eCommerce Digital Marketing: Maximize Your Sales Using the Best Strategies

62.5% of the world’s total population is active on the Internet. So basically, one can unlock their businesses success rate by bringing it under the umbrella of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the process to promote your brands using digital communications like the Internet. So if you desire to popularize your eCommerce business at a huge level, this is what you need.

eCommerce Digital Marketing

Online shopping’s market size has hit 4 trillion in 2020. This tremendous growth of the eCommerce business is due to the expansion of digital media worldwide. Take, for example, Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce store, which has earned significant success due to its outstanding digital marketing approach. Amazon’s net sales are $469.8 billion, and one of the reasons for its enormous success is its customer-centric digital marketing strategy. It has rung the bell on every doorstep with the help of its effective communication through online platforms. So now you understand the significance of digital marketing for your eCommerce business.

It’s time for you all to read about this effective marketing strategy in detail.

What is eCommerce Digital Marketing?

ecommerce digital marketing strategy

Ecommerce digital marketing refers to the process of increasing your eCommerce business by promoting it on several digital media platforms and creating conversions. Digital marketing brings your products in front of your most potential customers. Without the assistance of digital marketing, your eCommerce business might be good for nothing. It’s crucial for your brand to be good at both eCommerce and digital marketing for a scaling business.

A clearly defined eCommerce digital marketing strategy will help you win the online market with flying colors.

What Are the Most Successful eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategies to use in your Business?

It’s time for you to increase your ROI and outrank your competitors by using the following digital marketing strategies:

Always Add a Compelling CTA

In traditional marketing, every shopkeeper asks for a sale to the opposite party after offering a captivating presentation of its products. Even if you have given a fabulous representation but haven’t closed it with a powerful CTA, you may not get the results you want in the eCommerce world. CTA boosts income by 83 percent and increases conversion rate by 80 percent. Some retailers aim to employ many CTAs on each page in strategic locations, such as the bottom or middle and offer some discount with that, to entice customers to click the “purchase now” button. The example is shown below:

Always add a compelling CTA
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Maintain an Online Presence on Every Social Media Platform

53% of the world’s population is present on social media daily, making it a crucial platform to reach your intended audience. The idea is to have countless followers and convert them into your buying customers. All you have to do now is establish a continuous online presence through a compelling social media account. As a result, your website will receive an infinite stream of organic engagement and conversions. Brands like Etsy and Gilt have taken their businesses to new heights due to their constant social media presence.

Maintain an online presence on every social media platform
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Make Sure to Include These Online Platforms in your eCommerce Digital Marketing Strategy:


In 2021, reports showed around 1.93 billion daily active users on Facebook. In addition, Facebook ads portray your products in front of relevant audiences using location and demographics for better conversions.


Being the second largest search engine globally after Google, Youtube can offer incredible results for your eCommerce business. In addition, you can add valuable content like product reviews, explainer videos, new product launch videos and cross-promotions for free on YouTube.


98% of the marketers believe Instagram is the most influential platform to advertise their products. Because Instagram galleries are linked to your store, you may make a post about your product and have your consumers buy it by clicking on the image.


With over 431 million monthly active users, it allows you to portray your brand images on that platform. In addition, this social media platform is a great way to attract maximum traffic to your website because it has the highest AOV (Average Order Value) among everyone.

Customize your Email Campaign in a Variety of Ways

Customize your email campaign in a variety of ways
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Email marketing offers $42 for every $1 spent. Entice your customers to purchase; a solid eCommerce digital marketing plan will always include an email marketing campaign in their list. The most basic technique to use this strategy is to optimize your email marketing in a way that it never gets ignored.

Always include the following :

  • Welcome email: Such email will build a warm relationship between you and your target audience.
  • Offer relevant information and tips: It is a lead nurturing way to keep your customers interested in your product and establish a trustworthy relationship. They will make a purchase once they get some interesting and useful information about your product.
  • Discount email: A 50% off email might even be better than any love letter for them. Shoppers love discounts, and when you send such discount emails and coupons to them personally, they might just come running to your eCommerce store.
  • Feedback email: A feedback form is a great way for having a deep understanding of your customers.
  • Reminder emails: Always bring your product to your customer’s notice by sending them emails about low stocks or price drops. You can even send them birthday wishes this way; you will never be off their minds.

Add Testimonials to Increase Sales

Add testimonials to increase sales
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72% of the customers trust a brand after reading their positive reviews and testimonials. User-generated content reviews are a credible source to know about any brand. For example, Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce business, has become so popular that people consider it a close rival of Amazon. One of its tremendous successes is the positive reviews that they have received worldwide. Similarly after reading genuine reviews about your brand, customers tend to put their faith in your business.

Offer Personalization

Technology and digital media have taken over the planet. In this industry, the competition is fierce. Therefore, you’ll need to develop a unique idea or technique to stand out from the rest. Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal, and one method to achieve it is through personalization. You can make your customers feel unique by using their names while browsing your website and offering upsells and coupons when they make a purchase. Personalization is just as crucial as making your website mobile-friendly.

Offer personalization
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Digital Marketing Tools to Incorporate in Your eCommerce Business

Another way to expand your eCommerce business is by effective use of the following digital marketing tools in your marketing strategy:

Search Engine Optimization

68% of the online experience begins with a search engine. Therefore, optimizing your eCommerce store for a search engine is extremely crucial. In addition, make sure to keep updating your SEO efforts to reach your audience better.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) are paid search channels that can immediately boost your online visibility. PPC and Google Adwords are two of the most widely used and effective SEM strategies.

Email Marketing

Email marketing can help your eCommerce business attain a positive ROI in real-time. Emails are a great way to always stay on the minds of your customers and remind them about their abandoned carts.

Content Marketing

Always provide value to your customers before selling your products. Offer them quality content that includes every aspect of your brand. Please provide them with accurate and relevant information on how your product can assist them in resolving their daily problem. Make sure the content is compelling enough to increase customer engagement.

Mobile Optimization

54.4% according to reports of 2021 mobile phones generate 54.4% of the website traffic. So you can see how crucial it is to optimize your eCommerce store for mobile phones for a scaling business in the future.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing
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Affiliate marketing is another method that can help your eCommerce business reach a larger number of clients. Collaborate with affiliates to boost your whole eCommerce digital marketing effort. If you want to learn how a good affiliate marketing technique works, you can always learn from the best, that is none other than the Amazon affiliate marketing program that is expanding their business to every corner of the earth with the help of affiliates.

Video Marketing

Video marketing
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87% of marketers believe that video marketing increases their ROI. Videos like product demonstrations help you gain your potential customers’ trust. In addition, viewers can easily share your video content on social media, increasing brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing

50.7% of the eCommerce brands perform influencer marketing. Influencers have now become the blockbuster celebrities that everyone looks up to. When their biggest fans and followers see them using your product, they are more likely to make a purchase from you.

Influencer marketing
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What are the Advantages of Digital Marketing for Your eCommerce Business?

Both eCommerce and digital marketing complement each other on a huge level. Digital marketing diverts maximum traffic towards your brand, and eCommerce helps you sell your products. You can’t say which one is better, but it sure is true that digital marketing offers tremendous advantages to your eCommerce business. Let’s check it out:

Cost-Effective Way of Advertising

In 2020, more than 2 million people purchased from online stores. As a result, the eCommerce business is a competitive market, with more and more websites being created every day. To survive the competition, you have to promote your brand on as many platforms as possible, and that is only possible with the help of digital marketing. In addition, digital marketing allows your eCommerce business to grow its social media engagement by optimizing your website for search engines at a very limited cost which is way better than traditional marketing that usually puts a hole in your pocket.

Easily Measure your Results

The best part about digital marketing is that it allows you to track your eCommerce performance utilizing web analytics such as conversion and click rates. Instead of guesswork, you can now adjust your plans based on real data. To achieve greater results, it’s a good idea to refresh your marketing efforts to bring more people to your website. However, you’ll need to keep track of who visits your site.

Build your Brand Image

Creating a consistent and relevant message through email marketing and on different social media platforms can drive wonderful results and success towards your brand. Make sure to post unique content on every platform, like different content on Facebook and a different one on Instagram since all social media platforms are interconnected.

Boost your Online Reputation

Ecommerce digital marketing strategies bring your brand in front of new and interested customers who might willingly purchase from your online store. Tools like SEO, conversion rate optimization (CRO), social media marketing can help your brand increase its online reputation and reach.

Increase your Brand Efficiency

Ecommerce digital marketing campaigns use integrated email marketing and other optimization services to provide data-driven tactics that help you develop cost-effective company strategies and reduce abandoned carts. With perfect strategies that align with your brand goals, you can increase your product ranges and scale your business.

Examples of Brands with the Best eCommerce Digital Marketing Campaign


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Allbirds is an apparel and footwear brand that started in the year 2016. This startup has grown as a 100 million dollar company because of its splendid digital marketing efforts. Their extremely savvy advertisements in which they use creativity and visuals with the core message of their product and effective CTA has a major role in their success.



It is an American men’s grooming company estimated to earn around $200,000 a year. They have managed to attain such heights in their business with the help of their splendid content marketing strategy. Their content portrays what their audience is looking for. In addition, they provide valuable and relevant solutions to their customers that help them earn more sales.


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Gymshark was started in 2012 by two students, and now its valuation is estimated at around $1.3 billion in 2020. Their demographic aimed content and the strategic use of influencer marketing have contributed to their mega sales. They can maintain their reputation with the help of simple CTAs and strong visuals.


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Etsy is an American e-commerce company that focuses on vintage and craft supplies. Their revenue generation was worth 1.7 billion US dollars in 2020. They have managed to become such a huge brand with the help of their social media marketing strategy where they have embraced every platform from Facebook to Twitter with value-driven content, video and CTAs.

Biggest Challenges Every eCommerce Business Faces in Their Digital Marketing Strategy

Drive Relevant Traffic Towards Your Website

The biggest challenge that every eCommerce business faces in its digital marketing strategy is to grab the attention of the interested audience. There are times when your visitor doesn’t get converted into a lead even after putting incredible efforts into your campaign.


Time to time audit of your digital marketing strategy can help you optimize your efforts in the best possible manner. In addition, analytics help you achieve better outcomes than before.

Increasing Competition

In 2020 global e-commerce sales crossed over 4.2 trillion dollars. With the growth of e-commerce sales, the number of eCommerce businesses has continued to rise, resulting in a significant increase in competition. There will be occasions when you feel overwhelmed and find it impossible to break free from the competitive edge, which will cause big problems in your organization.


Make efforts to distinguish your product apart from the competition. Create a compelling argument for why your brand is superior to your competitors. You must provide content that pleases your clients and persuades them to buy from your company.

Changing Trends

Digital marketing strategies have been continuously changing drastically over the past few years. Therefore, it might be difficult for a few brands to keep up with these trends, which is very important to increase sales.


Engage with your target audience on the platforms where they spend the most time. Using social listening tools such as Hootsuite is the most effective way. They assist you in gaining a better understanding of what customers are talking about your product.

Not Focusing on Shopping Cart Abandonment

In March 2021, nearly 80% of the shopping carts were abandoned. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake that most businesses make is to ignore these abandoned carts that may be worth a lot of money..


The major reasons for such abandoned carts are slow deliveries, long and complicated checkout processes and shipping costs. So all you need to do is analyze the issue with your website and offer a seamless solution for a better online experience.

Final Words

With the growth of digital media, marketing algorithms continuously keep on changing. It’s very critical for your eCommerce business to keep up with that change to stand out from the rest of the competition. With the use of captivating content, compelling CTA and consistent online presence, your eCommerce business can flourish in the same way you desire.

Create a seamless eCommerce digital marketing strategy and enjoy the fruitful benefits it will bring to your business.

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