8 Best Game Development Software That are in Trend

As per a report by Statista, the global gaming market is expected to reach 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025. Even today, the gaming industry is continuously achieving new heights in terms of business. So, let’s dive deeper into the entire concept of game development and figure out successful ways to create a full-fledged game that increases user engagement.

Electronic games have been providing entertainment to people like us for decades. It has come a long way from the days of playing Super Mario Kart and Nintendo on a pixelated screen with poor sound to virtual reality gaming. The video gaming sector is huge. The cost of video game creation surpasses the development cost of Hollywood movies. Not just that, the ROI from such games is also rising at a surprising speed. A report by Investopedia states that the gaming industry attained a total revenue of $155 billion in the year 2020. That is why most companies are trying their hands at this revenue system. The same report states that the tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple might enter this industry.

So if you are planning to acquire this skill, now is the time. You never know; maybe you will become the next creator of the biggest mobile game. There is some amazing game development software that comes in handy for every developer. You can create an innovative game by putting your imagination and creativity into it with the assistance of these software.

In this blog, we have mentioned the best game development software that is easy to use and is perfect for your story creation.


Autodesk-Game Development Software

Autodesk is a game creation program that helps the design, construction, entertainment, and media industries produce the most realistic and stunning 3D visuals possible. It has been involved in the development of several AAA games. It has characteristics that enable quick character playback and responsive manipulation. 


  • It allows you to write or download custom scripts using the MEL language. 
  • It consists of a complete toolset that incorporates character creation, animation, editing, etc.
  • It offers easy-to-use and powerful rendering for stunning character creation. 


  • Maya and 3DS MAX: $125/MONTH
  • Maya LT: $30/MONTH

Publishing platform:

  •  Windows

If you are looking for comprehensive tools to create a full-fledged 3D game, then Autodesk is the best software. 


Stencyl-Game Development Software

Stencyl is an intuitive game creation software that lets you create gorgeous 2D games without writing code. It’s ideal for inexperienced developers because the application handles all technical aspects. In addition, the comprehensive tool kit will streamline your work and speed up your project development. 


  • It consists of Haxe scripting for advanced developers who wish to extend the game development process and create high-level personalized visuals. 
  • A drag-and-drop feature employed by the MIT scratch project that makes things much easier for the newbies. 
  • It incorporates tools like grid-snapping, zooming, selection, flood fill, etc., to manipulate your titles and characters. 


  • Completely free for the beginners (for web publishing only)
  • $99/annum for indie developers (for web and desktop publishing)
  • $199/annum for studio developers (desktop, Android, iOS, and web publishing)

Publishing platform:

  • HTML5, Linux, Flash, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Windows games

Stencyl is an excellent choice for beginners who have zero programming knowledge.


GDevelop-Game Development Software

It is another open-source game development platform that allows you to create engaging games without knowing how to code. You can make text objects, video objects, custom shapes, and sprites for video games. The detailed guide provided by this tool might help those who are new to development. 


  • It allows you to manipulate object behavior using tools like physics engines, which display the objects’ true behavior.
  • It consists of a screen editor that allows you to create and edit different levels.
  • It is the only game development platform that offers event features to define reusable functions used as actions, expressions, and conditions for games. 
  • Particle emitters, sprites with numerous animations, cross-platform game development, physics engine, draggable objects, tweens, anchor, text objects, and a platformer engine are all included.


  • Since it’s an open-source platform, no fees are charged, even for source code. 

Publishing Platform:

  • Create HTML5 games that can be exported on both Android and iOS.
  • Also, develop native games for Windows and Linux.

Try this free game development tool to create 2D games without coding easily. 

Construct 2

Construct-2-Gave Development Software

It is an easy-to-use platform that is perfect for creating 2D HTML5 games without the use of coding. You can make video games in days, thanks to its streamlined approach. The premise is simple: drag and drop the objects, assign emotions and behaviors, and then start an event.


  • It requires no previous programming and coding experience. 
  • It consists of an intuitive and easy interface that has made game development extremely easy. 
  • You can easily create and edit different levels with the help of a layout editor.
  • It also contains a built-in physics engine and image editor that allows you to make rapid modifications to your graphics. 


  • Personal license holders must pay $199.99, business license holders must pay $499.99, and business upgrade holders must pay $299.99.

Publishing Platform:

  • Your website, Google Drive, Scirra Arcade, Facebook, Windows 8, iOS Apps, Android using crosswalk, Scirra Arcade, iOS using CocoonJS, and Chrome Web Store

It is a cost-effective game development software that allows you to easily create 2D and 3D games.  


GameSalad-Game Development Software

GameSalad is an easy and compelling game development software used to create 2D games with the assistance of simple coding skills. The one-click feature and simple drag & drop option allow children to develop video games using their imagination and creativity. 


  • It is an easy-to-use software that has an intuitive user interface.
  • This software requires no special coding skills. 
  • The software has excellent technical support and can be published on the majority of the platforms. 


  • The trial version of this software and the subscription packages are also available. 
  • The basic subscription monthly fee for the software is $17, and the pro subscription monthly fee is $25 when paid annually. 
  • Educators and students even attain a 50% discount.  

Publishing platform:

  • You can publish it on almost all the major platforms like mobile, HTML, and desktop. 

It is a fun and gentle game development software that children can easily perform. 

RPG Maker

RPG Maker-Game Development Software

RPG Maker is one of the best versions to create intuitive video games without any coding knowledge. This version contains a vast database of characters, skills, armor, events, tilesets, animations, etc. Moreover, you can easily develop 2D games using the drag & drop option and Javascripting. 


  • It is an excellent software for both experienced and inexperienced programmers. 
  • The professionals can use their high-tech scripting and Java skills to develop extraordinary video games. 
  • It has an active community that provides technical support for game development. 
  • It even offers an inexpensive license that can be used for commercial purposes. 
  • You can attain expertise in RPG game development with the help of its inbuilt database and libraries. 


  • There are different RPG game development software versions that range from $25 to $80. 
  • It offers a 30 days trial offer to its new customers. 

Publishing platform:

  • You can export your games to platforms like HTML5, OSX, iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. 

All the RPG enthusiasts can speed up their game development process using this RPG tool that offers Java scripting and drag-and-drop options. 


GameFront-Game Development Software

GameFront offers a set of simplified tools to create responsive games for web and mobile phones conveniently. It is the perfect software, especially for beginners with zero coding knowledge. The best part is that the beginners can easily add behaviors to their created characters.   


  • All the newbies can easily develop structures, terrains, and objects as per their requirements with the help of all the in-built tools. 
  • The software incorporates effective tools to control the gaming components to create responsive video games. 
  • All the novices can easily add emotions to their characters with the help of the drop & drag option. 


  • It is a free game development software. You might need to pay for an advanced variety of images, terrain, characters, and other gaming elements. 

Publishing platform:

  • You can publish your created video game on HTML5. 

With the help of this game development software, you can easily create 2D games without any prior coding knowledge. 


Unity-Game  Development Software

Unity is one of the best game development software to create augmented reality. It is mainly the choice of high-level AAA game developers and leading studios. It is more economical and easy to use than other similar platforms. It consists of an editor to monitor and analyze the effects of your editing in real-time. 


  • This software completely supports cross-platform development and even offers technical support. 
  • Unity incorporates a store of all the needed resources for the rapid development of your creation. 
  • You can easily develop graphics, characters, functions, and the environment to create a logical gaming experience.


  • Offers free version when both the revenue and funding don’t exceed $100,000/annum. 
  • Plus subscription is $25/month, particularly for hobbyists. 
  • Pro subscriptions are available at $125/month for professionals and studios. 

Publishing Platform:

  • You can publish on all major platforms like VR, TV, Console, Mobile, and Desktop.

Unity offers the most friendly user interface for developing high-tech 3D games. 


How to become a Game Developer?

A game developer specializes in creating spectacular video and computer games with the help of their creative skills. They perform on platforms like Xbox, PC, Nintendo, and Playstation. Their duty includes using computer software to write a programming language to develop a great game framework. They have to use some methodological processes in order to build a successful outcome. 

One can attain a proper qualification degree and then become a high-tech game developer by going through the best mobile game development courses like Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games, Advanced Diploma of Professional Game Development, and Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games.

Make sure that you are always updated with the latest technology and programming language to master the art of game development.  

What is the job outlook for a game developer?

The overall job outlook for game developers is growing faster than before. According to a report by Statista, the exact value of the video game market in the U.S. is around $95.45bn. Furthermore, in the United States, the video game industry is expected to rise by 9.3% from 2016 to 2026. So the future seems to be bright for this industry from all corners; it’s a great idea if you are looking to be part of it. 

All in All,

Game development is all about creating your world using some advanced softwares that are mentioned above. An efficient software offers you an easy-to-use navigation system that you can conveniently handle while developing your computer game. The built-in tools and features aid in creating characters and add emotions to them.

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