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Implementing Powerful SEO Strategies to Improve Website’s Organic Traffic

Brand: skincardz

Located in League City, TX, Skincardz is a leading company that has gained proficiency in credit/debit card customization. They use a range of metals, including brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, gold and rare palladium, to turn your plastic credit/debit cards into metal cards.


When Skincardz first started, they had few, if any, competitors. But as the Internet grew and new competitors started to appear, they realized they had to find a way to improve their organic traffic and visibility in SERPs. So, they collaborated with WebSpero Solutions while aiming to:

  • Improve its website’s organic traffic by 500% within 1 Month.
  • Enhance the keyword ranking for a large number of keywords targeting one page.
  • Stay ahead of competitors.


In order to accomplish these challenges, our focus was primarily on customizing a great SEO strategy for Skincardz. The website audit revealed that there was a huge potential for the improvement of website ranking in SERPs. So, we implemented SEO fixes, like:

  • Revamping website content: The content on the web pages was not SEO optimized, which resulted in a low website ranking. So, we strategized how we could make the content SEO-friendly while highlighting the Skincardz USPs at the same time.
  • Creating more internal links: Our next step to get through these challenges was to create as many internal links as possible so that the customers stay active on the website. We ran through the website to find more loopholes that could aid in improving the website’s ranking.
  • Creating more internal links:  We focused on creating more internal links so that the customer is always active on the website. This helped us to improve website ranking on Google. We also thoroughly review the website to know what products can rank well in the future.
  • Creating niche-specific backlinks: After optimizing the web content, our next focus was on generating niche-specific backlinks from high-authority websites. We found a list of finance websites with high DA and approached them. This helped us go one step further to overcome our challenges.
  • Restructuring the website: To improve user experience, we changed the website’s layout. This helped us to boost the SERP results on Google.


1532.23% improvement in organic traffic

We successfully increased Skincardz’s website visibility in SERPs by 1532.23% within 1 month. Take a look at the improvements:

  • Website visibility in June 2022: 242
  • Website visibility in July 2022: 3950

Significant rise in top 10 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in June 2022: 1
  • Top 3 keywords in July 2022: 56

That’s the growth of keywords in the top 3 positions on SERPs.

Significant improvement in organic search share

  • Number of keywords in top 4-10 position in July 2022: 15
  • Number of keywords in top 4-10 position in September 2022: 48

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