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Brand: Moonbun Baby

Moonbun Baby is an up-and-coming online clothing & accessories store for babies. Founded in 2018, they invested a whole year in setting up a logistics structure to ensure Moonbun’s shoppers always get high-quality, fashionable, and durable clothes for their babies and toddlers.


Moonbun reached out to WebSpero seeking solutions for scaling their sales and traffic:

  • They were facing issues with stagnation in sales
  • They had different websites for different locations
  • They were actively trying many marketing strategies that weren’t yielding the results they hoped


Our approach to solving these challenges was to work on improving Moonbun’s SEO & CRO simultaneously. The website audit revealed we could have a big impact on conversions by plugging certain leaks and optimizing the low-hanging fruits within CRO and SEO. We:

  • Changed copies of all web pages. There was too much in common in Moonbun’s content vs. their competitors. Our content team strategized on how we could highlight Moonbun’s USPs for each product. We revamped the entire product descriptions, product & category pages, and other landing pages to have unique content which differentiated them from their competitors.
  • Made structural changes to the website following Google’s quality checks which resulted in better indexing and crawling. Moonbun also had different websites for different locations. These multiple websites with similar content caused issues with duplicacy. We introduced the HREF tag for visitors to select their language and easily have a localized website.
  • Deleted all low-performing pages, further optimizing performance. We also identified high-performing pages and optimized them for better indexing. In addition, we improved internal linking within the entire website, which helped improve our SEO and sales efforts.
  • Created buzz around the brand by reaching out to influential bloggers for high-quality backlinks.


735.76% increase in website traffic

We successfully increased the organic traffic of Moonbun Baby by 735.76% within a year. In addition, we successfully expanded their user base by 786.12%. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Traffic in Feb 2020: 1,429
  • Traffic in Feb 2021: 11,943

Exceptional boost in organic search share

We improved their keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in 2020: 2,775
  • Keywords in 2021: 6,913

That’s a growth of 4138 keywords in just one year.

Powerful rise in top 3 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in 2020: 9
  • Top 3 keywords in 2021: 117

That’s a growth of 108 keywords in the top 3 positions on SERP.

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