go through some examples:


In 2019, “Game of Thrones,” the most popular British television series of all time, was coming to an end. So in keeping with the season’s theme, Fastrack created a GOT collection of watches, sunglasses, and bags inspired by the show’s characters and ruling houses.

FastTrack - moment marketing


When the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans experienced a power outage during the 2013 Super Bowl, Oreo embraced the opportunity and tweeted, “Dunk in the dark,” that was retweeted over 15,000 times.

 Oreo - Moment Marketing (1)


Incorporating rainbow flags in their icon and road map, Uber supported LGBTQ rights. It was an opportunistic effort to demonstrate that their services are accessible to many people without discrimination.

Uber - Moment Marketing


In its advertising effort, Domino’s came up with a creative concept to persuade customers to be vaccinated before eating their tasty dinner.

Domino's - Moment Marketing

Burger King

Burger King is the brand that knows what it is to market at the moment. So on November 5, 2018, When Kanye West referred to McDonald’s as his favorite place to eat, Burger King wasted no time weighing in, tweeting, “explaining a lot,” which has been retweeted over 270,000 times.

Burger king - Moment Marketing

Haagen- Dazs

Many firms recognized the audience’s passion for Game of Thrones and capitalized on it by designing advertisements that included an insight joke about the program on social media sites.

Haagen - Moment Marketing

Durex South Africa

When scientists unveiled the first-ever photograph of a black hole in April 2019, people couldn’t stop talking about it. Durex saw an opening and took use of it in their advertising campaign.

Durex South Africa - Moment Marketing


McDonald’s flipped their golden archer from M to W on the auspicious occasion of International Women’s Day in 2018 to recognize women from throughout the world for their amazing contributions to society.

McDonald's - Moment Marketing


With the mixture of emotional and cultural references, GIFs became the most popular tool for people to share their expressions. In an outdoor campaign in France, Netflix used the same concept, releasing 100 GIFs relating to their most famous shows and movies.

Netflix - Moment Marketing

Chipotle Mexican Grill

With meme culture grabbing the attention of all the millennials, Chipotle Mexican came up with a meme to encourage people to eat their favorite Mexican meal from their place.

Chipotle MexicanGrill - Moment Marketing


Game of Thrones is a series that has left such a lasting impression on the hearts of its viewers that they may never forget it. Even Xiaomi recognized it and used it as a reference in their mobile phone collection to attract customers’ attention.

Xiaomi - Moment Marketing

Effective Tips for Designing a Moment Marketing Campaign to Garnish Maximum Attention

Never Miss a Moment

Your competitors are constantly active on the internet and social media platforms, waiting for the appropriate opportunity to strike. Be the cheetah in the herd, seizing the opportunity to create an engaging campaign around a current topic relevant to your business. For example, Oreo had no idea about the Mercedes- Benz outage, but they were able to create the most retweeted tweet on the digital media with an active team who were constantly present on social media and were quick enough to create a marketing campaign out of that situation.

Centre of Attention Must Be Your Brand Name

You must contribute to the current topic and trend, but don’t forget to bring the bridge back to your company. To increase sales, make sure the issue is relevant to your business.

Make Use of Meme Marketing

Moment marketing is increasingly evolving into meme marketing. Memes are more popular than traditional types of advertising among the general public. It’s the most effective approach to capture the attention of millennials, who spend nearly 20 minutes a day scrolling through memes.

Event-Based Communication Tactics

Adidas’ ‘Create the response’ ad for the FIFA World Cup 2018 featured a highly personalized lengthy movie that may be cut into numerous narratives. It was a brilliant strategy for capturing the public’s attention promptly.

moment marketing campaign

Engage in The Well-Disposed Banter

All brands participating in wordplays and healthy banter can get the most PR and press coverage. For example, KitKat challenged Oreo to a play-off in one of their Twitter banter to catch their fans’ attention.

Kitkat - Moment Marketing

Make Your Customers Your Main Priority

If customers believe you care about them, they are more likely to engage with your brand. During the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses came forward to urge their customers to stay home. The ‘moment marketing’ king that is burger king, changed its restaurant sign to ‘stay home’ in Belgium so that people followed covid rules and social distancing.

Burger king - Moment Marketing1

Are There any Tools That can Help you with Moment Marketing Tactics?

Social media is the most powerful instrument that can help you with moment marketing. A news item is available on social media platforms before it is published in a newspaper or on a television programme. Because there are no specific tools for this, being active on all social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. is the most successful moment marketing plan.

However, Google Analytics is a tool that can help you measure the results of your moment marketing campaign. This tool allows you to keep track of your progress at all times. It enlightens you on the following topics:

  • The number of people who have visited your website
  • Pages they prefer to look at where they found it
  • Which page do they spend the most time on?

Other than that make sure you have a team that is always active on social media and can quickly construct a captivating ad campaign.

Pitfalls to Avoid in Moment Marketing

Try to Avoid Highly Controversial or Political Topics Just for Advertising

In 2017, a Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner in which the highest-paid model was seen presenting a Pepsi to a police officer at the “Black lives matter” moment, faced an extreme backlash as it hurt the sentiments of the black people.

controversial or political topics

Avoid Campaigns That Can hHurt Anyone’s Sentiments

Dove released seven abstract form bottles in May 2017 to represent abstract female body shapes and promote body positivity. The purpose was good, but things went awry. This ad emphasized self-consciousness over body positivity.


Avoid Posting Too Late or Too Early

A Christmas campaign will make no sense in summer times. So, before you keep your foot in the field, make sure you wait for the right moment.

Avoid Anything That Spreads Hatred

Domestic abuse is unethical, and laughing has no place in it. Snapchat received a lot of criticism in March 2018 after asking users whether they would rather slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown, pointing to the 2009 incident in which Brown assaulted Rihana.

Avoid anything that spreads hatred

What Are The Impacts of Moment Marketing on Your Business?

A moment marketing campaign grasps 3 times more engagement and 4.5 times more reach than the other content. When a campaign is relevant to both brands and customers, it has a more profound and long-term influence on your company in various ways.

  • When you talk about a trendy issue around your brand, you get the most media attention and your brand becomes the hot new thing, which leads to additional brand deals.
  • Your brand’s regular participation on social media opens the doors to free press for your company.
  • Your brand wins visibility and gets the opportunity to interact and speak with a broader audience in order to generate excitement, and you are constantly one step ahead of your competitors.

Wrapping Up

Waiting for the right moment to post an advertisement is an effective way to impress your target audience. Ignoring such an effective plan can cause your firm to slip behind, even if it is the most well-known brand. People are more likely to seek a service when they can relate to it. Turning a controversy into an opportunity can be a marketing strategy that can lead your business to new heights.

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