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What Makes Amazon Video Advertising so Appealing for Increasing Sales?

What Makes Amazon Video Advertising so Appealing for Increasing Sales?

87% of the marketers believe video increases their website traffic. Video marketing is one of the most successful and fascinating techniques to attract attention to your brand. Amazon is a brand that knows how to seize an opportunity. With the increasing popularity of videos everywhere, Amazon created the option of video advertising, which allows other firms to market their items through a short video ad. The majority of marketers feel it is one of Amazon’s best inventions to date.
Let’s take a look at how Amazon is approaching this marketing campaign.

Amazon Video Advertising

What is Amazon Video Advertising?

Amazon is the highest online retailer with 300 million active users. Several brands can offer their products on Amazon, resulting in increased sales. And now recently Amazon has developed a tool called Amazon video advertising, allowing advertisers to reach millions of Amazon customers through a customized video ad about their business on Amazon’s website, delivering a captivating ad experience for users. Amazon video ads appear right at the bottom of the Amazon search result page, giving your brand more exposure.

When your brand’s video covers half of the screen, Amazon video advertising, also known as AVA, begins automatically playing your content. As a result, you may uniquely share your brand stories and reach out to new customers.

Who Can Use Amazon Video Advertising?

AVAs are available to anyone who has registered with Amazon Brand Registry. You must also have an active Seller Central account on Amazon to use AVAs. You can join the Amazon Brand Registry in a variety of ways:

  • Get a text-based trademark registered with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) or the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
  • Make sure to get approval for your video before submitting it after you’ve created an Amazon seller account. Approval could take up to 72 hours.
  • The products shown in the video advertisement must be registered with the Brand Registry.
  • Only your brand’s videos are allowed to be shared. It is prohibited for wholesalers to submit videos promoting the products of other brands.

How do AVAs Work?

Amazon automatically plays your video once it is incomplete viewership of the user. The video is initially muted, but users can unmute it and extend it to the full screen as desired. As a result, while browsing products on their mobile phones, laptops, or tablets, your clients are more likely to come across your brand marketing on Amazon.

Amazon advertising ads, like sponsored display ads and sponsored product ads, are a sort of PPC advertising that incorporates targeted keyword research for your product to rank on Amazon’s search results to boost the number of potential buyers.

Keep your videos short and informative (less than 30 seconds). The video must provide a fundamental concept about your product in that time window. Before creating your Amazon video ad, reading through the guidelines is a good idea.

Guidelines for Creating an Amazon Video Advertising

Making an Amazon video ad is a great method to get your product in front of many people. Before you make one, make sure you follow the following guidelines:

  • Your company’s logo must be easily visible.
  • Excessive animation and elements should be avoided.
  • It is prohibited to present price savings claims in the advertisement.
  • Slang should be avoided.
  • It is completely forbidden to use third-party customer feedback or pressured language to create a sense of urgency.

Amazon has laid up certain requirements for its video. The recommended dimensions for video are 1920*1080 px(16:9). Avoid call to action buttons as they might stop or restart your video with the sound.

Requirements for Font-Size

The entire video must be in Arial font.

  • Desktop: b/w 12pt and 25pt
  • Mobile: 16pt
  • Tablet: b/w 32 and 50 pt

Requirements for Video

  • Duration: less than 30 seconds
  • Dimensions: 1920*1080 px*1280*720*3840 px*2160
  • Format: .MOV or .MP4
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

Requirements for Audio

  • Format: Mono or stereo
  • Bit rate: min. 96kbps
  • Sample rate: 44.1khz
  • Codec: AAC,MP3 and PCM

What Are The Amazing Advantages of Video Advertising?

Around 90% to 95% of marketers believe video advertisement is an effective marketing strategy that compels the audience to know about your product. Furthermore, brand videos are enjoyed by 80% of the audience. As a result, investing in video advertisements is always a good option. The following are some of the benefits that video commercials can provide for your company:

Videos have a higher Click Through Rate (CTR)

The average CTR of a video is 7.5X higher than display ads. Video advertisements are a more engaging method to communicate with your target audience. Humans are more likely to be fascinated by a moving image than a static image on a screen.

Videos Help You to Demonstrate How Your Product Works

Videos are an excellent approach to demonstrate and persuade your audience that your product is valuable to them. Not only that, but it’s a fun method to show how your product operates.

Videos Help You Reach a Larger Audience

People from all around the world enjoy sharing video content with their friends, family, and acquaintances. As a result, video marketing effectively reaches a larger audience and raises brand awareness. In addition, it’s a technique to get your company in front of more potential clients.

Videos are SEO Friendly

Several search engines, such as Google, will prioritize video material over other types of content on their pages. As a result, your company will benefit from more website traffic and improved lead conversion as a result of this.

Videos are a Cost-Effective Way to Gain Attention

Unlike traditional media, online platforms such as YouTube and Google are significantly less expensive, and it isn’t easy to take down a brand video after it has been posted. So, even if you don’t pay your rent due to unforeseen circumstances, these adverts will remain up for a while longer.

Videos are Sharable on Several Platforms

By giving your business global exposure, videos help you outrank your competitors. You can post videos on practically every network, from Instagram to Google, and they stay on every device, including mobile phones and linked TVs. As a result, your brand reaches out to everyone on the planet, not just local audiences.

Videos Help your Brand to Launch New Products

Explainer videos on your homepage might be a good way to promote your new product. However, if you want to take your business to the next level, you’ll need an original video that goes into detail about the product.

Why Choose Amazon for The Video Advertisement of Your Product?

With over 100 million customers globally, Amazon is the largest marketplace. As a result, it allows many manufacturers to list their products on its website, and it understands that video advertising might be a difficult chore for those companies. That is why Amazon created Sponsored Product Video advertisements as a quick way to establish a video ad campaign.

You may effortlessly clone an existing video campaign in Amazon Sponsored Video Ads, add your keywords and footage in a fraction of the time, and your campaign will be ready in no time.

When you watch something on Amazon, advertising will automatically start playing. Amazon even offers a cross-screen package, which means your ad will appear on other platforms such as Prime Video IMDb, in addition to the Amazon shopping platform. It also has a customer and performance-based analytics component that allows marketers to link video advertising to their objectives.

What are The Best Ways to Create an Effective Amazon Video Advertising Campaign?

Understand your Customers

Check out customer reviews for your and similar products to see what your target market prefers. Try to comprehend the challenges that your potential clients are encountering, and then use your video to provide solutions and benefits to all of them.

Create an Informative Video of Your Product

Never lose sight of your goal; keep your video focused on the product at all times. Customers should be educated about the product and the brand. Tell them how it works, what it can do for them, and why they should buy it. Fluffy content may divert your clients’ attention away from the core topic, causing them to leave.

High-Quality Video

There is a lot of competition on Amazon, so make sure your video content is of the highest quality possible so that it shines out. Tell your brand story in the most innovative way possible.

Videos Need to be Short

According to Amazon, the length of your video should be between 15 and 30 seconds. Ensure all of your product’s selling features throughout that time. Longer videos aren’t as effective at retaining your potential audience’s attention.

Usage of Target Keywords

Conduct extensive keyword research and choose the one with the highest conversion rate. Then, include those SEO-friendly keywords in your video ad so that Amazon may rank your content higher in the search results.

Customize Your Video with On-Screen Text

Because your Amazon video ad will begin on mute, it is critical to include text and infographics in your video that provide information about your product to capture your target audience’s attention. Texts must be simple to understand and offer all necessary information for customers to purchase.

Create a Loop Video

Because your Amazon video ad will continue to play on loop, design a flawless and interesting loop video that will keep your customers engaged. People will want to watch your loop video again and again if it is excellent. People do the same thing with a transition Tik Tok video: they suck you in, and you feel impossible to leave it.

Link your Sources

Everyone believes their brand is the finest, but before making such a claim, make sure you back it up with credible references. Statistics and social proof sources help promote client loyalty and keep your brand out of trouble.

Create a Captivating Landing Page

After watching your video ad, customers will go right to your product’s landing page. The entire transaction is delegated to one page, which is why it is critical to make it seamless and to fit the tone of your ad for them to make a purchase.

List of The Best Ad-Makers for Your Amazon Video

Everyone understands that Amazon video advertising drives more visitors to your website and increases purchases. But now, it’s up to you to choose the best ad creator for a seamless and compelling video.

Here is the list:


It is an easy-to-use tool that offers features like photos, stock footage, and animation. This ad maker is the best choice for your Amazon ads that grants you some worthy studio results.



  • Around 1.8 million images, clips, and animations
  • Limitless video exports and team members on the ultimate plan
  • Rights for the commercial usage
  • Video resolution of 1080p in HD


This video ad maker is powered by AI and incorporates a library of fully customizable and professionally designed templates to create an interesting Amazon video real fast. In addition, it allows you to add several images, music, and animations. As a result, you can create a perfect video for YouTube and social media platforms.



  • 3000+ templates
  • More than 1M premium videos and photos
  • Automatic text to speech recognition
  • 24/7 support via phone or live chat

Wave. video

This video ad maker has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface with multiple features to add images, videos, graphics, stickers, and music.

Wave. video


  • 600+ professionally designed templates
  • More than 300 fonts
  • 300K free audio tracks
  • Auto resizing option for more than 30 video formats


One of the best video ad makers to create an interactive and impressive Amazon video ad. It incorporates 300 templates, overlays, filters, green-screen effects, and fast processing speeds.



  • Color correction option for different clips at once
  • Split-screen and audio ducking option
  • Add optimized animations along with keyframing
  • Object tracking feature

It is another easy to create video ad maker that has a library full of video clips, images, and music that will help you create an awesome optimized video.


  • Ready to use and customizable video templates
  • Post your videos directly on social media
  • Calendar for social media
  • Option to upload your music, photos, and videos

Final words

Your brand will stand out from the competition with a captivating and engaging Amazon video ad. It raises your sales by exposing your brand to millions of Amazon customers. Create a video while keeping the above points in mind. First, determine your target audience and create a video that addresses their concerns. Your video will remain at the top of the Amazon result page if SEO-friendly. When making a claim, always include references. Keep your video short if you want to keep your audience interested in your product.

What is Display Advertising? Definition, Formats, Advantages, Disadvantages

What is Display Advertising? Definition, Formats, Advantages, Disadvantages

With the world going all-digital, display advertising is becoming more and more essential. Advertising that you earlier found on newspapers and streets now appears online, on the websites, you visit, and the content you consume.

Display Advertising

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For companies, it is now critical to use digital advertising to increase the visibility of their brand and products.

But how does display advertising work? What types of display advertising exists? What are their advantages and disadvantages? And what does the future of display advertising look like? This article answers all these questions.

How Does Display Advertising Work?

Display advertising is a form of web marketing, which consists of broadcasting visual advertisements on different media: websites, blogs, Youtube videos, etc. Internet users can see these advertisements on mobile, computers and even tablets.

These online advertisements can display text, banners, buttons, animations, videos, images, and a whole host of other elements. These elements are interactive.

That is to say that if users click on it, they will be redirected to the website that has created and distributed the advertisement. In general, the advertisement is broadcast on as many channels as possible to maximize its reach and visibility.

What Are The Different Forms Of Display Advertising?

Ad networks

We are talking about big advertising networks, such as Google AdSense. These networks allow website owners to display advertisements on their sites, which have been created by advertisers. We will also mention Double Click, another platform for coordinating display ads.

Real-Time Bidding

In this case, an auction for advertising space for sale takes place in real-time. Advertisers define in advance the price they are willing to pay for a particular advertising space. Those with the highest bids get their favored spot to display their ads.

Affiliate Networks

Companies provide banner or image ads and affiliates post them on their sites. There is a link in the advertising material, which points to the product the company wants to promote.

Each time a user clicks on the ad, the affiliate earns a commission. It is also possible that the affiliate gets some amount for each conversion resulting from the advertising running on his site. With technology, one can track and measure the clicks from the affiliate’s site to the advertiser’s landing page and the conversions.

Behavioral Targeting

In this case, the advertising banners are displayed according to the behavior of Internet users. For example, if a prospect has searched the web to buy a printer, he will see advertisements for printers and related products on the next sites he visits.

Performance Marketing

In performance marketing, billing is based on the performance of the advertising space. Similar to affiliate, the performance of each banner ad is evaluated to see if it helps increase sales and traffic or not.

Contextual targeting

Display ads are adjusted according to the context of the site that publishes them. For example, advertisements related to health will be displayed on a blog website dedicated to health.

Multi-Display Marketing

This refers to the different media on which it is possible to broadcast advertising: desktop, PC, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Native Advertising

Here, the content and links are present in such a way that it becomes difficult to recognize them as advertisements.


This practice consists of distributing ads that promote products to Internet users who have consulted these products in the past but haven’t made the purchase.

The Objectives Of Display Advertising

Objectives Of Display Advertising

There can be several objectives that advertisers wish to achieve by using display advertising.

On the one hand, display advertising helps to improve sales and orders. The more a product is visible to a target audience, and the better the advertising promoting it, the more are the product sales.

On the other hand, display advertising can also fulfill branding objectives. The more effectively the display ad conveys a brand’s message, and the more the ads target the right group, the more it strengthens the brand’s image.

Of course, measuring the success of a display campaign with a branding objective is more complex than simply measuring the number of sales from an ad campaign.

An agency specializing in digital advertising can help you. Both to define your objectives and to evaluate the results of your campaigns.

Looking for a reliable Digital Marketing agency?

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Billing For Display Advertising

The display advertising model works quite similarly to magazine and newspaper advertising. The advertiser reserves a space and provides the content, which the publisher shows on his space/website.

That said, billing for display advertising is much more accurate than for similar ads. This is because, in display advertising, you pay according to the number of views, clicks, or visitors. Analytics and cookies provide all the information needed to measure these numbers.

Moreover, with display advertising, the measurements are much more precise, and therefore the invoicing. You can use several metrics to calculate the price of advertising. The most common is CPM, which is the price per 1000 impressions.

Another metric you can use is CPC – Cost Per Click. This means that you pay a publisher/website owner every time someone clicks on an ad on their site. Also, there is CPL (Cost Per Lead), and the CPS (Cost Per Sale). Here, it is checked whether a customer clicks on an ad and makes a purchase on the target site or not. Then you can adjust the billings.

The cost per sale is higher than the cost per click. This is because the cost per sale gives more guarantees to the advertiser. Combine these different metrics to define the exact price of display advertisements.

Benefits Of Display Advertising

Benefits Of Display Advertising

Display advertising has many advantages.

  • The reach of display campaigns is much higher than magazines or newspapers. This is because you can target audiences much more precisely.
  • You can show your ads to people of a certain age, of a certain gender, and with specific search history.
  • The type of advertising can be adapted to each target group. For example, you can create different ads for the same product, but for different audiences.
  • If the ad isn’t delivering the expected results, it’s possible to make adjustments fairly quickly.
  • You can change the design, location, and even your target group.

Another compelling advantage of display advertising is that customers can take action directly. By clicking on a display advertisement, they can directly access the merchant’s site and place an order. This is far from the case with a magazine, where you have to remember to go to the merchant when you have the opportunity.

In addition, the display is more efficient and costs less since it is possible to monitor its performance with much more precision. Finally, thanks to its reach, display advertising is more effective in increasing brand awareness.

Disadvantages Of Display Advertising

Of course, the display also has some disadvantages.

Disadvantages Of Display Advertising

  • More and more Internet users are using ad blockers to protect themselves from advertising. Unfortunately, this means that an increasing number of individuals no longer see online advertising at all.
  • Moreover, they may also become indifferent to advertising. This is because there are so many ads on websites that more and more people end up ignoring them.
  • Finally, sites that display ads too often can create a bad opinion in the audience’s minds.

Tip: The solution is to place your display ads in the right places without spamming your audience.

What Future For Display Advertising?

It is more than likely that online marketing will continue to grow in the future. Social networks in particular, especially with the rise of influencers.
With the growth of online marketing, display advertising is also likely to grow, both on desktop and mobile.

Having that said, many experts claim that mobile advertising will take on more importance in the years to come. Also, it is quite possible that virtual reality and augmented reality may lead. We are already seeing it with more and more brands that use AI on social networks to promote themselves.

However, the elimination of cookies is a challenge yet to resolve.

Wrapping up

To conclude, display advertising should be part of any marketing strategy. However, it’s crucial to go about it the right way:

  • Have good quality display ads
  • Distribute them in the right places
  • Do not spam your target audience

If you want to take advantage of this type of advertising and create display advertising campaigns to promote your brand, work with a specialized agency.

An agency can help you target a specific group and optimize your results. One can do display advertising on a very wide variety of channels. Moreover, there are several uses of online advertising, and it is not always easy to know exactly how to use it to achieve one or another objective.

We hope this article has helped you better understand display advertising its advantages and disadvantages. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us.