Checkout How PPC Marketing Bring Quick Results To Your Law Firm Website

The 2019 Legal Trends Report states that 57% of the people try to find a lawyer on their own. Everyone looks for  online resources when it comes to seeking professional services. So the first step will be to conduct a Google search for a lawyer’s website. Their initial pick will be the most relevant and valuable ad to their business.

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is the best technique to make your law practice the first option for your potential clients. It is a strategy to capture your target audience’s attention by focusing on customer engagement.

This blog will talk about strategies, advantages, and challenges that you might face during PPC marketing for your law firm. 

What is PPC (pay-per-click) for lawyers?

PPC is one of the fastest ways for law firms to generate leads. It is the process in which your law firm only pays when a customer clicks on your online advertisement. In addition, you can promote your law firm’s ads on social media, Google, and other affiliate websites. 

Every time a potential customer clicks on your ad, your firm will pay a certain amount. The amount largely depends on the keywords. The most popular keywords will be more expensive, like “lawyer” or “attorney.” PPC advertising can be quite expensive for your law firm if not used with the right strategies. 

What are the most effective strategies in PPC marketing for law firms?

To yield maximum ROI from your PPC advertising campaign, include the following strategies in your efforts. 

Create an ad copy with a solid CTA

The first step is to create an engaging ad copy that consists of all the necessary information about your law firm. Make sure to include reasons to choose your law firm over your competitors. Then, after proper research, construct a message that completely resonates with your target audience. 

Always add a solid CTA in your ad copy, persuading your clients to take action. For example, one CTA can be like, “Call us now for more information,” or you can offer any free service to them in your CTA button. 

PPC Marketing For Lawyers

For example, Gomez Trial Attorneys’ homepage has an orange CTA button saying, ‘Free Case Evaluation.’ The free offer is to tempt potential clients to visit their website. 

Build your ad copy around relevant keywords

In this process, PPC for lawyers is similar to SEO for lawyers. Creating your ad copy around relevant keywords is crucial to rank high on search engines, especially Google. Google has an algorithm to rank your ad based on quality score. Quality score is a metric that Google uses to determine how relevant your ad copy is to the keyword that your clients are using to look for your legal services. 

You can use keywords in your legal ad copy in the following ways:

  • Include keywords in your legal ad content as well as in the heading.
  • Bidding on long-tail keywords is an excellent way to identify your target audience. Such keywords are more affordable because of the low competition.
  • PPC is an iterative process. Make sure that your keyword research is constantly expanding. 

Set your Geotargeting correctly

It is extremely crucial to target relevant regions to gather the attention of your target audience. Ensure that your Geo- targeting on Google is set according to your region. For example, suppose you have a law firm in Atlanta. Setting your Geotargeting location to Georgia will make no sense and won’t offer you any profit. Dig out the exact area radius where you should promote your law firm, and then set the location. 

The process is quite simple. First, go on the ‘settings’ tab on Google ads, then go on the ‘Locations’ and select your region, or you can be more specific by clicking on the ‘advanced search’ and selecting the area as per your target radius.

Geo Targeting

 Make use of Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is an incredible tool by Google that helps you analyze and find the relevant keywords for your law firm’s website. After registering your law firm to Google ads account, you can use the Google Keyword Planner. 

Google Keyword Planner offers your website the following advantages:

  • It helps you discover the most trending keywords relevant to your legal business.
  • You can calculate the number of searches your keywords get each month.
  • It helps you monitor and calculate your budget on PPC ad campaigns.

Increase your CTR using ad extensions

According to Google Ads, Help ad extensions can increase your website’s CTR by 10-15%. You would like your potential customers to reach your law firm’s website quickly, and Google ad extensions are a great way to help your clients easily connect to your website. It generally includes links to your website, call buttons, or location information.

Suppose someone is looking for an attorney for their legal case. Naturally, their first choice will be the one with the phone number. However, some people might find clicking on the website and then getting the phone number of a law firm a little too exhausting.

Make your ad campaign mobile-friendly

As per Statista’s 2021 report, almost 50% of the respondents say they spend around 5-6 hours daily on their phones. Smartphones are ruling this digital age. Hence, your law firm must set your PPC ad campaign for  mobiles. Mobile optimization of your law firm’s PPC ad campaign will drive more calls towards your legal business.

Optimize your website to get better leads

PPC lawyers are an effective way to bring maximum traffic to your law firm’s website. Your ad campaign must contain timely and relevant information for potential clients to seek and call you for booking. 

You can optimize your law firm website in the following ways:

  • Create an ad copy that offers direct solutions to your potential client’s queries. It is an amazing way to provide a smooth user experience to your audience. 
  • Ensure to include high-volume keywords in your high-quality content.
  • Include interesting images in your ad to increase client engagement.

 Perform regular audits of your PPC ad campaign

Regular audits of your law firm’s PPC ad campaign help you track your advertising efforts. This step helps you to stay under your budget. In addition, it allows you to optimize your ad campaign further accordingly, after analyzing your performance. You can use metrics like quality score, CTR, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and wasted spend extra. 

What are the biggest challenges in PPC marketing for law firms?

The most common challenges in lawyers’ PPC are as follows:

Some lawyer keywords are pretty expensive

Legal keywords like lawyer come under the most expensive keyword lists on Google. Several law firms can easily spend more than $50,000 per month on their PPC advertisement. Therefore, you must continue with the same keyword only if you can obtain a better ROI from that; otherwise, it is better to abandon it in real-time. 

Increased bounce rates

While a well-designed PPC ad will undoubtedly deliver high-quality traffic to your website, directing them to the homepage may raise your bounce rate. You might be wondering why this is the case. And, the answer is straightforward: people will click on your advertisement because they are looking for a certain solution. For example, assume a buyer clicks on your criminal defense lawyer ad and ends up on your homepage, where you discuss elderly law lawyers or personal injury lawyers. They will become enraged and leave your website as a result of this.

Make sure your law firm PPC ad takes them to a landing page that offers them solutions they were looking for. 

Lesser ROI

Many lawyers complain that they attain a lesser ROI than expected from their law firm’s PPC marketing campaign. One of the best methods to eliminate this issue is by dividing your client base into different categories as per their demographic data. This way, you can showcase your PPC advertisement in front of a relevant audience. In addition, specific ads will increase your website’s engagement rate, automatically increasing your ROI.  

Unable to get clicks from the relevant audience

The whole purpose of PPC marketing for law firms is to bring relevant clients to your website. Therefore, showcasing your advertisement in front of those who have no interest in your law firm is a total waste of money. 

Extensive keywords research regarding your buyer persona will save you from this situation to a great extent. You have to find keywords that your potential clients use while looking for your services and then create your whole advertisement around that keyword only. 

Can’t convert leads into clients

If your leads are not converting into clients, there are two possible reasons; one is that your firm is not qualified for their case and the other reason can be that your sales team is unable to offer them relevant services.

Your law firm can resolve this issue by dividing your sales team into two parts; one team can handle the existing clients while the other team can manage the new businesses.  

The best method is to review the whole process. But, first, make sure you have the answer to the following questions:

  • What ways to initiate connection after lead land on your website?
  • What is the content marketing process?
  • What is the process of keeping track of your lead data?

What are the advantages of PPC marketing for law firms?

According to a 2018 survey by Small Business Trends, 45% of the small businesses use PPC marketing. PPC can be of great advantage for law firms in the following ways.

Reach the right people in real-time

PPC marketing allows your law firm to present itself in front of the people who are in urgent need of a lawyer. Other marketing strategies, such as flyers and billboards, may get you in front of many people, but there’s a good possibility most of them won’t need lawyers. When a potential client searches for a law firm, your law firm ad will appear in PPC advertising.

Get quick results

You don’t have to wait for months to get better results in PPC marketing. It will offer you potential leads right away. This process involves the creation of your law firm advertisement within hours and then getting approval for the same in some time. And then launch it quickly to get outstanding results. As a result, you increase your brand awareness without wasting any time. 

Increased lead conversion

Your law firm only pays when someone clicks on your ad in PPC marketing strategy. Therefore, you can promote your ad for the keywords that your potential clients use while seeking your services. In this way, you control your PPC ad and generate more lead conversions. 

Benefit your SEO efforts

PPC marketing can even improve your law firm’s SEO strategy. You can use the keywords that helped your PPC advertisement to get clicks to optimize your law firm’s blog content. In this way, you can boost your ranking on various SERFs. In addition, this method will bring unstoppable traffic to your website.

Track your results

The best part about PPC marketing is that you can track your marketing campaign using KPIs like conversion rate, ROI, etc. this way, you can make changes in your existing campaign to gain better results for the future. This way, you can generate more leads for your law firm business and expand your business. 

In Conclusion,

Under the shadow of PPC marketing, your law firm will flourish in unexpected ways. You will get results immediately for all your marketing efforts. When the relevant audience sees your advertisement, they are more likely to click on it and obtain your services. You can create a PPC marketing campaign for your law firm so that everything falls within your budget. Bid on relevant keywords that bring traffic to your website. 

Get faster results with the assistance of a PPC marketing strategy for your law firm now!

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