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Brand: Resell Boost

Resell Boost is an all-encompassing sneakers reselling platform built especially for the digital age re(seller). Their reselling guides and community dedicate themselves to helping Resell Boost’s members learn and propel in the world of sneaker reselling. As a result, people can find everything they need to start or sustain a reselling business.


Resell Boost had a wholesale and eCommerce business using third-party VoIP (Voice-over-IP) applications locally. Here are a few challenges they approached us with:

  • The client was hoping we could build them an online solution using a single-page website integrated with reseller registration based on subscriptions, email triggering and campaigns, payment gateway integrations (like Apple pay, stripe), and cancellation funnels.
  • Our developers needed to deal with three different platforms (Discord, Stripe, Woocommerce) based on different membership levels.
  • We needed to deal with Data synchronization smoothly, from subscription purchases to Discord private key generation/user creation, and allow access to restricted channels.


  • Initially, we proposed Resell Boost to develop a custom plugin that will automatically deal with all three platforms (Discord, Stripe, WooCommerce) in the backend. This plugin would synchronize the data from different membership tiers in real-time as soon as the payment approves from the front-end.
  • After approval, our expert developers successfully developed a custom plugin and worked on the above proposal to achieve business goals.
  • Furthermore, we improved the UI/UX of their website. We created and implemented the same across all web pages.
  • Our expert developers developed custom plugins using third-party plugins (Discord, Payment Gateway, Subscription Management).
  • We implemented user/admin dashboard development with the required listing.
  • Our developers structured a third-party email campaign integration with events emails triggering setup.
  • We further developed the admin user analytics customization & implemented the necessary optimizations. In addition, we set up real-time chatbot integration on the front-end.
  • We developed the client’s website using WordPress CMS and developed a dedicated plugin using AngularJS and custom APIs.

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