WebSpero Solutions Recognized at 2023 WEA for Outstanding SEO Results!

Web Excellence Awards announces the ‘Award of Excellence’ award, and WebSpero Solutions wins it. The digital marketing agency has been awarded for its outstanding work driving high traffic and revenue for a leading fashion brand Couture Candy

Web Excellence Award is exclusively given only to those entrants who are able to demonstrate that their website is the best on the web. 

The 9th edition of the Web Excellence Awards has achieved an unprecedented feat, attracting over 1,350 submissions from 29 countries spanning 38 US states, as well as prominent nations like Australia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, Turkey, Sweden, the Netherlands, Iran, and numerous others.

We are filled with immense pride as we celebrate this remarkable accomplishment, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed judging panel for acknowledging our unwavering commitment and tireless efforts,” says Rahul Vij. “

Our clients deserve special recognition for their invaluable partnership, empowering us to craft marketing campaigns that truly shine amidst the bustling digital landscape.” the Co-Founder of WebSpero Solutions adds.

webspero Web Excellence Award Winner

About WEA

Web Excellence Awards(WEA) is a prestigious competition that recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in a number of categories and areas – Website, Advertising & Marketing, Video & Podcast, Apps & Mobile, Social Media, and Printing.

Participants from around the world submit their projects to be evaluated and awarded the prestigious Award of Excellence.

The WEA is a vibrant tapestry of diverse brilliance, highlighting the remarkable achievements of individuals who have crafted virtual wonders. Here, the Internet’s finest gems sparkle, illuminating the path for a new era of online innovation and creativity.

About WebSpero Solutions

WebSpero Solutions offers a range of streamlined services. Their expertise spans web design and development, digital marketing, SEO optimization, social media management, and more.

With their guidance, your online presence will flourish as they enhance your brand visibility, drive targeted traffic, and convert visitors into loyal customers. 

WebSpero Solutions is all about making your digital journey a breeze.” mentions Gursharan Singh, Co-Founder of WebSpero Solutions, “With our expert services, we do our best to simplify the process and deliver remarkable results.” he adds.

Whether you need a stunning website, an effective marketing strategy, or improved search engine rankings, WebSpero Solutions has the tools and knowledge to deliver outstanding results. Experience the power of simplicity and achieve digital success with WebSpero Solutions by your side.

Why WebSpero Solutions was Awarded?

The results achieved for Couture Candy:

  • Increased top 3 SERP rankings by 99.2042%: WebSpero helped them go from having 1,508 keywords in the top 3 positions in September 2022 to an impressive 3,004 keywords in January 2023. That’s a growth of 1,427 keywords! 
  • Significant improvement in organic search share by 37.5363%: Their keyword ranking also saw a boost, going from 46,515 keywords in September 2022 to 63,975 keywords in January 2023. This represents a 37.5363% increase in organic search share. 
  • 45.28% increase in organic traffic: The efforts resulted in a substantial 47.26% increase in the traffic for Couture Candy. This translated to a 244.49% overall increase in traffic, generating a remarkable 24.14% increase in revenue.

The results achieved by WebSpero Solutions for Couture Candy are truly outstanding. These achievements showcase the exceptional capabilities of the agency in driving remarkable digital success.

2023 winners Web Excellence Award Winner

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Rahul Vij

Co-founded WebSpero solutions about a decade ago. Having worked in web development- I realized the dream of transforming ideas sketched out on paper into fully functioning websites. Seeing how that affected the customers’ generation of leads and conversions, I wanted to delve deeper into the sphere of digital marketing. At Webspero Solutions, handling operations and heading the entire Digital Marketing Field – SEO, PPC, and Content are my core domains. And although we as a team have faced many challenges, we have come far learning along and excelling in this field and making a remarkable online reputation for our work. Having worked in building websites and understanding that sites are bare structures without quality content, the main focus was to branch into optimizing each website for search engines. Investing in original, quality content creation is essential to SEO success in the current search climate. Succeeding in this arena ensures the benefits of producing visitor-friendly content. Directing all our teams to zoom in on these factors has been a role that I have thoroughly enjoyed playing throughout these years. linkedin

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