Data-Driven Strategy For Increasing Organic Traffic & Crushing Competition

Brand: Paradiso Clothing

Paradiso Clothing is an online store that has been offering rock ‘n’ roll-inspired streetwear since 2009. With fresh designs inspired by rock legends, Paradiso Clothing provides premium fashion for those who live the rock star lifestyle.


Paradiso Clothing approached our SEO experts as they wanted to:

  • Establish their brand and gain recognition in a competitive market
  • Accurately identify and reach the right target audience.


As a leading e-commerce SEO agency, we implemented a result-driven strategy to tackle the challenges Paradiso Clothing was facing. Here’s how we helped them become a reputed name in the market.

  • Keyword Research and Optimization: Our initial step involved a meticulous analysis of BTPI’s website to identify and rectify existing issues. We uncovered several loopholes that were impacting the site’s SEO performance. We resolved technical SEO issues, improved page loading speed, and optimized the website structure to enhance user experience and search engine crawling.
  • Exploiting Low-Hanging Opportunities: Conducted extensive keyword research to identify latent semantic indexing (LSI) keywords related to our target pages. Optimized pages with these keywords to enhance search engine visibility.
  • Content Enhancement: Added engaging, relevant content to both target and non-target pages. Regularly updated the site with well-researched blogs to provide value and attract organic traffic.
  • Product and Category Page Optimization: Enhanced product pages with detailed, compelling descriptions and optimized category pages by adding rich content, internal links, and schema markup for better search engine indexing.


Our constant SEO efforts showed significant results for Paradiso Clothing in just 6 months.

82.64% Increase in top 3 SERP Rankings

  • Top 3 keywords in Nov 2023: 121
  • Top 3 keywords in Apr 2024: 221

That’s a growth of 100 keywords in the top 3 positions on SERP

70% Surge in Organic Search Share

We also improved their overall keyword ranking in the following way:

  • Keywords in Nov 2023: 1163
  • Keywords in Apr 2024: 1977

That’s a growth of 814 keywords in just 6 months.

97.81% Increase in Organic Traffic

We successfully increased the traffic of Paradiso Clothing by 97.81% and increased their ROI by 94.89%. Here are the stats:

  • Traffic in Oct 2023: 13,532
  • Traffic in Apr 2024: 26,287

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