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Brand: SouthExdental

Southex Dental has been in service for the past 9 years. Located in South Delhi, they have a high-tech & modern facility that provides comprehensive dental care. They have developed a new way to inject patients without needles.


SouthexDental got in touch with WebSpero when looking for solutions to scale their local traffic and leads:

  • They were witnessing a decline in local traffic.
  • They had issues with reach and engagement.

Their marketing efforts were not yielding the results they expected.


We discussed the main challenges with the client. Then we brainstormed to find the root causes behind those challenges and audited the website. The result of brainstorming sessions and the audit paved the way to create a custom marketing strategy, which included:

  • Rejuvenation of GMB Profile: They had a GMB (Google My Business) profile, but it was in a coma. We breathed life into their profile by adding all the missed details and information. Further, we ensured to keep it active by responding to any queries, reviews, or feedback by profile visitors.
  • CRO Optimization: After the audit, we found out that optimizing Call to Actions and fixing certain flaws in the user experience, like adding the address in particular sections, could significantly impact conversions. We did the needful.
  • Targeting Location-Specific and User Intent Keywords: Most of the keywords in their target list were niche-specific, not location specific. To target regional clientele, we adapted the location-specific keywords in our list and optimized the website accordingly. Furthermore, we ensured that the keywords have the right user intent for a patient requiring dental treatment.
  • Customization of Their Web Copy: We customized content to make it location-specific keyword oriented. Other than that, Southex Dental’s content was too similar to its competitors. So, our content team ensured to highlight their USPs. Additionally, we included local dialect search phrases to make the content voice-search friendly.
  • Boost Local Map Ranking: Other than GMB, we listed them on local directories that are niche specific. Additionally, we added a local business schema and embedded the Google map in the “Contact us” section.
  • On-Page Optimization: In our audit, we found some problems with On-page optimization, such as inappropriate Metas, a complex structure, and incorrect headings and keyword distribution. We fixed all of them.
  • Brand Visibility: For this, we took the help of organic listings, directories, and backlinks from high DA niche-specific blogs. Furthermore, we requested that each patient provide an online review.

Remarkable Results in Just 30 Days!

Significant increase in organic traffic

We successfully increased the organic traffic of Southex Dental by 33.33% within a month. Moreover, we successfully expanded their user base by 26.12%.

Exceptional growth in new users

There’s a growth of 37.74% in new users on the website in the duration of just 30 days. Along with that, there is a 29.85% increase in website sessions.

Powerful boost in GMB calls

There’s an increase of 58% in calls made from the GMB profile to the clinic. Besides, the website clicks from GMB rose to 38.09% in June from the figure in May.

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