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A Strategic SEO Overhaul Leading to Substantial Organic Growth

Brand: Royal Corinthian

Royal Corinthian is a leading American manufacturer of architectural elements, specializing in crafting high-quality columns, balustrades, cornices, and more. For over 28 years, the company has been committed to delivering superior products for both residential and commercial projects.


Royal Corinthian approached our SEO team seeking solutions for:

  • Improving organic keyword ranking.
  • Removing keyword cannibalization.


To tackle these challenges, we implemented a comprehensive strategy, addressing both on-page and technical aspects of SEO. Here’s how we approached it:

  • On-Page Optimization We began by addressing basic on-page SEO issues. This involved:
    • Refining meta tags.
    • Implementing canonical tags.
    • Optimizing heading tags.
    • Improving internal linking structure and content organization.
  • Keyword Cannibalization Resolution To solve the keyword cannibalization issue, we carefully analyzed and reassigned keywords to their appropriate landing pages, making sure each keyword had a unique, dedicated page. We also diversified our keyword strategy, using variations of the primary keywords in our backlinking and internal linking efforts to support the primary keywords without overlapping.
  • Technical SEO ImprovementsFurthermore, we made significant technical enhancements to the website. These improvements included boosting site speed and optimizing the site for mobile responsiveness.
  • Content and Blog EnhancementWe also put a strong emphasis on the website’s blog section. This involved creating high-quality, keyword-rich content that would attract and engage users.


The SEO strategy we implemented for Royal Corinthian showed impressive results, as demonstrated by the following key performance indicators:

36.93% Increase in Website Impressions

  • Impressions (29-03-2024 to 28-06-2024): 1,259,621
  • Impressions (29-12-2023 to 28-03-2024): 919,927

The surge of 339,694 impressions in just 3 months reflects the increased brand visibility and a higher likelihood of attracting clicks.

31.75% Surge in Website Clicks

Our efforts also resulted in a massive 2,413 click increase, highlighting a great rise in user engagement and digital interaction.

  • Clicks (29-03-2024 to 28-06-2024): 10,012
  • Clicks (29-12-2023 to 28-03-2024): 7,599

32.6% Significant Improvement in Organic Search Share

In addition, we improved their keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in June 2024: 3,918
  • Keywords in January 2024: 2,955

That’s a growth of 963 keywords in just 6 months.

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