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Brand: Symmetra

Symmetra is an Australian consultancy brand that helps clients build inclusive leadership capacities and embed an inclusive culture that optimizes innovation and performance. Symmetra works on bringing about a diversity of thought to every initiative.


Symmetra reached out to our PPC experts to help with an event they had planned in March 2020 for which they needed:

  • An increase in subscriptions.
  • A hike in scheduled calls.
  • A spike in website traffic.


Here’s how we helped team Symmetra reach their PPC goals:

  • Event Specific Campaigns: Symmetra had a lot of online courses for businesses to help improve their inclusivity policies. At WebSpero, our PPC experts helped them advertise the same by creating campaigns around specific events. For example, we created an anti-bullying campaign to propel sign-ups for an inclusive work culture initiative.
  • Service Specific Campaigns: Instead of top-of-the-funnel advertisements, our PPC experts helped the client streamline their services. This strategy helped us create goal-specific ad campaigns on Google to get high converting visitors to their site. Not only did this strategy significantly boost website traffic, but it also improved conversions.
  • Targeted Landing Pages: Our team of in-house copywriters and designers helped create highly engaging landing pages for Symmetra, complete with all keywords needed to address user search intent.


71.66% increase in clicks

WebSpero’s team of PPC experts could achieve constant results for the three goals:

  • Increase in scheduled calls.
  • Increased website engagement and more form-fills.
  • Increase in customer acquisition.

Our results speak volumes:

In one year we helped Symmetra reach:

  • +71.66% increase in the clicks
  • +248.28% increase in the conversions
  • -62.85% decrease in cost per conversion
  • -24.62% decrease in the average CPC

That’s a growth of 1372 keywords in just one year.

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