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A Game Plan For Organic Growth That Squashes Your Competition

Brand: Shoprocket

Founded in 2013 by a small team in London, UK, Shoprocket was created with a sole vision to provide buyers and sellers with the easiest eCommerce platform. They wanted to make the online shopping experience more easier, intuitive, faster and safer. So, they provide an online site builder tool that makes it easier to add eCommerce functionality to existing websites.


Shoprocket was already reaping the fruits of its PPC efforts. However, they came to WebSpero seeking solutions to:

  • Increase organic website traffic
  • Boost sales through new user acquisitions.
  • Outrank their competitors
  • Expand organic reach.


Our approach to solving these challenges was to bifurcate our efforts within CRO and SEO simultaneously. The website audit revealed that there was a huge potential for the improvement of website ranking in SERPs and we could have a big impact on conversion rate. Here is how we did it:

  • Created a result-drive strategy: We analyzed the website and identified the areas that needed improvement to get better ranking in SERPs and improve the conversion rate. We made sure that the website was optimized for SEO, with best practices like proper titles and meta descriptions, correct use of H1 and H2 tags, etc.
  • Created on-page improvement suggestions: We identified areas that needed optimization, and created recommendations to improve the website’s on-page elements. We also gave feedback on how to improve the user experience and what kind of images should be used on the homepage.
  • Competitor Analysis: We conducted an in-depth competitor analysis to identify what the competitors were doing and how we could outrank them. We also looked into their backlinks and content strategies for further insights. This research also showed us the benefit of having a blog for ranking higher.
  • Fixed 404 Pages: We identified and fixed the pages that were not found on the website. This helps in increasing the website’s visibility and organic traffic.
  • Created quality backlinks: We built links to the website through strategic outreach, guest posting, and content marketing. We also generated buzz around the brand by reaching out to influential bloggers and eCommerce gurus for high-quality backlinks.
  • Revamping Website Content: To keep users engaged, we needed to use an emotion-forward copy on our client’s website. This strategy meant we needed to focus on why our client’s services were the answer to their visitor’s challenge. Our content team worked with the SEO team to understand what visitors were searching for. Using this data, we created knowledge pieces to improve site engagement and organic rankings.
  • Blog Optimization: We added several blogs to the website to improve organic rankings and user engagement. We optimized the blog with relevant keywords, internal linking, and quality images.
  • Internal linking with Web Pages: We created more internal links within each page so the customer is always active on the website. This further allowed us to rank better on Google.


Ranking a website higher in search engine results has never been easier. Partnering with WebSpero means you enjoy more website traffic, leads, and revenue as we take care of the heavy lifting. Take a look at how we helped Shoprocket grow their businesses through our services.

93.86% increase in organic traffic

We successfully boosted the traffic of Shoprocket by 93.86%. Here are a few more successful stats:

  • Traffic in Feb 23, 2022 – Aug 2, 2022: = 4,170
  • Traffic in Aug 3, 2022 – Jan 10, 2023: = 8,084

That’s the growth of keywords in the top 3 positions on SERPs.

Significant improvement in organic search share

In addition, we improved their keyword ranking in just one year. Here are the results:

  • Keywords in 2022: 122
  • Keywords in 2023: 861

That’s a growth of 714 keywords i.e 605.73% increase in keywords.

Increase in top 3 SERP rankings

  • Top 3 Keywords in 2022: 3
  • Top 3 Keywords in 2023: 11

That’s a growth of 266.66% increase in the top 3 positions on SERP.

Enhanced session rate and page views

We successfully enhanced the session rate of Shoprocket by 43.96% within a year. In addition, we successfully expanded their Pageviews by 40.01% within the same period.

At the end client satisfaction is what matters the most for WebSpero. And fortunately, we have done it really well and our client is happy with us. We are proud to have been part of Shoprocket’s growth story and look forward to helping them achieve even greater success.

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