Sky Zone – Developed a mobile app to enhance users’ experience.


Brand: Sky Zone – Trampoline Park

Sky Zone is a popular trampoline park and the originator of wall-to-wall aerial action. Its ideology is to provide a playing space where “you can be yourself.” At present, it has over 300 parks worldwide.


Sky Zone reached out to us, as it was facing the following challenges:

  • Long wait times because of manual booking processes for tickets and parties.
  • Ineffective loyalty programs to incentivize revisits and purchases at their parks.
  • Struggled to provide a convenient and personalized experience to customers.


In response to the challenges faced by Sky Zone, we developed a mobile application using React Native to address these issues comprehensively.

  1. We introduced “membership purchases” and a “reward system” within the app, which tracks spending and offers perks accordingly.
  2. Roller Apis was used to integrate in-app ticket purchases and birthday party bookings. We chose Apple Pay and Stripe as payment options.
  3. We used Redux to ensure the app’s efficient state management and responsiveness on iOS and Android.
  4. The push notification feature was also added to enhance personalization and engagement.
Reach epic new height


Our mobile app development has yielded remarkable results, transforming the user experience for Sky Zone’s customers.

  • Now, users can effortlessly purchase tickets, book parties, and join membership programs from the app, eliminating long wait times and manual ticket processing.
  • With the new reward system, users can track their reward points and app levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum) and easily redeem them within the app. Easy-to-access incentives have boosted revisits.
  • Users are now always aware of Sky Zone’s offerings, as personalized push notifications keep them updated on the latest offers and upcoming events even when they’re not actively using the app.
  • With multiple payment options, such as Apply Pay and credit/debit cards, the user experience is even more effortless and secure.

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