2022 Google Ads Trends That Could Change Digital Advertising

Do you know, in 2022, 80% of Internet traffic is expected from video content? If you don’t, you may miss the profit that video ads can bring to your business.

Whether well-established or start-ups, businesses should keep their focus on the latest Google ads trends (like the one above) to create a successful PPC campaign. Bingo! That’s exactly what this blog is about. This post will cover all the important Google Ads trends of 2022 including the effects of AI advancements and new privacy guidelines on digital advertising.

Let’s get to it.

Use of AI and Machine Learning

In 2022, the automation industry is expected to grow upto $ 238 million. As a result, the process automation market size will increase from 71.5% to 83.2%. Like with other processes, we will also see automation in digital advertising.

In the past few years, AI has evolved a lot and has become a major player for an effective PPC campaign. It is one of the top trends in pay-per-click advertising in 2022. From keyword optimization to advertising performance analysis – AI offers countless benefits to marketing.

This year, more and more marketers are favoring the use of (AI) and machine learning (ML) intelligence to automate most advertising tasks. It makes it easier to create relevant, well-optimized, and strong advertising campaigns.

What Can AI and ML Do For Marketers?

  • Guess the click-through rate for future ads.
  • Determine the conversion chances of a specific customer.
  • Calculate the impact of your ads on the Quality Score.
  • Analyze the offers that can generate the most traffic.
  • Calculate the best bid strategy for different purposes.
  • Identify performance issues on your account.
  • Set bids to get as many conversions as possible with your set target CPA.
  • Increase your ROI with each click by getting an auction for potentially converting ads.
  • Stop negative ads and prioritize the ads that produce the best results.

What to Focus on to Leverage These Benefits?

  • Responsive Search Ads
  • Ad Strength Indicator
  • Optimization Score Metric
  • Automatic Biddings and Campaigns

Leverage the Benefits of Video Marketing

If the content is king in the digital world, video is the king of mobile content. It will dominate the advertising market in 2022. Video advertising is low cost, suitable for commercial coverage, and offers good conversion rates.

Some Noteworthy Video Stats

  1. By 2022, 82% of Internet traffic will appear on the video content
  2. 90% of mobile users like to share videos.
  3. 95% of Internet users remember the messages of the video contents.
  4. More than 55% of users trust products with video descriptions.

Key Effects of Video Content on PPC in 2022

  • Use Google’s square and vertical video guidelines in your campaigns.
  • More and more marketers will start linking products in video ads.
  • Instagram news in video marketing will continue to dominate.
  • Marketers will begin to integrate virtual reality (VR) into their campaigns.
  • Google introduces Bumper video ads, which use machine learning to create 6-second bumper ads from long videos to show on YouTube.

Harness the Power of SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC both offer good results. But if you combine SEO and PPC efforts, you will get even better results. This trend will continue to be in 2022 and beyond. Some practical tips on this matter are:

  • Write ad copies for PPC campaigns using SEO guidelines.
  • Create high-value content like blog posts around the copy.
  • Use long-tail search terms in your content and target them in your PPC campaigns.
  • Find less competitive search terms from PPC reports and target them with SEO.

Make Use of Google Trends

If you are a marketer thinking about the right keywords to target for your Google Ads, Google Trends can help.

Google Trends is a trend research tool based on the Google search engine. It shows you how popular a term is, plus whether its trend is up or down. You will also be able to discover demographic insights and queries that relate to your products or services. The results are filtered by country or specific region, and you can therefore benefit from valuable information.

All in all, this online tool allows you to keep up with the latest popular topics and products, in general, or in your niche. You can even use it to monitor your competition.

You may use Google Trends to

  • Find popular niches and products
  • Identify seasonal trends
  • Refresh content
  • Create Content on Current Trends
  • Find Popular search queries/keywords

Effects of Data Privacy

Internet users are progressively aware of the importance of data privacy. So, in 2022, marketers need to find new ways of digital advertising respecting the data privacy of their target audience. Businesses may take advantage of their data but only with protecting privacy. In addition, they must agree to the data privacy policies of the region they are targeting.

Retargeting will Continue to Evolve

Retargeting is tracking and displaying ads to those users who left your website without performing the goal or action you set for them. You can personalize the retargeting ads according to the users. For example, offering discounts on products the user bought in the past. This helps in creating an effective strategy that leads to greater conversion rates.

Pro Tip: Retargeting is all about keeping your services or product on your audience’s minds. Know where your potential customer is in the purchasing decision cycle. After that, create personalized ads to convince them to convert.

Advertise on Social Sites

Around 60% of people visit social sites each day. With time, this number will only grow. So, if you are ignoring social media while creating your PPC campaign, it is a mistake.

Not all, but most people regularly visit Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. This means you should focus on advertising on social media. Of course, Google is still the best platform for paid advertising, but you should increase your advertising horizons to social sites in 2022.

Optimize For Voice Search Queries

Smart AI assistants cum home speakers like Google Home, Siri, or Alexa are common in every house these days. By the end of 2023, 75% of searches are expected to be by voice. Right now, paid voice search advertising is not the norm, but it will emerge with time. So, it is wise to plan your preparation strategies.

Audience Segmentation And Targeting

Google Ads offers you the feature to target specific audiences. You can choose the segment of people to whom you want to show your ad. This feature can help you manage your advertising budget.

The audience segmentation and targeting allow you to specify audiences, for example, of the same age group or household income. Marketers can thus exclude audiences that they think may not be attractive to the advertisement.

For example, if you advertise jewelry, you can exclude people with a yearly income of less than $50,000, as this audience will not likely spend money on costly jewelry.

Go Beyond Facebook and Google

This does not mean that ads should be everywhere, but rather that you will need to understand better where consumers spend their time. So advertise where your customers are. Then, test different platforms and, from there, see if any of them can work for the brand or business.

A new ad format that eCommerce brands should try to stay ahead of is Instagram Checkout.
Other platforms to try are Walmart and Amazon because of their millions of monthly views and users’ searches within their sites.

PRO TIP: Product comparison pages where users leave reviews and comments can help advertisers get to know their consumers better and thus generate new opportunities.

Visual Search

Many internet users use technology to the maximum to find information on the internet, and this time they are doing it by searching a product with an image. This is called visual search. It gives you related results.

This technology is ideal for E-Commerce since when users upload an image of a certain product to search for options, your products could come out easier if you have a well-optimized Google ads campaign. So, we recommend that you start creating your strategy to take full advantage of this technology.

Optimizing CRO is a Must

Although advertisers should have embraced this trend for a long time, this year, we go from “should be” to doing. Many advertisers will continue to develop other sales channels. However, the rise in sales will come from implementing successful conversion rate optimization programs.

Check out our CRO guide.

CRO Book

Pro Tip: In 2022, advertisers will become more reliant on CRM data, along with their advertising efforts. They will follow the life cycle of potential customers. It will allow them to have the ability to best manage, optimize and analyze advertising campaigns at scale.

Key Takeaways

To sum up, for successful ads campaigns, businesses should use AI Responsive Search ads, Ad Strength Indicator, CRO, Video Ads, and Retargeting this year. All this, along with respecting the data privacy of their potential customers.

If you outsource your paid marketing campaigns, choose PPC marketers who focus on managing strategic elements such as audience, goals, and problem-solving through automation.

If you want to know more about any of these trends, write to us in the comments.

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