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Powerful Strategies For Improving Non-Branded Organic Traffic To Increase Conversions

Brand: Urvann

IIM-Ahmedabad and ISB alumni founded Urvann in 2021. It is India’s first hyperlocal marketplace to buy a wide range of different plants and gardening products. Urvann was formed with the idea of bringing forests to urban homes. With over 2000 different types of plants (including indoor and outdoor) to choose from, people can buy indoor and outdoor plants from Urvann.


Urvann reached out to our SEO experts seeking help for:

  • Increasing non-branded organic traffic
  • Enhancing keyword ranking
  • Improving website designing


Our approach to solving these challenges focused on creating a result-driven SEO strategy for Urvann. The website audit revealed there is enough scope to improve the website ranking. So, we:

  • Created categories: Based on current trends, we created new categories of plants and segregated products into plants, plants & pots, seeds & bulbs, etc.
  • Restructured the website: The website was not going well with the client’s vision. So, we restructured the website and did some modifications for better UX/UI.
  • Creating more internal links:  We focused on creating more internal links so that the customer is always active on the website. This helped us to improve website ranking on Google. We also thoroughly review the website to know what products can rank well in the future.
  • Low Hanging Opportunities: We also identified the low hanging opportunities so that we could work on the potential keywords which are ranking somewhere in the top 100 to help in improving the website ranking on Google and other search engines and generate more business.
  • Created Location Pages: Since Urvann sells its plants in different areas, we created separate location pages for each location to improve the keyword visibility in a particular location and increase the number of ranking keywords.
  • Events & Festive Offers: Urvann offers discounts on various events and festivals. So, we created offer pages for each event. For instance, on Teacher’s Day, we created a page where customers could buy plants for their teachers. Similarly, we created pages for Diwali, birthdays, anniversaries, friendship day, and Raksha Bandhan. This helps us improve the conversion rate.


62.2% improvement in organic search results

We successfully increased Urvann’s website visibility in SERPs by 62.2% within 3 months. In addition, we successfully improved the impressions by 83k. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Website visibility in July 2022: 4.38k
  • Website visibility in Sep 2022: 11.6k

Improving organic traffic for non-branded keywords by 90.83%

We improved the ranking for non-branded keywords. Here are the results:

  • Organic traffic for non-branded keywords in July 2022: 75
  • Organic traffic for non-branded keywords in September 2022: 818

Improving website user base by 62.6%

We helped Urvann to enhance its customer base by 5403

  • Website’s user base in July 2022: 3226 users
  • Website’s user base in September 2022: 8629 users

Significant rise in top 10 SERP rankings

  • Top 10 keywords in July 2022: 13
  • Top 10 keywords in September 2022: 78

That’s the growth of keywords in the top 10 positions on SERPs.

Significant improvement in organic search share

  • Total keywords in July 2022: 450
  • Total keywords in September 2022: 1152

That’s a growth of 702 keywords in just one year.


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